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Vintage Gay Porn Star Bruno

One of the most amazing gay porn discoveries of 2012? That COLT Man Bruno is alive, well, and as hung as ever. Bruno, before and after — after the jump

Vintage Gay Porn Star Bruno

Vintage Gay Porn Star Bruno

BRUNO — Aka Hermes — Now

Where Is Gay Porn Star Bruno Today?

The Men of Colt blog has more of the COLT Star, now known as Hermes. Hermes started showing up on sites like Big Muscle Bear in 2005 (now gone), and the penis resemblance was unmistakable. If you’re still having trouble connecting the two, it’s worth looking at some of his early gay porn 8mm loops …

On a side note — according to Bruno’s model page on COLT, the Cuban-born Bruno is a real sweetheart. So as we wrap up 2012, here’s to Father Time holding off baby New Year for just a little bit longer …

Where is porn star Bruno?

Bruno! (via COLT Studio Group)


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15 Responses to “GAY PORN BEFORE AND AFTER: BRUNO!!!!!”

  1. Luke says:

    Still looks great!!

  2. Jamie says:

    Looked great then looks GREAT! now!

  3. John N. says:

    I agree with Luke. I hope when I’m that age I’m half as hot and in shape. You go, boy!

  4. Walter V says:

    He was incredibly hot. Really was the image of masculinity. That face though really does show the ravages of time and maybe too much sun.

  5. Casey says:

    I ran into a friend of mine at Bear Week this past July as he was chatting someone up on Commercial St. I didn’t distract him too long, as I’m no cock blocker, but he contacted me later on FB to inform me that the guy he was talking to was…BRUNO! Yes, Bruno goes to Bear Week. I almost died.

  6. Sam says:

    Great to hear Bruno is alive and well. He was wank material for a young lad straight off the boat in SF in the 80s. Was hot, still hot. Grrrowll…

  7. Derek Price says:

    He is a very nice guy, but I don’t think he likes to discuss his past. He has profile on in Fort Lauderdale. When I asked him about it, he didn’t respond; however, he will respond to nice gestures. So, if you do approach him, I wouldn’t really discuss his previous life unless he brought it up.

  8. J.D. says:

    He is incredibly sexy. I don’t usually go for older guys, but if he was around, he might be just the golden ticket.

  9. bigdaddy says:

    Back in the day, Bruno was my ideal fantasy man. I cannot tell you how many times I jerked it or had it jerked while watching his videos. (Usually in a video store booth or adult theatre. LOL Those were the days!) I’m glad his sexiness is still part of his persona today. That body hair and gorgeous cock are ageless!!!

  10. jorge says:

    aun mantiene el encanto de los años en que era joven hay que saber envejecer con dignidad y elegancia y el lo sabe

  11. bearfuzzlover says:

    BRUNO … My Colt Classic Bear Hero then and now.
    The sort of man who will be always be someone to lust after as an Icon and Legend … and there are not many of those left in the adult entertainment industry … with Bruno being right at the top of the tree.
    There should be a statue of Bruno with an International Bruno Day – where us, his fans and devotees, can praise and worship this sun-kissed Sex God!
    Love the man no matter the age. He’s YUMMY!

  12. Luis says:

    Bruno is beautiful, i remember him from Miami when i was a kid, I used to see him at the beach, he was awesome.

  13. bob says:

    I worked with him many years ago (not in porn) and got to know him fairly well. He was a really very nice person and over the years was sorry to have lost contact. i recently tried to contact him merely as a catch-up kinda thing but was dismissed completely. guess he really didn;t want to remember any of his past whether it be work-related or past friendships. I won’t try again-his lossm not mine.

  14. […] Here you go. Then and now pics. Looks good. GAY PORN BEFORE AND AFTER: BRUNO!!!!! – Gay Porn Blog: Gay News, Tubes, Stars and Videos […]

  15. Glen Walker says:

    Incredible. Exactly that. Looks great. Amazing how those large pecs remained toned. Can’t help thinking all that body hair has been died.

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