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Gays Gagging Over Oral Cumshots… Again


Of all the things American gays do each summer, our unique ability to swallow semen until we am literally drunk on cum is one of the things of which we should be proudest. How convenient then that Michael Lucas has released “Swallow With Pride” just as we’re unpacking our collective rainbow colored funnel!

swallow-with-pride-gay-boxcover-porn.jpgActually, given the results — Falcon International, Bel Ami and now Lucas — it seems Easter European boys are so much more willing than their American counterparts to lap it up. I talked with a porn producer a few years ago who allowed oral cumshots in his movies if the two scene partners wanted to do them. The trouble was: they rarely did. American models, it seems, are a little bit hesitant to swallow unless there’s more money involved, and that gets dicey ethically. Or maybe their partners don’t eat enough pineapple.

Like with the furor over Falcon’s Fleet Week a few months back, a studio is taking heat for something they’ve been doing all along, (albeit very occasionally) and I’m starting to think that it’s just the marketing of it bad taste that’s leaving such a bad taste in opponent’s mouths?




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14 Responses to “Gays Gagging Over Oral Cumshots… Again”

  1. JoJo says:

    This trend is scary. Michael Lucas surprises me the most since he bans bareback models and constantly writes about practicing safe sex. Oral cum shots are not considered anywhere in the safe sex realm.
    It is their lives and they must live with the consequences. It was refreshing to see Falcon reverse course on his matter. Still, Lucas is either jumping on the bandwagon and not following his own beliefs.

  2. DavidMacCall says:

    he’s jumping on the band wagon and not following his beliefs- as if he has any beyond making a buck- which is the be all reason to be in porn anyway…

  3. ChicagoCub says:

    Cumming in the face is hotter than an oral cum shot anyway. I’m for facials!

  4. Dutch says:

    US porn models have become too streetwise, so they are trying the (read poorer) Eastern European models to show oral cum scenes. I think it is taking advantage of the economical situation of the region. Scary trend.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bad decisions come from desperation…same as with Falcon.

  6. XXXWriterGuy says:

    It’s important to note that many HIV experts have come out to say that oral sex represents a minimal risk when it comes to the spread of the virus. Additionally, cum eating is considered relatively safe as long as there are no cuts in someone’s mouth. If it’s been more than an hour since they’ve brushed their teeth, and they haven’t had any recent dental work, then the odds are in their favor that they will not contract the virus–even if they ingest “infected” semen. This is considered to be common knowledge by most HIV counselors and physicians. Of course, there is risk involved, but there is risk involved in everything fun or thrilling that we do, whether it’s smoking cigarettes or skydiving or rock climbing. But we still do those things. I think the fact that because we are talking about sex, people get so much more up in arms around “risk.” This shows that we still have a long way to go in terms of dealing with our sexual double standards and judgments.

  7. dlg says:

    HIV is not the only thing that is transmitted by semen. There is all of the venerials like syph, gonhoria, clemidia, herpes, just to name a few. Every one seems to forget they didn’t just go away simply because HIV is the main focus nowdays. Go ahead, lap it up.

  8. Drew says:

    If you dont like it… dont watch it, dont do it… but realise just cause you dont dousnt mean others wont!!! and to get as aggressive as some of the guys off here seem to be getting is just bizaar??? if you cant come up with a decent reply leaving you with only half assed insults and wannabe bitchy/ sarcastic comments then please just dont say anything at all cause im bored already having read through them!!

    And like i said to begin with… if you dont like it… dont watch it, dont do it!!!!

  9. EuroboyFilms says:

    There’s always been lots of facial, cum play and snowballing in Michael Lucas’ productions.

  10. shonnie says:

    I dont understand the big with this, there is a slew of new movies focused on peeing and pissing on each other and I find that far more discusting than eating cum…

  11. SWGuy says:

    XXXWriterGuy is right. Also, when you suck most guys, they precum, (I know I do – a lot!) & there can be as much HIV in precum (if the guy has it) as in his jizz when he nutts. But stomach acids kill HIV. I’ve swallowed many a load, & I’m still HIV-.

  12. carbub40 says:

    I love it when a guy cums in my mouth!…I love the stuff. I definitely would want to see more of it as well..US, European..doesn’t matter..the straight porn has plenty of it and it is great..just wishing there was more for us guys!

  13. dussty says:

    Swallowing is HOT, HOT, HOT.
    Allows to a very special connection.
    Also, it is safe.

  14. eater and drinker says:

    just don’t understand the vitriolic or holier than thou attitude, been drinking piss,cum and creampie clean up for years,hiv neg still,just wish now in southern calif,inland empire there were more guys into it or ‘forced’ play or bdsm,not a real open place here

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