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Last week, in his interview with the Rialto Report, Jeff Stryker repeated his claim that his first three gay porn movies — In Hot Pursuit, Bigger Than Life and Powertool — were made with a stunt dick. It’s not the first time Stryker has made the claim, but it’s the first time he’s named a name: 80s Falcon star David Ashfield. Let’s compare. 

First, get a good look at Jeff Stryker’s Powertool.


Now look at David Ashfield:

Gay Porn Star David Ashfield
Thick? Check. Eggy brunette balls? Check. Now, it look likes Jeff did his own oral, but I don’t suspect Jeff was referring to oral with the hole stunt-dick thing. Then again, in the scenes from In Hot Pursuit, he frequently appears to be sleeping, so maybe he doesn’t remember.



In Hot Pursuit wasn’t my first porn, but it was possibly my first gay porn, so I know it pretty well. I think I watched it one thousand times. And if you look at the stills, you’ll notice that Stryker never appears in a full body shot. Still, some of them are close. If Stryker is correct, and the cock going into Mike Henson is David Ashfield, then John Travis really deserves his AVNS.


That said, the vintage gay porn scene between Jeff Stryker and Mike Henson still drives me nuts, even in grainy video. Ugh. 

At this point, I don’t really care if it’s Jeff Stryker or David Ashfield, because the voice is PURE Stryker.

Jeff Strkyer in In Hot Pursuit (Catalina, via
David Ashfield in Spring Break (Falcon, via

The 1o Best Parts of Jeff Stryker’s interview on the Rialto Report
Jeff Stryker: I Almost Didn’t Make It in Gay Porn

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  1. David Ashfield is probably all excited right now. Thank you for giving him the appreciation he deserves. We posted a clip of David Ashfield and Steve Stone on youtube a few years ago and David contacted us all excited that there were still people who know about him. As long as there are humans, there will be people who know about David Ashfield.

  2. James says:

    David Ashfield became a personal obsession after I saw what he did to Grant Fagan in “The Pizza Boy Delivers.”

    • David Fellows says:

      Hey James…are you in my head because I feel you walking around? Dude, those were the exact two scenes of him with Grant Fagan that prompted my own personal obsession with David Ashfield, as well. So obsessed, in fact, I would know his cock anywhere. Not only was he Jeff Stryker’s stunt dick, I know without a doubt he was a stunt dick for John Davenport, too.

  3. Jett Blakk says:

    Weren’t there also claims that David Ashfield used to stunt dick for Ryan Idol?


  4. Russ says:

    I never knew about Stryker needing a stunt dick @ first, but I’m sure I remember reading (Manshots Magazine?) that it wasn’t Idol who banged Joey Stefano in whatever movie that was. Almost positive they named Ashfield as the real topman in that scene.

    I always hoped Ashfield would bottom eventually, no luck (@ least on screen) If he indeed reads these, thanx for the entertainment, David

  5. Hugh says:

    There’s some info on his stunting in the ATKOL forums. David Ashfield’s been a long time favorite of mine, especially when he talked dirty in his movies; amazing performer.

  6. Luke says:

    I could be wrong but most of Stryker’s early stuff was stunted. But after that story broke, I think he did most penetration himself. I remember watching really close and there was penetration. Maybe a few close ups were still stunted but some of Stryker’s last videos after 1988 were not all stunted.

  7. JackBear says:

    I read years ago that David Ashfield also provided a stunt dick for Ryan Idol’s fucking scenes in his first vid, Idol Eyes. I’ve watched it since then and it’s not hard to see… there are shots from underneath where you can see Idol’s face watching the action, and the angle is wrong. They say Ashfield was a really sweet guy and also a fucking machine, and stunted a lot … just a good ol’ country boy.

  8. dvlaries says:

    I still don’t have “In Hot Pursuit,” and the other two were bought in spite of Stryker: “Bigger Than Life” had Joe Gibbons and Mike Gray on that pooltable as well Tom Brock’s spectacular only bottoming to Jim Pulver on the subway train, a scene that leaves no doubt how much Brock was enjoying it. I also loved Jeff Converse in those days and he’s the reason I went after “Powertool.”
    I can’t fathom why Stryker – or any player – would want to minimize their contributions to such unquestioned classics, but then I never did understand Stryker mania to begin with.

  9. linda says:

    A stunt dick??

  10. dvlaries says:

    Now, when it comes to Ryan Idol’s debut, that’s another matter.
    It is laughably clear in the final scene, that yes, that isn’t Idol topping Joey Stefano. And it didn’t matter – by that point, “Idol Eyes” had been emphatically stolen from its star by a trio of fearless teams giving perhaps the pinnacle performances of their respective careers: Michael White & Chris Stone, Steve Gibson & Rick Racer, and best of all, Buck Tanner and Matt Gunther’s sweaty, moon-lit flipflop on a seaside dock. Idol’s one effective scene, mid-film, is jerking off alone while looking at himself in a mirror. In retrospect, it’s easy enough to see there was a message being relayed there.

  11. Robert says:

    Im curious, why would he even need a “stunt” dick? Could it be that he couldn’t get it up?

  12. David Fellows says:

    I, too, am an obsessed fan of David Ashfield and always wanted to see him get fucked. My favorite scenes of him, of course, was both scenes he did with Grant Fagan in Pizza Boys Deliver, but also his scene with Brian Thompson in Santa Monica Blvd., several Campus Jocks-themed scenes as well as a few orgy scenes and, if I remember correctly, another scene that was supposed to be set in a sewer. The only thing I’m surprised about him stunt-dicking for Jeff Stryker is that I never noticed before. I certainly identified David’s big, fat juicy stunt-dicking cock for John Davenport’s closeups and the two of them, at least, have the commonality of their crazy huge cumshots. We need more David Ashfield!!!!!

  13. Alex says:

    David Ashfield, if you are reading it, I LOVE YOU and never forget you, baby. I saw you first time in a interview for Skinflicks magazine and love your photos and everything you said, and you are my ideal for a man.

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