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gay porn star paul wagner

NakedSword’s Summer of Fuckin Is Upon Us

Mark Twain once said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” And while Summer might be drawing to an end everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s just getting started here San Francisco, which insists on having to do everything different: September is when the weather really starts to heat up around here.

NakedSword, which always pay homage to the fair city by the bay in which they’re located in their Originals, shows just how lovely San Francisco Summer can be in their latest release, “Summer of Fuckin’”: A film whose premise is simple: four scenes of hot guys fucking in SF backyards.

gay porn star paul wagner

Episode 1 paired my favorite big-dicked Russian stud Valentin Petrov topping beardy/cubby hottie Jordan Foster. BUT! If that weren’t enough to make you cum in your pants, episode 2, released today, features two of my favorite ruggedly masculine models Connor Maguire and Paul Wagner (!!!) (with Paul taking Connor’s cock). All I have to say is YES.

gay porn star paul wagner

Watch three free hardcore clips from Summer of Fuckin’ after the jump. (And trust me, you want to). Did I mention Paul fucking Wagner?

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Caption This: Bel Ami’s Jim Kerouac & Julien Hussey

What exactly do you think is going on in this photos from Jim Kerouac and Julien Hussey’s INSANELY HOT bareback scene from Bel Ami? Maybe these innocent young pups have never seen a butt plug before?

bareback gay porn from bel ami

Either way, help us think up a caption! Leave in the comments section after the jump (where you’ll also find a bunch more pics of these two studs going at it sans condom in a scene that ends in an explosive, messy facial … )

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gay porn star cam Christou

Cam Christou Finally Gets Initiated In The Finale Of NakedSword’s “The Pack

They’ve been dangling it in front of our faces for the last month like a carrot (and I’m not complaining because we got to see lots of super sexy, horse-hung dudes fuck the hell out of each other along the way) but we finally FINALLY get to see gay porn star Cam Christou get initiated into Boomer Banks‘ sex clique (aka “The Pack”), and it was definitely worth the wait … the scene we’ve been breathlessly waiting for … the centerpiece of the sex show gang bang with Cam, Boomer, Leo Forte, Marcus Isaacs and Seven Dixon filmed live on-stage at this year’s actual Black Party in New York before throngs of horned-up, nasty party-goers.

gay porn star Cam Christou

After the jump, in addition to the trailer from the scene, we also have an interview with Boomer Banks via TheSword explaining what, exactly, “The Pack” is all about as well as what it was like to fuck Cam and his “brother” Leo Forte in front of literally 6,000 Black Party attendees.

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gay porn star brent corrigan new falcon exclusive

Brent Corrigan Goes Ginger, Signs Exclusive Contract With Falcon

Gay porn star Brent Corrigan, arguably the biggest gay male porn star in the world, signed a “long-term exclusive agreement” with Falcon Studios Group (the new moniker for the mega-studio consisting of Falcon, Raging Stallion and newly acquired Hot House).

For a while, Brent was trying in earnest to move away from porn. He created a twitter account under his legal name Sean Paul Lockhart and starred in several moderately successful independent gay films. But apparently he just couldn’t segue his tremendous gay porn cache into mainstream success.

Also, he is now a bonafide Ginger, which is apparently has always been his natural hair color … check out some pics of red-headed Brent after the jump …

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transsexual gay porn star Stonie and Brittany Coxxx

OP ED: “To Be OR Not to Be An Exclusive, PT. 2” By David Forest

Continuing where he left off in his last op-ed, long-running gay porn agent David Forest, discusses an exclusive contract that was a success story for his client.



This second part of my Exclusives story was not planned. But, after receiving a phone call from my buddy and former client, STONIE aka BRITTANY COXXX, the day the 1st story came out … asking me why I hadn’t mentioned HIS exclusive contract (with Pleasure/Regiment Productions) … I immediately realized that the story wasn’t complete without a discussion about his deal.

And, it was a very positive ingredient in the adult business career for Stonie … giving him a great experience and foundation to build upon. Unlike so many of the exclusive agreements that I spoke of in the last article … Stonie’s deal with Pleasure (the straight xxx company that created Regiment Productions for their gay releases) was basically a solid deal.

transsexual gay porn star stonie brittany coxxx

Stonie came to L.A. from his home in Louisiana on the Greyhound bus in 1995 at age 17 with two suitcases and a determination to somehow become successful in Hollywood. After a few years of various little jobs he was introduced to adult producer/director, Paul Baressi … who was beginning the Regiment line for Pleasure (gay XXX movies based around hot army boys and their fun in the service). Paul thought Stonie would be perfect as the central character in his first year of films. Without any representation Stonie made a deal with Paul in 2002 to do a movie a month for a year for $34,000 total. Pleasure had given Paul the OK to make that arrangement and they stood by it completely.

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gay porn star rafael alencar

Rafael Alencar Obliterates Marcus Isaacs’ Ass in Ep 3 of “The Pack”

Size queens will definitely NOT be disappointed by the latest episode of NakedSword Original’s “The Pack” … the last installment we had Boomer Banks, and now we have horse-hung legend Rafael Alencar.

This time around, Rafael fucks furry, swarthy bottom Marcus Isaccs. Their scene was filmed on-location at famed NYC hangout, Eastern Bloc. It looks like Cam Christou will finally begin his initiation into “the Pack” in the next scene — something they’ve been teasing us with since the first episode — when Boomer intimates he’s almost ready to join.

Gay Porn Star Rafael Alencar fucks Marcus Isaacs

As usual Rafael is up to his sexual acrobatic shenanigans as he plows his hungry bottom Marcus from all sorts of angles and positions. If there was an Olympics of Fucking, I’d definitely want Raffy to be on Team USA:

gay porn star Rafael Al

Watch the scorching trailer after the jump …

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JD Phoenix’s Cock (And A Dildo) Fuck Brandon Moore Out Of Retirement

Gay porn star Brandon Moore did just enough scenes in the last few months of 2013 for me to fall madly in love with him. Although the utterly adorable, spectacularly talented self-fisting bottom (and his museum-quality ass) quietly retired from porn shortly after* he sat down with me for his GayPornBlog Interview, I had a suspicion we’d be seeing him again.

I’ve said it before, and it’s still pretty much true: no one ever retires from gay porn. In my jaded old age, I’ve lost count of the number of porn stars who announce their retirement only to start filming before their last scene was even released. Brandon at least spared us the dramatic exit. (And not to belabor the point, but I called it all in this here comment.)

In case you need a refresher, here’s Brandon, doing what he does best, all splayed out for Austin Wilde:

gay porn star brandon moore with austin wilde

As if you actually needed a refresher?

Anyway, it’s all a moot point! I can finally stop crying myself to sleep at night since he’s performing again. In the latest episode of Dominic Ford’s summer series Fire Island Staff House, Brandon gets caught [eye roll] fucking himself with a dildo on JD Phoenix’s bed when JD arrives a day early [facepalm] and he asks JD to help him out [smh x 1000].

JD proceeds to fuck Brandon without even bothering to take the dildo out of his Wonder-Ass™ first. Yes! These are the kinds of shenanigans the porn world has been missing without our Brandon.

Check out a free hardcore clip from their scene after the jump.

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OP ED: “To Be OR Not to Be An Exclusive” By David Forest

David Forest, one of gay porn’s longest running (and most notorious) manager and “agent to the stars” started in the industry when he became friends with and started managing the career of Leo Ford in 1981. Since then, he’s negotiated contracts and managed the careers from some of the most iconic names in the industry. He’s also seen it undergo radical changes — from VHS to DVD to Internet, and all the while he’s always had very a strong point of view about how things should be.

In the following exclusive guest entry, Mr. Forest he discusses the pros and cons of signing an exclusive contracts while recounting some of the biggest contracts he’s negotiated over the past 30 years. It should be required reading for any porn stars out there considering signing an exclusive contract …

gay porn agent David Forest

Ken Ryker
(former Falcon Exclusive)

To Be or Not To Be An Exclusive (with a studio or Internet company)? If the old mainstream saying, “The artist reigns supreme” is also the way that the adult biz should work … why does it seem that exclusives lose control to the studios and producers? Making your star an exclusive is sometimes just an easy way for a manager or agent to earn a signing bonus and not have to worry about finding bookings for the star. It also puts the studio in control of the artist’s career. Pay off the agent/manager so he’s happy and won’t interfere with the artists’ career.

How many mainstream actors/actresses are exclusives with a certain studio? That set-up was tried years ago but failed. When a star loses control of a career, the studio becomes in charge and thinks only about what’s right for them. And, the adult studios have been known to sign a star as an exclusive, use/abuse their services as they see fit … then, when they think there’s nothing more to get from the star … they drop him or tell him he’s free to seek work elsewhere. If there are remaining scenes/movies due on the contract … it’s the old, “sue us” response.

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gay porn star boomer banks

Boomer Banks Splits Open Seven Dixon in Eps. 2 of The Pack

In “Backdoor Fitting”, eps. 2 of “The Pack”, Cam Cristou’s flirtation with Leo Forte continues (but goes unrealized again!). He stumbled on horse-hung Boomer Bank’s sex crew as they suit up for the legendary Black Party.

In the back of a fetish shop, Cam sees Boomer exercise his power over his crew by punishing a disrespectful Marcus Isaacs, before getting down and dirty with fellow tattooed stud Seven Dixon (and his gorgeous, hungry ass) in the basement. And with Boomer’s massive cock, who wouldn’t fall directly in line? Boomer Banks mouth-fucks Seven Dixon until he gags and then pounds his ass until he shoots his load all over his face. Yes, sir, may I have another?

Seven’s cock-sucking skills are impressive — he manages to deep-throat Boomer’s booming cock while only shedding a few tears:

After the jump, check out more images and a free hardcore clip from the scene …

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gay porn star skye woods


In the earlier part of his career, gay porn star Skye Woods did scenes with some of the greats: Working mostly for COLT, the insanely muscular bottom amassed a rather enviable list of co-stars, including Zeb Atlas, Nate Karlton, Tom Chase, Carlo Masi, and so on.

Here’s Skye, in his prime, in “Legendary Bodies #02″ by COLT:

gay porn star skye woods

He had a remarkable physique and was a great bottom, but he always seemed fairly vanilla to me. Since 2011, when he appeared in his last DVD, however, he’s taken to posting selfies on his Tumblr (Skye Woods Haven), that tell a … different story. I don’t know if I lack the vocabulary to describe Skye Woods, or if he simply defies explanation. But I find myself at a loss for words.

gay porn star skye woods

I first spotted him on Twitter, where he uses the modest screen name of SkyeGod10 (can you imagine what SkyeGods 1-9 look like?) A former Chippendales dancer, Skye seems to have gotten into a lot of fetishes which I heretofore didn’t know existed: His muscular physique, which was huge before, is now even more gargantuan (he tweeted that he weighed 310 lbs. last June). And what better way to highlight elephantine glutes than with high-heels and mom jeans (is there a fetish for men in fishnet stockings and a Hurley snapback?)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Skye’s are worth millions. Click continue if you dare: I promise they’re unlike anything you’ve ever seen (or may ever want to), plus some free hardcore clips of Skye from his COLT days when he wasn’t such an … uh … freak in the sheets.

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nakedsword leo forte

Who Tops Whom: Leo & Blue Bailey Kick Off NakedSword’s The Pack

It seems like it’s been forever since the last NakedSword’s latest original, but it’s only been a little over a month. The Pack was shot all on location in NYC, and even filmed in New York’s legendary (and legendarily filthy) Black Party. With lots of New York grime, initiations, and rough sex, “The Pack” could be NS’s edgiest release to date.

The first scene, “Derailed” matches perennial faves Blue Bailey and Leo Forte. Cam Christou cruises the pair on the Subway, and a three-way seems like it’s in the bag, but Cam misses them when they get off at their stop.

nakedsword leo forte the pack

nakedsword leo forte the pack

From the first second Leo and Blue start going at it, it’s intense and they get all bitty and punchy on each other. Since they’re are both versatile, it’s a bit suspenseful figuring out who will top and who will bottom. They fight for it … find out who fucks whom in the free, five-minute clip from the scene, along with the trailer, both after the jump …

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Bel Ami Threeway Ends with Another Explosive Kris Evans Cumshot

Kris Evans‘ cumshaws never disappoint. His latest scene — a two-parter three-way with Kris, Vadim Farrell and Kevin Warhol, is not exception. In fact, every since Bel Ami head honcho George Duroy let people know the scene exits on their membership site, fans have been “on tenterhooks in anticipation” of seeing the three superstars together (and, no doubt, seeing if Kris’ cumshot would top his previous geysers. Hint: you won’t be disappointed).

In the first part, Vadim gets his turn to fuck Kevin, and even though Kris gets to watch on the side, Kris is clearly not bored:

Kris Evans Cumshot


Watch the trailer and check out more images after the jump …

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Steven Scarborough Retires

Legendary Director Steven Scarborough Retires as Falcon Acquires Hot House

Falcon/Raging Stallion announced today that Hot House Entertainment is being added to the growing portfolio of AEBN-owned gay porn brands that also includes NakedSword, Jocks, Mustang, Fetish Force, Fisting Central, Monster Bang, and so on. The acquisition isn’t a big surprise as we’ve been seeing consolidations of DVD studios over the last 5-10 years in reaction to the evolving market. The bittersweet part of this announcement is the disclosure that Hot House’s founder and pioneering gay porn director Steven Scarborough will be retiring.

It’s fitting that Hot House is merging with Falcon on a number of levels: Falcon/Raging chief Chris Ward started his career in the adult industry at Hot House. Conversely Steven Scarborough started his porn career at Falcon in 1987 where he was mentored by his then-lover Chuck Holmes. Steven and Chuck’s relationship something Mike deeply delves into in “Seed Money“, his doc about Chuck and the founding of Falcon Studios.

Steven Scarborough Retires

Steven directed a number of iconic gay porn films during his tenure at Falcon. His first movie was “Perfect Summer“, his first foray into the “Sex By The Pool” gay porn genre which he ultimately mastered in movies from the “Trunks” series. Others he directed ran the gamut from saccharine love stories (“Touch Me,”) to fetish titles (“The Abduction” series) that sent jaws dropping and tongues wagging as he merged high production values with darker and more extreme representations of gay sex.

Parker Perry in "Pack Attack 4'

Parker Perry in “Pack Attack 4′

After leaving Falcon in 1993, Steven founded Hot House, which put out some of the most beautiful, well-crafted gay porn films of the last 20 years. Films like “The Road to Temptation,” “Scruff,” “Verboten,” “The Missing,” “Trunks,” “Perfect Fit,” “Paging Dr. Finger,” “Resurrection,” and the list goes on. He introduced us to men like Alex Collack, Ethan Wolfe, Francesco D’Macho, Kyle King, Paul Wagner, Ross Hurston, Dick Wolf, and Ty LeBoeuf to name a few. Books could be written about his style and contributions to gay porn — it’s hard to encapsulate it in a mere blog entry — but I can say I’ve been lucky enough to have met this authentic, passionate man whose influence on the industry would simply be impossible to measure.

After the jump, watch an exclusive clip from “Seed Money” of Steven talking about the firestorm of controversy that he caused with his envelope-pushing film “The Abduction” as well as why — unlike many directors even today — he was always proud to use his real name throughout his career. I’ve also included a selection of some of my favorite Hot House clips.

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Gay porn star Jessie Colter

Gay Porn Star Jessie Colter Kicked Out of Water Park

Will the indignities porn stars suffer ever end? Ass-tastic Gay porn star Jessie Colter was threatened with arrest and almost kicked out of the “Kentucky Kingdom” water park over this past July 4th weekend for doing little more than wearing a pair of red Speedos.

According to Frontiers and Jessie’s Twitter, a Louisville police officer who called him “queer” and threatened to arrest him if he didn’t leave the park. Despite being seemingly have been mistreated by the Louisville Police, you have to admit Jessie’s got balls for showing up to a water park wearing in just this:

Gay porn star Jessie Colter

Jessie modeling the controversial Speedos in question

Jessie chose to leave the park on his own accord and took to twitter to try to get the word out:

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Paddy O'Brian Bottoms

Porn Miracle: Paddy O’Brian Bottoms for Alex Brando

It may not exactly be breaking news, but I still get a thrill when I see these three words strung together: Paddy O’Brian Bottoms.

I appreciate Paddy as a tough-talking top, but his ass just looks SO DAMN GOOD with a cock in it. My only quibble with this scene — and it’s a minor one at that — is that although Dameon Crosse talks some major dirty smack to Paddy, he doesn’t get naked in the scene. Damien Crosse flip flopping with Paddy O’Brian? OK, now that’s something I can really get behind. Porn gods, please make that happen. Until then, we have Paddy’s latest venture into the world of receptive anal sex with Alex Brando. Between the two of them, there’s very little body fat. Watch the hardcore trailer, plus clips from Paddy’s three other bottoming scenes, after the jump.

Paddy O'Brian Bottoms

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