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Now Playing on NakedSword: “Trunks 3″ by Hot House

When I first got this assignment to review “Trunks 3″ by Hot House, directed by Steven Scarborugh I thought, “Why the fuck am I reviewing a seven-year-old movie?” I changed my tune in a hurry. Why? Well, I used to go gaga over Latino hunk Adriano Marquez. Gosh, he was such a handsome man and […]


If this was the day that you were going to swear off masturbating to gay porn, you, like me, have picked the wrong week. I spent the weekend desperately NOT looking at porn in a vain (vein?) attempt to force myself to mingle with actual non-pixelated homosexuals. Granted, it got me to a hot tub […]

Trevor Knight and Landon Conrad Join The Line Up


Last night star Trevor Knight proposed to David Bradberry, showing the world that participating in non-stop gay porn orgies doesn’t have any effect on the love they have for each other. Take that, straights.

Trevor Knight And David Bradberry Get Engaged “Below Deck”

 Just because you’re the gay porn star power couple of the moment doesn’t mean you can’t get engaged on basic cable: On tonight’s episode of Bravo’s “Below Deck,” we meet David Bradberry’s boyfriend, Trevor Knight, who wastes no time by proposing to his boyfriend of two years via Skype. Not even a full month since […]

Gay Man Duncan Black Seduces a Straight Friend


Like most of’s sites, Straight-to-Gay can be dystopian in its approach to gay sexuality. Men offering themselves as substitutes for women, prison sex, frat initiations, caricatures of gay seduction that wouldn’t be out of place in a right-wing conspiracy site. In short, all my teenaged plots and fantasies come to life. This week, on […]

Gay porn star Trevor Knight Naked

Trevor Knight Retirement, Part Deux

Last week we saw a number of high-profile gay porn star retirements, most notably, venerable hammer-top Trevor Knight. And while we’ve all seen a number of hyped “retirements” last as long as it takes for next month’s rent check to bounce, no one’s seemed to remember that technically this is Trevor’s second retirement (he announced […]

Gay Porn Stars Trevor Knight and Steven Daigle

Gay Porn’s Latest Whore: Steven Daigle

And I mean whore in a totally complimentary way. Whoring is something we all should aspire to do, because it means you’re getting paid to do what you love. Steven Daigle has really ‘come out’ as a gay porn star since Chi Chi seduced him last year for Channel 1, in much the way fellow […]

Gay Porn Star Trevor Knight's Big Cock

Trevor Knight Shames Another Gay Lover With His Colossal Penis

If Congress really wanted to take a stand against cruel and unusual punishment, they’d forget about Guantanamo and make it an international crime to ask anyone pose naked next to Trevor Knight. Colombian newcomer “Arie” showed up on today, and as gorgeous a gay as he is, he should have protested the photo above. […]

Gay Porn Star Tom Chase for Buckshot

Working Stiffs: Gay Porn’s Ten Twelve Biggest Dicks

There’s some big business in the gay porn industry and it’s counted in inches, not dollars. After all the caterwauling about Mr. Hunt, we thought we’d put together our list of the industry’s biggest dicks. To be fair, we limited it to those still making movies. In no particular order (and subject to the ruler […]

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