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Gay Porn Dispatch: The Phoenix Forum

The prospect of spending a few days in Phoenix (sleepy, sun-bleached Tempe, to be precise) for The Phoenix Forum became somewhat more appealing when TommyD and Nash Lawler were waiting across from me at SFO.


The attendees of these porn conventions have a tendency to be jaded (despite an endless supply of alcohol and pool-side meetings), so someone is always kind enough to ensure there’s plenty of eye candy running around to keep us entertained in the hopes we blog about them. How dare they!


This time around, it was the guys from Next Door Male. In addition to TommyD, we also got to drool over Cody Cummings and my personal favorite Mason Wyler:


Here’s a criminally overdressed Mason slathering lobster-red Nash with sunblock, although by all accounts he was too late.


One More of Mason, looking suave modeling 3-D glasses. Despite him introducing himself to me 7x, he’s a fucking peach.


The white-hot Visconti Triplets were also around … speaking some strange language (technically known as “Hungarian”, but it might as well have been their own special triplet language).


Despite the language barrier The Visco Trips were actually quite charming. They spoke the international language of live jerk-off show.



Cody Cummings
Mason Wyler

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11 Responses to “Gay Porn Dispatch: The Phoenix Forum”

  1. Moi says:

    That last picture of the triplets wanking is sad on so many levels. Wanking off with your brothers infront a cheap poster of yourselves hanging on a nicotine-stained wall with a broken air-conditioner.
    Yeah, I’ll pass.

    Was Mason taking loads in his ass by the pool?

  2. Jigae says:

    I would cry tears of joy to see Cody and Mason in a video together.

  3. Dominic Ford says:

    I love the photo of Mason wearing our 3D Glasses! I’d love to get him in to shoot with us in 3D at some point. He’s so hot. We sat next to each other last weekend (he was shirtless) for a while and it was all I could do not to lick his chest.

    Dominic Ford

  4. Spongey says:

    The only one worth watching is Tommy D. After all these years he’s not jaded or strung out and looks better than ever!

  5. tim says:

    Sorry to say that Tommy D. is no longer cute or foxy..He is out of blue now..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe I’m naive, but do these guys have real jobs? How can they afford to fly here and there?

  7. Jackson says:

    Yes, you are a bit naive if you believe that these models pay to attend these events. The studios pay for their “stars” to go to these things. As for their real jobs, they undoubtedly take vacation time.

  8. frederic says:

    I’m sooooooooooo through and fed up with these ‘visconti triplets’, gee who’s behind them that these nudniks get away with sooo much attention.

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  10. RAUL says:



  11. kyle says:

    Mason Wyler. Last year he was raped and beaten, makes racist remarks, claims he is an addict, barebacks, drinks piss and would probably allow himself to be shit on. The sad part is it gets a lot of people off. He is a star! A role model for the up and cumming porn youth. Where is the line? You will lie to yourself in your own way. ( yeah yeah, you guys now hate me.)

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