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TOPHER DIMAGGIO BOTTOMS and he looks none too thrilled

Topher Dimaggio Bottoms

Topher Dimaggio bottoms! We’ve been waiting with baited breath for almost a month for one of the last tops standing (and owner of the finest, smoothest asses in gay porn) Topher Dimaggio to finally get fucked by his boyfriend Lance Luciano. We’ve seen Topher fuck Tate Ryder, JR Bronson, Derek Parker, Heath Jordan … and the list goes on and on.

He’s a big top-slut, and that’s nothing to be ashamed about. But after years of inflicting his ass assaults on bottoms, how does he handle a cock in his virgin ass for the first time?

Check it out after the jump …

Topher Dimaggio Bottoms

“I can *so* handle this …”

Topher Dimaggio Bottoms

*Fists tighten*

Topher Dimaggio Bottoms

“I swear I’m trying to smize here, you guys”

Topher Dimaggio Bottoms

“Maybe if I look at myself in the mirror I’ll feel better. Nope.”

Topher Dimaggio Bottoms

“OK, do you guys have the damn shot yet?”

Topher Dimaggio Bottoms


Topher Dimaggio Bottoms

“Well that was a supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again/”

Watch Topher (awkwardly) get fucked on

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16 Responses to “TOPHER DIMAGGIO BOTTOMS and he looks none too thrilled”

  1. Taggart says:

    Topher’s doing a good job pretending that he’s tight.

  2. Luke says:

    Overacting for sure. Spooky when you pick a boyfriend that looks just like you. Either you are very insecure or in love with yourself.

  3. Peter says:

    I have just watched this. Its not very good. Most of the fuck footage is of Dimaggio fucking Luciano. When you think how good Paddy OBrian Colby Jensen and Liam Magnusson were in their Top to Bottom scenes, its a bit of a let down.

  4. Jackson says:

    much of a let down; as a matter of fact one might argue the full pentration is not even topher ha! But i’m sure he was paid a cool million and everyone will join and download that one scence….Congrats Topher!

  5. Jeffrey says:


  6. Jeffrey says:

    Who cares?

  7. max says:

    It is boring: one position, maybe two minutes of bottoming.

  8. Jay says:

    @Luke. How are they exactly the same? In that they’re both a little dark?. Anyone making the the same argument about two Sean Cody-type blondes would be considered ridiculous. Don’t tell me, you also have a hard time distinguishing between 2 blacks and 2 Asians, right?.

  9. dave says:

    I will just wait till someone posts on myvidster. I wonder why he is never in a threesome? It also seems like there are three different scenes out there saying he is having sex with a different boyfriend.

  10. wilfredo267 says:

    That was some Cody Cummings level bullshit.Praying for a Topher Dimaggio backlash if there is such a thing in porn.

  11. Richard says:

    I never expected to quote Shakespeare on a porn site but ‘the lady doth protest too much methinks’ applies to Topher in ever one of those pictures.

  12. Hector says:

    Why, if I may ask, do people commenting here assume he should enjoy bottoming. I am gay and proud of it and most of the time I find being fucked uncomfortable and even off putting. Yes, I do it from time to time because it can make my partner happy, but in general I just don’t enjoy it at all, and I love men. I love everything about them.

    I think the bitter nellies complaining that he’s apparently not enjoying it enough need to step back and remember that not everyone enjoys the same things the same ways.

  13. Luke says:

    I don’t think they are that dark. Their bodies are exactly the same. They are the same height. Their hair is cut the same and the same color. Their faces look the same too.

  14. mick says:

    Not everything is about race. Stating that Topher DiMaggio and his lover look alive means that the poster thinks they have similar looks. The argument that someone couldn’t distinguish between two black men and two Asian men is embarrassing.

  15. kg221 says:

    Who cares? Topher isn’t attractive anyway..

  16. Romio says:

    that is just for media. coming from someone that know Topher personally and I can guarantee you that he loves to bottom, specially when he is drunk. He is the one wiggling his ass up and begging for cock. Smart tho that he made the money he money by just been Topher (a lie) xxxo and just to make it clear, I miss that ass

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