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You know how everyone always talks about how today’s generation doesn’t think twice about gay marriage? You know, how to them, all marriage is the same and they don’t get those odd distinctions older people make? And this might be loathe for you to admit, they feel the same way about gay sex — or as they call it, sex.

Take Aiden. (Everyone else has.) Dirty evidence, after the jump …

Right now Aiden is going down on a woman named Tiffany, who then fucks him with a dildo. He seems to love it. (I’ll spare you the pics, though you can see it here.) What else does he like? Sex with just about any one he can get his hands on. Sex so good he cums four times in a single scene. Three in another. Six in another. This isn’t someone who’s phoning it in. Besides, half of Corbin Fisher has taken a turn with Tiffany.








And Aiden isn’t some weird Tony Capucci or Zeb Atlas. As far as I can gather, he’s not conflicted or oddly closeted. It’s a story I hear across gay porn (or what used to be gay porn) — new guys don’t give a crap about who they fuck. Everything’s up for grabs. It’s like one of those interminable 90s movies with Sherilyn Fenn, but with no shame or conflict.

Of course, if I could cum six times in an hour, maybe I’d start having sex with women too.

Aiden’s Quadruple Load (via Corbin Fisher’s American College Men)


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16 Responses to “IS THIS THE END OF GAY SEX?”

  1. MMDD says:

    Gay sex is certainly alive and well; it’s just non-existent in the gay porn industry…or should I say, what used to be the gay porn industry.

  2. Jay says:

    Ok, so he is bisexual, how is that the end of gay sex?

  3. ringwraith44 says:

    The trend has been to celebrate the “straight male” for years and so it is no doubt that gay sex has evolved into just sex nowadays. What happens when websites like Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody and Next Door Studios relentlessly pursue this concept and even mainstream studios like Channel 1 or Raging Stallion? It has little to do with gays. I’m just thrilled that there are still a few gay positive websites and studios still around and who still fight to promote a gay-positive image. I have nothing against CF or Sean Cody and these others studios and I believe they put out an excellent product but for my part I still look to see gay men having hot gay sex and who have few issues with embracing their gay sexuality. And I’d still like to believe that not every gay male goes ape shit over the straight male image which is repeatedly rammed down our throats! I agree with MMDD.

  4. John N. says:

    I used to like Aiden before all this bareback bottoming. I really hope he stops. He’s such a hot guy, and can easily get a contract with one of the mainstream porn studios, (Falcon, Titanmen, etc.) that always films with condoms. I can’t imagine Corbin Fisher pays THAT much more for bareback scenes.

  5. Gaywise says:

    It’s just another reminder why str8-g4pers don’t belong in gay-porn.they only want one thing from gay men that’s their money and to use them for their [ Piggy-Bank ] and nothing else.They do not want a relationship with another man when they have a wife,kids or girl-friend waiting for them at home and laughing all the way to the bank with your money.And please don’t tell me it’s just porn and act like no one should care who they sleep with when it’s your money that they are using in order to support their income and their bitches as well.If they need to make some money that’s what str8-porn is for and not gay-porn, and should they not be able to make enough money fucking bitches in str8-porn they can always get a part time job, to help support their income and stop trying to leech off of gay men that they don’t want for money.

    • John N. says:

      I don’t think gay for payers are ‘using’ gay men for our money. These guys are simply men who are doing a job, and getting paid for it. It’s not as if they’re saying they hate all gay men, and won’t have anything to do with us unless they’re filming a scene that gay men will watch, and other than that, they have no use for us. They are men who are attracted to women but are willing to have sex with another man if the price is right. They are hot guys who are doing the kind of porn work that will pay them the most, (men, even the hottest ones, earn a fraction of what the women make in straight porn. It’s all about who the main attraction is). Think about it like this…if men were any kind of a draw in straight porn, plenty of gay men would be having sex with women on camera. Also, pretty much every woman in porn does scenes with both men AND women. It’s pretty much the norm, and expected. Do you really think all of the women in straight porn are bi or lesbians? Of course not. They film those scenes because that’s what the audience, mostly straight men, want to see. They get paid to do the job that the studio requests…just like gay porn studios. In short, porn stars are people who are willing to have sex on camera for money, and while a great deal of them are probably enjoying it, and are attracted to thier scene partner(s), not all of them are, or need to be. They are earning a paycheck.

    • Matt says:

      Firstly, using ‘Bitches’ as a general term for women is just pathetic. In an age where we as homosexuals are fighting for equality and acceptance the use of that term to put down women is frankly just sad.

      Secondly, these men may not like to sleep with men outside of porn, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy having sex with men when filming. The fact that in certain scenes with Straight men fucking you get a lot of chemistry and a hot scene (as hot as if it were actually 2 gay men) proves this point. The way you put it makes it seem like these guys are all homophobes who begrudgingly fuck and then run with the money, but behind the scenes footage actually shows a playful and comfortable attitude from most performers.

      Your hatred for G4P is obviously warped to the point where you cannot have a rational, non-hating conversation on the topic.

  6. Gaywise says:

    And no Aiden is not bisexual he has always said that he is str8 and don’t have sex with men when he is not filming gay-porn.He only has sex with men on gay-porn videos and not in real life out side of gay-porn it is just wishful thinking on some gay men part who want to believe that he also has sex with men in his personal life which he does not.

    • Jay says:

      It’s not wishful thinking; I don’t feel attracted at all to straight men, it’s a fetish some queens have, but I like my men gay. Part of what turns me on when I’m in a guy is the idea that he wants to be with me; there’s no bigger turn off for me than the idea of someone doing me a favor. So no, I don’t ‘wish’ for these men to be gay or bi, I simply don’t buy their assured heterosexuality. No REAL straight man is going to have willful sex with another man, bareback, for the world to see, for a few hundreds dollars; period. These men are all either bisexual men who have chosen to date women in their personal lives or conflicted gay men who refuse to call themselves gay but don’t want to give up the sex; to say you’re doing it for the money is the perfect excuse; OR, probably they call themselves that simply because there’s the general belief that it ‘sells’. You can’t call yourself straight when you frequently and willingly take penises in your butt while displaying an raging hard-on; even if you choose to date women in your personal life, or even if you have kids, that does not mean you’re heterosexual. It always baffles me that when someone questions these ‘gay-for-payers’ heterosexuality, everyone attacks you because, well, look, they’re claiming they’re straight, so how can they not be?, I mean they’re saying it, so it has to be true. A prominent former Corbin Fisher model who started his career as a ‘straight’ man was Mason Wyler, who was so straight he couldn’t keep himself from taking raw dick up is ass, even in his personal life. If anyone is delusional enough to look at any of those pictures and think ‘that guy is so straight’, that’s the one with wishful thinking. Aiden and his CF, SC buddies are as homos as you and anyone else, except they don’t have the balls admit it.

      • MMDD says:

        Then you need to stop watching gay porn altogether because gay-for-pay performers have long been the standard, and if anything it will only get worse. If you’re watching gay porn, there’s a 99.9% chance you’re watching straight guys performing passionless sex acts with one another while fantasizing about pussy. And even the scant few who label themselves as gay really aren’t gay, as most of them have girlfriends they regularly hook up with for sex. So if you really want to see GAY men having genuine, passionate sex with one another, your best bet is to find some amateur gay male couples online (not PORN couples, but REAL couples who don’t get paid for it). It may not be as high-quality as a commercially produced product, but nothing you will ever see in a gay porn film will come close.

  7. GkDid says:

    It amazes me that we, as a subset of society, have clamored for so long to get rid of labels and stereotypes and now (some of us) complain about another person’s label.
    Who cares if these guys are gay or straight or bi or confused or pansexual? They are having sex for money. Even the gay guys are having sex for money. I pay my money to watch them having sex. I like it.
    Do I care if he’s straight or gay? Does my dick care?
    He might be “laughing all the way to the bank”, as Gaywise suggests, but I’ll bet he’s walking a little funny :)

  8. David says:

    It looks pretty GAY to me. This article is BS.

  9. enjo says:

    i simply don’t care what their sexual orientations are. they are getting paid for what they do and we are paying their studios/producers to watch them. it’s a fair deal everyone.

    • Chet says:

      I also don’t care what a porn actor’s sexual orientation is, but I do care about studios promoting homophobia and expecting me to pay them to do it.

      The actors may be straight, gay, bi, or undecided, but the studios prey on a large number of gay/bi men’s insecurity and self-hatred to sell a fantasy to them of a “100% straight” guy who is only doing it for the money and who is superior to the loathsome gay man. The idea promoted is that if you cannot be straight at least you can have sex with a straight man and reclaim some of your value as a man. It is sick and sad, and something I want no part of.

      It is fine to have straight men in gay porn, so long as their sexual orientation doesn’t become the selling point for the porn.

  10. bigdaddy says:

    My admiration is all about the handful of admittedly gay guys who perform in all-male videos. They don’t hide behind any facade and seem to welcome their identities. At the top of my list is Alex Graham who appeared as Joel at Corbin Fisher. Even then he acknowledged his sexuality and never seemed to avoid it. One of the hottest scenes ever recorded, imho, is that between Joel and Jeff (a straight man with a child). Again, it’s only my opinion, but I don’t dislike the “straight” men who do “gay” porn as long as they totally commit to their partner and the scene. It’s the “you can suck me or eat my ass or let me fuck you, but don’t think I’m gonna kiss you or do any of that other gross shit to you” performers that I loathe. I won’t pay a dime to see those men, no matter who they are working with. Face it, the truly gay guys are doing it for the money, too. That’s not what the argument should be about. It should be about honesty.

  11. egghaut says:

    May I interfere in your captivating debate regarding the various propensities of male sexuality nowadays?
    Would you find me impertinent if I tried to remind you some elementary definitions that I consider to be as valuable today as they were in older times:
    What does being “STRAIGHT” or heterosexual exactly consist in ?
    Just in prefering women?? No… in being only and “exclusively” attracted (sexually) by and towards female individuals..;
    A straight guy , (a really or utterly straight guy I mean), positively loathes masculine body or at least any close contact or intimate intercourse with it .Touching another guy’s cock just with the palm of his hand would cause him to retch or gag with disgust…This is simple even elementary… it is a radical, absolute repulsion, in the presence of another guy’s naked body a straignt guy feels uneasy if not totaly repelled…he won’t have any possible “hard on” in such circumstances but try to dodge or escape the disgusting, obnoxious situation as fast as he can..That at least should be clear for everybody …it is just the rigorous, strict definition of “straightness” or heterosexuallity it is no fancy or product of my imagination…

    NOW let’s talk about AIDEN and other purported “Straight” performers at Corbin fisher’s and Sean Cody’s:
    whatever their social background, need of money, level of education,the number of girlfriends, wives and children they may be surrounded by and their eventually “straight” lifestyle in real life, they clearly evince no absolute; no radical disgust for sexual intercourse with other dudes…in this respect they can by no means be regarded as “STRAIGHT” guys but must probably be differently and more relevantly looked upon and qualified as “Bisexuals” …
    Because you know, from prehistory up(or down) to nowadays that is exactly the definition of bisexuality : a double propensity to have sex either with other male or with female partners
    and in this “there is nothing new under the sun” as was once the word of the ECCLESIASTES…

    Remember this! a real straight male feels the same attraction towards another boy’s cock and crack or asshole as a true lesbian girl would…That’s it ..a Straight guy has lesbian dispositions towards female partners…and the same rejection and disgust towards male body as a lesbian female would evince…

    When you pretend that AIDEN can actually be “straight” the assumption is just as preposterous as if you fancied a “Dyke” delighting in endless juicy cumswallowing blowjobs and double penetrations in Corbin fisher’s or Sean Cody’s Studios….

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