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Is Leaked Raging Stallion Clip Snuff?


I got a rather disturbing email the other day from someone at Raging Stallion, and I’m not sure what to make of it. It seems that the latest RSS feature, Focus Refocus includes a rather graphic gay murder scene featuring auto-asphyxiation, strangulation and sex, of sorts, with the dead body. Fairly gruesome stuff. Anyway, I never know how much to trust emails from within a porn company (too much gay politics as it is), but my friend seemed fairly uncomfortable with the turn the movie had taken — essentially it looks like a gay snuff film — and ripped an FLV from the server (aka pardon the quality) to show me.

This text will be replaced

(Pardon the quality and the watermark — he had to convert the raw file using a free service. If you’re having trouble viewing it with the player above, I’ve posted a direct link to the FLV here.

This isn’t Raging Stallion’s first brush with death — last year’s To The Last Man was a virtual bloodbath — but this may be the first time where a dead body gets a facial. Did the sales (and GayVNs) for To The Last Man give them a taste for blood? Is it dangerous to suggest this is hot? Is it legal?

I don’t know if my friend expected to write a vitriolic editorial, or call up Chris Ward, but I don’t relish telling directors their business (or rather I do but I don’t relish the response). But I thought I might as well post it and let you be the judge. Let’s me off the hook a little. In a year that’s already seen incestuous twins,execution, and gang rape — has Raging Stallion gone too far?

Turning phone ringer off … now. (Hi Chris!)


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55 Responses to “Is Leaked Raging Stallion Clip Snuff?”

  1. fake id says:

    Totally Fucking Sick, it’s like for kids who got off watching Hostel, However does this mean David Taylor wont be doing porn anymore, I guess every cloud had a silver lining.

  2. vastrightwingconspiracy says:

    i blame the media. if you guys werent paying attention to this than this and things like the rape movies and to the last man wouldnt get awards. its a shame that studios and stars that are capable of making actual hot sex have to resore to shock tactics

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe because I’m totally sick, but I find this kinda hot?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ding dong! Federal goverment calling!

  5. jeffy says:

    You see people get murdered like this in PG movies, on primetime TV, in novels and it doesnt’ raise an eyebrow. But when they add a guy cumming and it’s a voila its a controvery, why?

  6. Anonymous says:

    its a goverment regulation from the 80s. They also say you cant fist anyone or piss on them either but you dont see studios shying away from that. Technically this is all ilegal

  7. Anonymous says:

    HELTER SKELTER! We’re coming for you “str8s”! hahaha

  8. Stunt Porn and if they can get someone to “make an issue” of all this then its good for marketing.


  9. joerdg says:

    Its not actually snuff if no one dies… and its about as convincing as a soap opera which is funny the person dying is ..”soap opera star” David Taylor.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Greg says:

    I’ve wanted to strangle guys who over pluck their eyebrows, so I can totally see where they’re coming from.

  12. Andy says:

    Where am I supposed to find the clip? I don’t see it anywhere…

  13. Mike says:

    I’ll just stick to bareback movies where the cum oozes out of a happy bottom’s ass.

  14. Choke says:

    You guys are idiots!!!! It’s a big myth that breath control play leads to death or is particularly dangerous but of course that’s what Raging Stallions wants you to believe so that they can have another hit! If you do it carefully its not any more dangerous than having a fist in your ass and probably less so when you look at some of the catastrophes “walking” around the castro in diapers. This just is more fox news sensationlism this is not DEADLY.

  15. Guy says:

    where is the clip?

  16. Erik says:

    This film is concern troll heaven!

  17. ash says:

    RS are so boring, boring, relentlessly formulistic sex, boring actors, even this is boring. Because they now hire so many straight guys and the sex has become as dull as dishwater, and the scenes are too long, they have to pull this shit to get attention, it’s dense really, all they have to do is film hotter gay sex, but they can’t get their tiny little heads around that.

  18. Mike says:

    I reposted a direct link to the video in case the player isn’t working — we’ve had some trouble with the amount of traffic and it may be making the player crash on some machines.

  19. TJ says:

    I saw it and it was very realistic. The dead guy even has poop coming out of his ass while they’re fucking just like it was real.

  20. Alto says:

    To bad it wasn’t Cody Cummings instead of David Taylor. In which case I would be all for it as long as it wasn’t faked.

  21. Max says:

    How bout getting back to making decent porn..instead of this and the many flops u’ve been producing lately…soon i will STOP renting you movies all porn is better than the CRAP u’ve been spitting out for the last yr or so :-) :-)

  22. cranky says:

    There is nothing hot about death (except maybe hot Vampires).

    How many real people have to die from auto exphixiation until people get that it’s not hot – its suicidal? You would think the lead singer of INXS and the guy from KUNG FU would be enough.

    Not sexy and gross.

  23. Casey says:

    Uh, this isn’t new, guys. The Amero Brothers already did this with Jack Wrangler (who killed everyone he had sex with and then orgasmed over them) in KILLING ME SOFTLY way back in 1979.

  24. Casey says:

    Oh, and I love when people tell companies “I’m going to stop renting your movies”. That means you weren’t supporting the company to begin with! They get no percentage of a rental, so if you say you’re going to stop renting, it doesn’t mean shit. They weren’t getting your money anyway!!!!

  25. Alex S says:

    This coming from the film company that has had several of its exclusive models commit suicide in the last few years. Very classy Chris Ward.

  26. Dead says:

    I’d fuck him dead, I’d fuck him alive. Who’s the top?

  27. HB says:

    Ok, I’m sorry but this was extremely disturbing… I still haven’t seen “To the Last Man” because I can’t believe that the industry has stooped so low as to kill someone, fictitious as it may be, in order to sell a movie. Hot sex is passionate and there is an emotional connection between the people involved.

    Anyone who thinks seeing guys get shot in a porno is seriously disturbed…and to the gentleman who thinks that breath control is totally safe and hot. Man, I have to wonder what color the sky is in your world because if the ultimate high for you during sex is holding the power of someone’s life in your hands… then you need professional help.

    If sex and love-making has become so dull and boring to everyone that you have to resort to this kind of potential violence, then there IS something wrong with this country. You can’t put something like this out there for the general public to see… before you know it, everyone will be trying it, and probably most people don’t have the wisdom to be “careful”.

  28. Casey says:

    Oh, and a correction: it was Stan Richards, Jack Wrangler’s lover, who killed everyone he fucked in KILLING ME SOFTLY. It was more shocking than this clip!

  29. Riddler says:

    To the guys who say that this is hot, I have a question: did you ever think about getting your heads examined? People wonder why the gay “community” is so self-hating: the straight obsession, barebackk, drugs adn then a company comes along, possibly the biggest right now, and tries to tell you that its hot to choke yourself to death. For shame.

  30. Carmen says:

    @ Ridder and HB This debate is worthy of Tipper Gore. it’s just porn people and a publicity stunt (surprise) as well.

  31. Spunky741 says:

    I call bullshit. This is totally a publicity stunt. Sorry, they’re just desperate for attention. They haven’t had a hit all year.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Raging Stallion? More like Limp Pony. It kinda feels like the beginning of the end for RS, Like that time about 5 years ago when you just knew Falcon was sinking. Just a gut feeling you get when something is slowing coming to an end, I think it is the increasing and more and more obvious signs of desperation. Sad in a way.

  33. Jamie says:

    Ha! If you think either this post or the action in the new billion-dollar epic is designed for anything other than getting exactly this publicity, then I have some prime real estate in Florida available I’m sure in which you’d be interested. Again, for those not paying attention: gaypornblog=nakedsword=AEBN=ragingstallion.

  34. Vadge says:

    This is why I watch cheap-ass nasty bareback porn and avoid the “studios”.

    The attempts to push their releases with fake leaks are laughable, and the sex is generic and played.

    I’d love to write more, but I’m off to watch some guy squeeze a load out of his ass then eat it.

  35. alex says:

    To me, this post is just a clever way to publicize an upcoming Raging Stallion release. Although they never mention it, Gay Porn Blog is owned by the same company that owns Raging Stallion. Oh, and Naked Sword (which explains the plethora of Naked Sword ads).

    In other forms of media, a writer would have noted their potential bias by stating that this site directly connected with Raging Stallion. I give bloggers some slack, as blogging is NOT the equivalent of journalism. Yet, this post is pushing it when it comes to credibility. What’s next? The editors of Gay Porn Blog announcing that they have “exclusive” clips from a not-yet-released Raging Stallion flick?

  36. modenastradale says:

    I have to agree, strongly, with the guys who say this is a sign of a seriously disturbed society. Perhaps this is just closed-mindedness on my part, but I just don’t think a healthy mind gravitates to necrophilia.

    Similarly, I cannot fathom why movies such as Saw XXXXIV (or whatever number we’re on now) are popular. Life is hard enough. I’m currently facing personal difficulties I never imagined. Why do people want to subject themselves to such horrific and disgusting things voluntarily? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  37. climber says:

    Love it. Would love to see how the scene finishes.

  38. boo says:

    I don’t get it, is David Taylor suppose to be dead in this or something, it’s just he looks like road kill all the time, That static lifeless, performance, the deadness behind the eyes, The Viagra induced boner, the complete lack of any enthusiasm or ability to perform, sounds like a typical David Taylor performance to me.

  39. sean says:

    Disturbing, not a bit sexy IMHO.

  40. Jake Deckard says:

    I’m so glad I’m not in this one.

  41. Alan says:

    It is very ‘Heridas de Amor.’

  42. Realist says:

    Let’s face it, commercial porn is dying because most people prefer to get it free on XTube. The way to sell movies is publicity, and it probably takes this sort of thing to get anyone talking.

  43. Khronos says:

    @Riddler – For every gay porn film featuring raw sex I can tell you of 5 straight films which do the same. For every drug addicted homo you find I can bring 20 straight crack heads to your front door. It amazes me how people shame the gay community for something straight people do 10 fold. Are we now part of a new race that should practice morality? As great as that would be unfortunately we’re all still human.

  44. Chris says:

    The actual sex is boring, so maybe they thought they had to spice it up with the snuff element. They failed. It just seems silly and messy. I don’t find the scene particularly offensive; rather, I just find the scene very silly.

    There’s absolutely nothing titillating about the scene. Two greasy, goofy guys overacting in a choreographed sex scene, and then one of them doing a horrible job of pretending to be dead, as Visine drips from his eyes, while the other guy ejaculates on his face.

    If that is supposed to be hot, count me out.

  45. I need to say something here. After seeing this clip, I’m not sure what to make of it. First of all, I’m a major fan of RSS and I truly feel that they are trying to do something worthwhile and use storytelling in their films. This makes their features a cut above everything else out there, including straight adult features. Now if you want boring, there’s plenty to be found there. Now, taking this clip out of the film’s context, this would make it look like, yes, a gratuitous scene of violence. But, if you’re going to make a judgement you have to see the entire film and the clip within the story line. If the scene was important from a character standpoint or plot standpoint than I feel, as a writer, myself, the scene has to exist. Being a woman, and a straight (surprise, surprise, but I love gay erotica), I hate seeing rape scenes in films or in books. I had a similar issue with a novel I just finished and I had to change a scene that featured a very graphic rape. After reading it several times and then seeing how these two characters interacted with one another, the scene didn’t work. Whenever, you mix graphic sex and violence together you’re going to hit a gray area. Was the clip snuff? Hardly. I know that DT is alive and well and now a friend on my MySpace page. ;-) But if one took the scene out of context, sure I could see that. But it’s not. believe me when I say, I’ve seen plenty of shit on the web and elsewhere that passed much more closely to snuff than this did. There are way too many haters of these guys to be believed. If you want to know how the whole snuff scare started, well remember back in the 1970’s a garbage film called SNUFF? It was marketed as an actual snuff film but the scene in question was obviously faked. Trust me. Snuff is illegal shit, has no place in actual art and I wouldn’t want to watch it. I know that it exists however and that scares me enough. How many stories have we heard about people with more money then they know what to do with, pay soldiers to walk around with a camera and film sex and death as it happens. Gross! Now, that my friends is snuff.

  46. Greek Pole says:

    First, I agree its intrinsically obvious those who enjoy busting a nut to the sight of people getting shot strangled and here freashly dead corpses are mentally ill and should have their heads examinmed pronto.

    Clearly they were abused as youngsters and have had violence imprinted onto their sexual response circuitry.

    A beautiful gentle sweet guy I knew accidentally died wearing a tight mask after binidng himself to a chair in a lonely cold loft space he was so desperate to get off by re-enacting some childhood trauma. Tragic and horrible.

    Yes RS is doing it to create attention and to stand out from the millions of other porn resources we have available now, that is clear.

    But Chris Ward is also doing it because he is clearly mentally ill himself. Has everyone been too polite to say it? Look at the poor guy – I dont care how rich he must be by now, he is morbidly obese and clearly suffers from self hate issues due to some imprinted chiildhood sexual traunma… why else would he let himself become a dangerously overweight blimp, and why else would most of his videos involve rape, degradation, bondage suffering, and now, more and more often death and sex with corpses? Whats next, a really super “hot” scene of guys being fucked while their limbs are chopped off or other gruesome forms of pain and death?

    I have had too many beautiful friends die/killed from disease and violence to understand hiw anyone who is not totally nuts could find this pure shit “hot”

    Get help, Chris, and if any else “likes” this stuff please get to a shrink immediately.

  47. Jason Fiddler says:

    As a South African gay guy I wanted to take this opportunity to share my view on the issue of violent sex films in general and this alleged RSS production.

    I respect the right of an adult to have any sexual orientation, fetishes or tastes bar those that infringe on the rights of others or bring about harm.

    But involving violence and sex encourages (let’s not be naive here) the viewer to accept the images and what the symbolise as normal, acceptable behaviour. It is not.

    In South Africa, in spite of our gloriously liberal constitution and the freedoms we enjoy, a great number of gays and lesbians are assualted and raped primarily because of sex- their choice of partner, manner of sexual activity or the repressed sentiments of the attackers being the main ‘reasons’ arising.

    Sex should be healthy and crossing the grey area between consentual BDSM and related fetishes to clear violence does nothing to enrich pornography, people’s sex lives nor the perceptions by which we are all obliged to live.

  48. Rob_126 says:

    I found this scene incredibly hot until the guy died. Instant turn off. I likely would have bought the movie, but this ruins it for me….what a buzz kill. Went instantly soft….

  49. Lewy says:

    I absolutely love being strangled so that I carnt breathe when being fucked, man it is so fucking hot!!

  50. Obvious says:

    Its a fake. The “victim’s” eyes twitch and his face is never shown for longer than just a couple seconds (the longest he could keep his eyes open). I can’t believe how stupid and gullible some people are!

  51. TedHebert says:

    Well, there’s a lesson to be learned here… If you are going to do “auto-asphyxiation, strangulation and sex, of sorts”, you’d better learn CPR first! §:cP

  52. Matt Black says:

    That is so beautiful. I’d willingly be a victim.

  53. anonymous says:

    Super Hot!

  54. Mark D. Corbett says:

    I wish there was more blood…esp from the anus and…that the dude who had strangled the on who wanted it would have like ate the dead body …like right away….when it was fresh…ok so is that wierd..?

  55. Mark D. Corbett says:

    and if there was more fruit in the scene …to make it more appealing….

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