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If, like me, you think those poor old Studding Twins suffered from underexposure in 2009 you can probably blame 19-year-old identical twin brothers Milo and Elijah Peters (aka The Bel Ami Twins) for hogging all the gay porn spotlight.

Though they’ve given us a couple of jaw-droppingly unforgettable performances this past year, we have yet to see them one-on-one — until now. In their just-released scene on, we finally get to see them one-on-one and let’s just say they fuck each other less like two teen-aged brothers and more like two bona fide cum-hungry fuckpigs. And what’s leaving me doubly-gobsmacked: They’re fucking each other bareback (or as Bel Ami cheerfully calls it, “condom free”). Merry Christmas!



VIDEO: Milo and Elijah Peters (via


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  1. jacob says:


  2. wiley says:

    Sorry, but that creeps me out.

    • phonewanker says:

      It is fucking delicious, cute hung bros shoving their big dicks up their brother’s shitter, fucking love it

  3. Christine Marinoni says:

    Their parents must be so proud! What a family legacy. I wonder if these videos are played at family reunions?

  4. sam says:

    does anyone really believe these two are real brothers? i dont.
    if they really are, i hate to think what thier parents think!!

  5. Batman says:

    This is so fuckin hot! What I would give to be in between these two. Just imagine a dp with both these lads inside me…!? Yum! Or better, to be with them both AND Trevor Yates for foursome! I’m so ready for that!!

  6. Jay says:

    Gays objecting to gay incest are such hypocrites. As long as it is between consensual adults, there’s not one single ethical reason to oppose it more than any other adult gay sexual relationship.
    “That creeps me out”, “Their parents must be so proud” are example of what your typical homophobic says about loving gay relations; we demand tolerance from them yet we can’t offer it?.

    • Adam says:

      Its hot but how can you say that? They are brothers!! It’s totally wrong..and no-one in the gay community or otherwise should have to tolerate that..its a stage to far..accept it and get over’s people like you that create homophobia!

  7. Jake77 says:

    I’m glad there are people like “Jay” out there to point out the intolerance of the gay community. The boys are hot and Jay’s correct.

  8. Silver Pixies says:

    I have to agree with Jay.. If the GLBT community want tolerance from others we as a community need to give it to each other. There are things on both sides that Creep the hell out of me but just because its not my thing doesnt mean that its wrong. I personally think that Twincest cant be hotter then hell and i think they should be proud to have done what they have done. Also keep in mind they come from a country that doesnt get as creeped out by this kind of thing like we do. They parents Could very well be proud as hell of them. Before we Judge others we need to judge ourselves.

    Silver Pixies
    bisexual momof4

  9. P Hopper says:

    This is the ultimate in narcissism and a lot of people’s greatest fantasy; to fuck themselves. Fascinating images, fascinating comments on them.

  10. Silver Pixies says:

    I have to agree with Jay.. If the GLBT community want tolerance from others we as a community need to give it to each other. There are things on both sides that Creep the hell out of me but just because its not my thing doesnt mean that its wrong. I personally think that Twincest cant be hotter then hell and i think they should be proud to have done what they have done. Also keep in mind they come from a country that doesnt get as creeped out by this kind of thing like we do. They parents Could very well be proud as hell of them. Before we Judge others we need to judge ourselves.

    Silver Pixies
    bisexual momof4

  11. Mike says:

    OMG is ALL I can say

  12. angeljoe says:

    To say homosexuality and incest are one and the same is simply incorrect. “As long as it is between consensual adults, there’s not one single ethical reason to oppose it more than any other adult gay sexual relationship.” Based on the first part of this statement, straight incest should also be accepted but for some reason you felt the need to specify “gay” in the last part of the statement. It seems to me you are the one being hypocritical here. All that being said… right or wrong… I just think it’s hot!

  13. nick says:

    i have a gay twin brother and that while we would never bottom for each other we have been known to give a little oral now and then and i think it is great what jay said, thenk you jay

  14. Jay says:

    ‘angeljoe’ I have no idea what you’re talking about. Yes, of course I think gay incest is different from straight incest, because it can produce deformed children, so there’s potentially a victim. Ethically speaking, there’s absolutely no difference between a consensual adult gay relation and a incestuous, consensual adult gay relation. The only difference is that some gay folks will find it ‘icky’, just as many straight people will find any kind of gay sex disturbing. If you can’t see that fact then there’s nothing I can do for you.
    The boys are insanely hot and the fact they’re twins is a HUGE plus!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Also, by this line of logic, there would be nothing wrong with sucking off a dog or chicken every know and then. Can one of you PRO-INCEST freaks tell me what the difference is between INCEST and FUCKING A DOG?

    • zxulo says:

      Um … you don’t know? Then I’d hate to see your family portrait…

    • hysteria says:

      You wanna know the difference between incest and sex with a dog?!?
      well gee… ummm… I don’t know, maybe one involves sex with a human and another with a dog?!?
      Those are two completely different things
      Besides, if some people like having sex with their twin or a dog then I personally say ‘weird’ but let them be.

  16. PumpsterJoe says:

    i LOVE this.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “Can one of you PRO-INCEST freaks tell me what the difference is between INCEST and FUCKING A DOG?”


  18. Anonymous says:

    Well my dog consents to licking my balls — especially when I rub peanut butter on them 

  19. Anonymous says:

    this is so disgusting. INCEST IS WRONG. it doesnt matter its straight or gay. People with direct blood connections SHOULDN”T BE HAVNG SEX!!!!!!!

  20. Peter says:

    Why is bareback sex OK if you are brothers?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Fake! photoshop rulez

  22. anon says:

    So is straight incest okay as long as they use a condom? This is gross.

  23. Bob says:

    Get a life, people. There are lots worse things to worry about than a couple of young guys getting it on, brothers or not.

  24. Jett Blakk says:

    Wait a minute. If they’re identical twins, how do we KNOW that they’re flip-flopping?

  25. M says:

    Do they flip-flop? And if they do how would you know?

  26. Jay says:

    There is not ONE SINGLE REASON any of you self righteous MORONS can use to condemn gay incest that every rightwinger idiot hasn’t used to condemn any kind of gay sex. What do you have?:

    ‘It’s immoral’, ‘It’s against nature’, ‘It’s the same as bestiality’ ‘The bible condemns it’, ‘depravity’ ‘immoral’ ‘it makes me sick’ etc etc etc.
    You people have NOTHING. I personally would never have sex with my brother but the same way I don’t expect straight people to become gay to respect my rights I don’t need to be into incest to respect those who enjoy it.

  27. Dan says:

    Whatever your viewpoint on incest is I think we can all agree that that is a -really- nice kitchen.

  28. Garrett says:

    Incest no matter how you look at it is awful and gross….

    • Jordan says:

      I have always wished I had a brother. For many many reasons.
      One of which being that we could fun all we want!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I’dnever have sex with my brother but I don’t object to those who wish too have sex with their brother…these photos are hot!

  30. Dinno says:

    In opinion having a desire of doing something is the same of doing that. Many people have a strong desire like that,but don’t perform the action. I have already had sexy with my nephew and was incredible.

  31. Steviegee says:

    Surely all those people casting derisive comments about gay incest are hung up on the reasons people object to straight incest. There is a difference of course… biologically! Society primarily objects to straight incest because this may lead to the production of a child… which of course is limited in its available genetic variation and much more likely to be genetically defective, due to increased risk of carrier recessive genes coming together. Most object to incest on these grounds envisaging the abhorrently deformed in-bred children which may result. The same situation does not apply to gay incest of course. Incest – straight or gay – may well involve very loving and close relationships, it is just unfortunate that straight incestuous couples risk producing a genetically defective child (however this is only nature’s way of promoting evolution by encouraging us to breed outside our family group and maximising genetic variance)…. [Climbs down off soapbox and bows]

  32. Dahveed says:

    Well said, Steviegee.

  33. Enrique says:

    And they’re hot….. (the twins that is) I would do them and my twin, if I had one. Now back to what I and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has commented here came to do….

    Gorge our eyes on all the gay porn our gluttenous minds can handle.

  34. GDuroy says:

    Their parents are perfectly Happy. They were adopted by a gay couple.:-) GD

  35. LEE10 says:

    guys calm down. this is entertainment, and on top of that it’s gay entertainment, why so serious. u know they just put on a show for money. people have done a lot worse for it. so just sit back and enjoy. the clip is pretty hot btw.

  36. NiceMike42 says:

    There is a very strong argument concerning the damage to brother/brother relationships. Those who keep repeating that there is “nothing wrong with it” down play the damage that might occur to strong healthy brother/brother relationships. Even if children could not result from a sexual union between consenting adults, does not mean that there could never ever be any harm in such a union. Sometimes gay men have stop just thinking with their dicks, not everything is about just getting a nut.

  37. Anon says:

    They’re swap-fucking! Look at their freckles.

  38. Narcissist says:

    Gosh. Dan is right. That kitchen is so awesome.

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Anonymous says:


    Even if that is true, it is still their choice as consenting adults. There is potential harm in ANY relationship. Homophobic straight people might make the exact argument that you make and say we should ‘stop thinking with our dicks’. Think with whatever you want to think as long as you don’t mess with other people’s rights.

  41. theDick c===3 says:

    let me ask all of you something: if you had a sexually open identical twin brother, you would…?

  42. ignats82 says:

    This is kind of hot and kind of wrong. I am appalled yet really turned on. So confusing.

  43. Anders says:

    This is not about rights but about money! How do you think these guys doing in ten years from now? Being gay is not about to skip all the ethical values of life. Alienation from society is not about to celebrate a bunch of cynical adult film company that makes money on you.

  44. Dan says:

    I agree with ignats 82. it’s kinda weird and kinda hot. Personally, I would never mess with my brother (or sister for that matter) in between the sheets, but these two gentlemen can do as they please. I will pass on this particular movie because it is a little weird, but more power to everyone who likes it.

  45. yanksfan1111 says:

    First off…this is sooo hot…and secondly, they do flip-flip. You can notice the 1st one to get fucked has 2 birthmarks(right peck, and right side of the neck). and in the last picture you notice the same birthmarks on the one doing the fucking

  46. maniamaker says:

    I find this rather amazing….!!!! It´s a real turn on to me that two twin brothers are so into each other that get over the ethical restrictions imposed by a religious based moral society. Why shouldn´t they? They are twins, know each other better than anyone else, and they have the hottest bodies.
    Congratulations Belamy!! I think this will get me to sign in…
    And to the Peters twins….I´m so in love with you both..honestly!! ;-)

  47. Anonymous says:

    Well I would think society would hold itself higher than mindless fucking like a bunch of country hicks but I guess people are too pathetic and meager to EVER draw a line. Next to be accepted on the list fucking your parents! ^__^

  48. Anonymous says:

    So just because the Gay community has been persecuted and attacked for centuries, we are expected to loose all form of common sense and accept anything anyone does without bothering to remember that certain lines SHOULD NOT be crosses.
    Why dont you all “tolerant” and “open-minded” people advocate sex between fathers and their daughters, while sons go down on their mothers.

  49. jay says:

    I freakin luv it. If I had a twin I’d do him so hard.

  50. carlitos says:

    My older brother busted my cherry took him two days to do it and I loved every minute of it!

  51. carlitos says:

    My older brother busted my cherry took him two days to do it and I loved every minute of it!

  52. carlitos says:

    My older brother busted my cherry took him two days to do it and I loved every minute of it!

  53. twintoo says:

    I have a twin brother and growing up, we used to share everything; including a bed. It wasn’t until we were nearly 9 that we had 2 single beds, same room still. It wasn’t weird when we started to explore each other and needless to say it went further and further. I think it was like when we were 12 or 13 that we started to have ‘real’ sex with each other – oral and then later fucking. We never kissed though. That didn’t feel right.

    It went on until we were 17 – he started to like girls more and I started to like guys. Now at 35, he’s married with kids but we don;t talk about it. It’s something we both shared and frankly, it didn’t feel anything. Seeing this, I am sure that’s how it feels. Its just others that don’t know what it means to have a twin and shared that way that finds this gross and sick.

  54. Joe says:

    wow! ! shocked why cant I have a twin like that? ? must be wierd fucking yourself though?

    • Khadija says:

      Oh god yes! My prayers have finlaly been answered! REAL twincest! I finlaly found real identical twins having sex with each other. I can die peacefully now. Lol.But in all seriousness you guys are awsome. Don’t worry about any negative things that people may say about you two. I say as long as you’re not hurting anyone else do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy.You guys are unique in a great way and very entertaining, I truely look forward to seeing more of you both in future videos.Coming from a female fan, I have to say, I hope you don’t completely loose your interest in women just incase I have the blessing of meeting you both one day. *wink* But if you do i’ll still love you guys. Keep doing what you do and to hell with all the haters. You guys are fantastic!

  55. Edward says:

    Quem não gostaria de fuder a si mesmo?!?!? Se tivese um irmão gêmeo e ele topasse, caia dentro! :)

  56. bao123 says:

    all the comments are priceless! it just goes to show how stupid the arguments anti or pro gay marriage…really people, get a life its fuking porn. i dont see any of you bitching about daddy types fuking nineteen year olds… (they could be real fathers and sons and just be lying) grow up.

    on the upside, these kids are fuking hot–i’ve seen like everyone of their videos, and they never disappoint! in fact, i think that they were prolly paid to not go all the way too quickly, cuz they’re def. into it. i just wonder what they will do next. seems kinda hard to top this. maybe if they did a bigger orgy or a more hard core scene? who knows, another one like this is just fine for me lol.

  57. My Dad's Boy says:

    The taboo against incest exists in this society because, as we all know, blood relations can’t interbreed without risking all manner of congenital birth defect. That’s ALL. Plenty of societies in the history of man weren’t nearly as worried about it. When there’s no chance of pregnancy, what’s big deal? Uptight biddies take note: there is zero chance that these two hot, sweaty young brothers will conceive a child from sliding their lithe, satiny torsos against each other while putting their rock hard dicks up inside each other’s warm, sweet, buttery soft rectums. Any of you little old ladies squirming yet? How can you simultaneously clutch your pearls AND jack off? Guys who have a problem with this are largely unimaginative and uncreative in their sex lives, they aren’t given to much exploration between the sheets, and they aren’t very deep thinkers. Incest is fuckin hot. If you think it isn’t, then you shouldn’t engage in it. Or be reading about it. Or even be very closely studying the photos of it over and over, for long periods of time at .

  58. vic says:

    ok ok I have a problem w anyone opposing this .”gayincest” idea..first off if u hate it so much why are u even on this page? i’m honestly on this page because i think this is really truly and amazingly hot! Wut would bring u to this page? second off its their life! they are living it and not u! so let their decisions play out any consequences (good or bad) third if i had a twin i would so fuck him. the reason? i actually think and feel good about the way i look so why not fuck myself? idk lol

  59. little devil says:

    i was 11 and my elder brother 13.. we were alone at home and i don’t know why he felt like excited and started to touch himself through his briefs and finally took out his cock who looked enormous to me at this time.. he introduced me to jacking off!! i liked it. nothing happened again till i was about 16, he came back to me for sucking and fucking sesions(i was always the one to get fucked…)for about 2,3 years!! now i’m 40, gay, he’s married with kids and we never talked about this!! but i still fantasize about the brotherhood sex!!

  60. Jimmy says:

    Can I just ask why there are negative comments on a site you’d have to come to in order to see such photos? Also, Jay, I like your comments – hit me up sometime if you’d like to chat – I’m on Yahoo under jimmy.wrightjr – maybe we can chat soon – or whoever else decides to IM me I guess, lol.

  61. Geoff says:

    America is weird. Half the country is cool and sensible and respectful of other people’s freedom; the other half is crazy — amazingly hypocritical and incredibly closed-minded and intolerant.

    These two guys like to fuck. In deed, they seem to like fucking each other, and in front of a camera, too. Since it was filmed, the sky didn’t fall, nor was there any catastrophic flood.

    IF they really are brothers:

    Two men can’t make a baby together, so the fact that “incest” has taken place here can have no dire genetic consquences. Homo-incest, in other words, (obviously!) does not involve ANY procreation issues.

    So, if these two guys, brothers or not, turn each other on, then they really should act on their desires. Anything else would be perverse.

    Keep your short life – and your judgement of other people’s short lives – simple: If it’s mutually consenting and no one else is harmed, then DO IT.

  62. Tommy boy says:

    My brother wanked me off wen I was 12 and him 17 his cock was huge and then every so often wen just me and him we used to suck each other off it felt good to have a big cock in my mouth and even better wen if come over my chest am bisexual now but we havent done anythink for years bring back then days

  63. Xavier says:

    when I was a teen and hasn´t had gay sex yet, I used to wonder what it would have been to have a gay twin brother to have sex with… said so, and having come out of the closet long time ago, I just wish these guys enjoyed it. Surely they did it before, since I don´t think they wouldhave experience this for the first time on cam .

  64. yourstruly says:

    What I wonder is if their families know. I mean, any female or non-straight male acquaintance of theirs could easily stumble onto one of these pictures, and that would be that. Are they allowed to come home on Christmas, etc.? I’m sure the pay is insanely good (seeing how few real-life relatives are probably willing to do this) but it’s a hell of a trade. Everyone who’s ever known them could turn against them.

  65. narcissist#8972357348723456 says:

    People keep spelling Hippocrates wrong.
    Every human being is a hypocrite – that’s what makes us human.
    Therefore hypocrisy is the norm, so it’s never really been an effective descriptor, it is not an effective descriptor, and will never be an effective descriptor.
    Your arguments are now all invalid.
    IMHO (read “I’m ho”) Twincest > inter-generational incest > koala-goat sex while Oprah rides jetski with Jesus( > incest > bestiality > interracial > every other fetish

  66. twin sucker says:


  67. rico says:

    It was hot but one question do you both cum in eachother?

  68. Michael says:

    So those of you who are disturbed by twincest conclude, solely on your own visceral reaction, that sex between twins is morally wrong? Is it possible to be more arrogant? Are we to accept you as the arbiter of morality because you say so, devoid of any rational, biological, scientific reasoning? What are you, a God? Or perhaps the next great fascist leader? Or are you just a guy whose not matured past that very early developmental stage when small children think anything that affects them negatively is bad? Or perhaps you are at level two in Kolberg’s Theory of Moral Development in which a person believes something to be good or bad out of fear of punishment from some authority figure who told him so? Evolve, my brothers, evolve! We should be the ones outside the box looking at the culture with a clearer vision, not puppies under the table begging for the scraps from mainstream morality. Man up. Have some of those balls we always say we love, and stop cringing in fear of a culture that has vilified you and murdered your people for centuries. Mainstream morality is all about fear and control. Stop contributing to your own oppression and that of others!

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