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Gay Porn Before & After: Gage Wilson

Furry-chested Gage’s shocking and utterly unpredictable discent from straight boy into Danny’s growlingly eager butt-boy on Sean Cody last year sent tongues wagging for good reason (he’s an undeniable hottie):

gage wilson gay porn
gage wilson gay porn

But when he showed up on RandyBlue a few weeks ago, I could barely believe my eyes … Are you sitting down?He has a slight beard*! (What, you were expecting breasts?). What can I say … not the most dramatic “Before & After”, but who’s complaining when you get to see an ass like this:




*His hair also appears to have gone from a dark auburn to a dirty blond but it could just be the lighting.

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No Responses to “Gay Porn Before & After: Gage Wilson”

  1. m.e says:

    Funny… there were some 17 or so different porntifications here about Gage … Where did they all disappear to ??? …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Soo gorgeous

  3. Jack says:

    Hm … good question. I have no idea what’s up, will look into this.

  4. Ivan says:

    He looks much better with the beard!

  5. dury says:

    I love this guy…i wanna fu** him!

  6. Alan says:

    There is big news coming from Gage in the next few months. Search for it later this year.

  7. spongey says:

    What is the big news? Is he still living in Austin, I think I might go stalking! LOL!

  8. will says:

    he looks like my brother!

  9. Zak says:

    He is so hawt!!! He has a great butt too!!!

  10. Ldn says:

    Is gage actually gay or just gay 4 pay? I hope hes really gay cuz im like in love with him!

  11. Cock lover says:

    How do we get in contact with him:) haha

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