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“You Gonna Clean My Pipes Big Strong Plumber Man?”

Preston Steel has it bad for his plumber. When “My Husband Is Gay” opens, Preston is hanging out in his kitchen waiting for the repair man to arrive. And there’s the knock at the door. It turns out that plumber Wesley Marks has been there a couple of times already, and this time he finds a couple of spoons stuffed in the drain. So he quizzes Preston about all the pretend pipe problems.

Once the guys establish that Preston is married to a high-school girl friend for appearances only, and he’s been dying to get the plumber’s cock in his butt, Wesley and Preston start making out. The guys kiss and grope as they help each other out of their clothes and the plumber gets to work on Preston’s dick.

Preston kneels and gives Wesley some head, then he’s squirts lube in his hand and bends over to gets his pipes cleaned. They fuck for a few minutes and head into the living room where Wesley sucks Preston’s dick and then bends him over the coffee table.

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Two Blond Czech Guys Crawling All Over Each Other In Bed

A few weeks back, I reviewed one of the first scenes from “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” and the final two episodes came out over the holidays. A couple of sexy blond Czech guys caught my eye, so I took a look at their scene.

Chris Hollandan has filmed for a number of other Eastern European studios under a bunch of different names and he’s an adorably cute, Czech guy. He’s blond with a beefy body and decent-sized dick, and he bottoms a lot. Karel Kohlicek is also Czech and blond, but his body is more lean and ripped. He’s good looking and his calves are covered in thick golden fuzz.

The producer introduces us to the lads in a bizarre interview. Bizarre because he asks the questions in English, translates them to Czech, the guys answer is Czech, and the producer just says “That’s sweet,” in English, but never translates the answers. Thankfully the interview only lasts about two minutes before these two blonds are crawling all over each other in bed.

They love to kiss, and they do a lot of it, then Chris pulls out Karel’s cock and works it with his mouth. The guys swap head back and forth, but Chris is the better cocksucker and goes balls deep. Karel tends to focus on the head. But Chris using his mouth and hands and he’s all over Karel’s shaft.

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“Holy Shit! What Kind Of A Sexual Deviant Are You?”

Connor Maguire regularly plays a cop for Kink Men, but this scene called “New Officer and the Horny Sex Offender” was his first session as Officer Maguire. He’s in the detention area, deep in the bowels of The Armory, and he’s got a sole prisoner to watch – Caleb Colton, a horny sex offender.

Caleb is in his cell, lying on his cot; he’s blindfolded and wearing orange prison coveralls. And because he’s a sexual deviant, he’s not supposed to be touching his cock or pleasuring himself in any way, and to make sure he doesn’t, his hands are cuffed to the heavy chain around his waist.

Caleb bellows at the prison guard that he has to piss. “You just went 15 minutes ago,” Maguire barks. “Hold it!” Caleb stands and walks to the bars and makes like he’s going to take a whiz right there on the floor. Maguire bellow at Caleb, then lets himself into the cell and pushes the prisoner around. “You’re not supposed to be touching yourself,” Maguire grunts, slapping Caleb’s face with his gloved hand.

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There’s More Fucking Than Rehabilitation Going On In This Prison

When you lock up 11 horny young men in a detention center, there’s bound to be lots of cum flying. “Action Disciplinaire” takes place in a sort of prison designed to keep these young guys away from the hardened criminals and older men. These bad boys still have a chance to turn their lives around. But as you’ll see, all they want to do is fuck and unload their nuts, which I’m assuming is better than robbing and vandalizing.

One guy gets his dick sucked through the bars of his cell, then the cocksucker joins him on the dirty cot to get his ass fucked. Another couple of horny lads suck and fuck in the stairwell, and two more are playing around in another cell, and there’s a threeway happening on a landing at the top of the stairs. These guys will fuck anywhere.

But I settle on the second scene featuring a couple of slender blond guys who have been thrown in a room not much bigger than a closet. They’re pushed onto the floor, they’re naked, but the guard throws shirts and shorts at them and slams the door. These lads have leather collars around their necks, one brown, the other black.

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I Want To Play Doctor With Hogan Wade

How do you let a doctor know that you like him? Well, in nurse Craig Reynolds case, the sight of a sexy doctor distracts him and he loses his step, dropping a box of latex gloves all over the floor. As the nurse bends over to clean up the spill, he flashes the bald doctor some plumber’s butt. Hogan Wade helps himself to a feel. Why not? This is “Trust Me I’m a Doctor,” one of Hot House’s latest releases over at NakedSword.

The doctor squats and feasts on Craig’s ass for a long time, he sure does love eating hole. I’ve never seen Hogan before, so I had no idea that he had such a hot fucking body under all those clothes – he’s packing a big meaty cock, too. He stands and gets the nurse down on his knees gulping dick and Craig’s rock hard cock curves up in the air the whole time he blowing Wade.

The doctor wants to play with the nurse’s ass some more, so Reynolds pulls a huge dildo out of his cart. Are you sure he’s not a boy scout? This nurse is prepared for just about anything. Reynolds bends over the cart and the doctor buries the double-headed dildo in his ass. After a few of minutes, Craig looks back between his legs and sees Hogan slowly stroking his big hard-on.”I want your cock in there,” he grunts.

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Jack Hammering In A Leather Sling, And Three Other Bareback Scenes

Dark Alley Media’s “Turnt Up” arrived at NakedSword this week and I’d normally jump all over the Marcus Isaacs and Max Cameron scene – two furry fuckers flip fucking each other – but I’m a huge fan of both Peto Coast and Kory Mitchell, so I started with their scene, which is the last on the DVD.

When the scene opens, Peto Coast is standing in a playroom with a couple of leather slings hanging from the ceiling. Kory Mitchell comes along, grabs Peto’s crotch, and they neck. Then Kory is down on his knees sucking Peto’s soft, uncut cock. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen it soft before — I love looking at flaccid uncut cocks — and it’s a mouthful with plenty of foreskin overhang. But take a quick look because in less than a minute, Kory’s got Peto’s dick bone hard.

Kory’s beard always drives me nuts, it’s dark and bushy, and such a contrast with his bald head. As he continues gulping, Peto reaches down his back and slides his hand down the back of Kory’s jeans, you know, to tell him know he’s ready to fuck this cocksucker’s beautiful ass. But Peto wants to taste it first, so Kory bends over a sling. It’s a short rimjob because Peto really wants to get inside Kory’s hole.

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Ah Berlin! Where You Can Drink Beer And Get A Rimjob At The Same Time.

German porn generally means a dirty, filthy time. I keep saying that I need to book a vacation to Berlin sometime and the DVD “Cruising Cocks” only confirms it. This video opens with a bunch of men sitting around a Berlin bar drinking and talking. The slender, dark-haired man at the end of the bar is sitting on a bar stool in a t-shirt and jockstrap. Another bald man in jeans approaches and touches the bare ass. The seated man pivots to see who is behind them, then returns to his drink, and he edges his ass over the stool so the bald man can eat hole.

After a few minutes, a second man in leather chaps approaches the bar for a drink and now the rimming pig has a dilemma – does he continue eating the first guy’s ass or does he grab a taste of the new one? What do you think? After getting his hole licked for a minute, the second man takes his drink and leaves. But the bartender comes from behind the bar to feed his dick down the rimmer’s throat. And now, things really take off.

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Intrigue, Drama And Seven Hairy Hunks Fucking In “The Tourist”

“The Tourist” from Raging Stallion is my kind of movie packed with hairy, bearded, muscle hunks and it just started playing at NakedSword earlier in the week. It features a gang of my favourties Rogan Richards, Abraham Al Malek, Dario Beck, Donato Reyes, and Bruno Boni, along with a couple of new men I haven’t seen before called Paco and Alessio Veneziano.

The first scene opens with Rogan Richards, a tourist who is lost and wandering the streets of Madrid. Abraham Al Malek is intrigued by the look of Richards, but he’s even more turned on when he discovers the Aussie hunk doesn’t speak English. They head back to Abraham’s flat where Rogan delivers one of his signature hard fucks. Rogan’s caveman grunts always get me revved up. After they drop their loads all over the floor, Rogan asks for a glass of water and he wakes up duct taped to Abraham’s bed in the attic. It seems Abraham was more interested in Rogan’s passport, his cock was just a fringe benefit.

Dario Beck and Donato Reyes are down on the street and they run into Alessio Veneziano, a sexy, bearded cub. They need a place to fuck, so Dario calls Abraham. He refuses at first, but then agrees saying, “Don’t open the attic door, I have a vicious dog.” Alessio gets his furry butt fucked by Donato on the couch, then they flip and the cub fuck Donato. Dario seems mostly to be decoration, watching and sticking his dick the guys’ mouths from time to time.

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Here’s A Different Way To Get Through The Holidays

I’m not a fan of Christmas. All that false joy and commercialism makes me want to hide. So when I saw “Fucking Holidays 2″ in the line-up at NakedSword this week, it sounded like my kind of movie. Forget about the chestnuts and the open fire, I want to watch young guys playing with giant cocks.

The first scene features a tiny, blond guy trying his best to swallow a huge dick. It belongs to a dark-skinned Latin stud who is sitting back watching this cocksucker working his bone. He spreads his legs wide and holds this blow boy’s head and thrusts his dick up into his mouth. Hard. But this only gets him in the mood for fucking ass.

In the bedroom, Jose lies back on the bed and Marco straddles him and sits on his huge dick. Jose spends the next few minutes thrusting Marco’s hole. Then the scene flips and Marco is sitting on a different guy’s bone, let’s call him Nicholas. He’s drilling up into Marco’s ass just as hard, then Jose returns from wherever he was and the pair stuff their big dicks in Marco’s mouth and ass.

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Jim Kerouac And Nothing But

Jim Kerouac. You’ve got to love the guy’s cock – it’s big, deliciously thick, and sporting foreskin — and he loves using it on horny bottoms. If you like Kerouac, you’ll have him all to your self in the latest Bel Ami release called “Jim” that debuted last week at NakedSword. He’s joined by Kevin Warhol, Billy Cotton, Luke Hamill, and Florian Nemec.

Kevin and Jim are in the first scene. Seeing Warhol’s hand wrapped around Jim’s bone gives you a good idea how big the stud’s cock really is – or maybe Warhol just has small hands. Jim sits back and Kevin works his hard-on and the two do that tongue flicking thing that Eastern Euros think is kissing. After a few minutes of stroking, Jim’s cock explodes all over his ripped abs.

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Rocco Steele versus Jake Marshall – Who Is The Best Daddy?

I like daddies. And Nick Moretti’s “Raw Fuckin’ Heat” has two sexy daddies bookending this four-scene DVD. I can’t choose between Rocco Steele and Jake Marshall, they’re different kinds of daddies, each sexy in his own way, the only thing they share in common is that they’re tops – and good ones. So I have to watch both scenes.

Rocco Steele is fairly new to gay porn, he’s been at it for less than a year, but his 10×7 cock has very quickly become legendary. As the first scene opens, he kisses Aaron Slate, a young lad who is standing knee deep in the pool. I’m always interested to see how these cocksuckers do with Rocco’s monster cock, I have only seen a couple of guys who have been able to swallow very much of it. Most, like Aaron, uses their hands a lot and mainly suck Rocco’s cock head. But every so often Aaron gulps down nearly half of it.

The men head for a blanket on the grass and I’m really impressed when Rocco slides his dick into Aaron’s ass. The lad is down on all fours and he’s presenting his very furry butt to daddy who inches his cock head inside, then he just keeps on going until he’s balls deep. I wonder what dildo Aaron used to get ready for that. For the finale, Aaron rocks on Rocco’s dick until he unloads a pretty impressive load on daddy’s chest.

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3 Sicilian Newcomers, 5 Euro Studs, 2 Hours Of Horny Fun

“The Sicilian Connexxxion” debuted at NakedSword a couple of weeks back, at the same time I did my review of another Lucas Kazan filmed called “In His Dreams.” I promised to get back to it, so here we are. “The Sicilian Connexxxion” features five scenes, there are three duos – Dario Beck and Will Helm, Ettore Tosi and Lorenzo Arca, and Darius Ferdynand and Wagner Vittoria – and they’re separated by two solos featuring Salvatore Gorini and Samuele Mistro.

There’s not really a story here, but the video is filmed in Sicily and introduces us to three fresh Sicilian faces: Gorini and Mistro each doing their jack-off scenes and Lorenzo Arca bottoms for his lover, Ettore Tosi. And these lovers requested Kazan film them fucking bareback, as they do at home.

I took a full look at the Dario Beck and Will Helm scene, they’re both handsome and a couple of my favourites in the business. Helm is tres sexy and I could watch him all day. One of the things I liked about this scene was that it gave us some behind-the-scenes footage of their photo shoots and there was a bit of an interview.

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“Spread That Ass, Boy.”

If you’re paying a landscaper top dollar to work on your yard, you might as well get some head out of it, right? That’s what grey-haired daddy Steve Lucas thinks. He’s hauling a bag of soil and stops as he enters the yard and admires Kidd Manleigh, a dark-haired man with a goatee who is working his rake across the wood chips.

Steve puts down his bag of dirt, then moves in on Kidd. The landscaper rebuffs him at first, but Steve doesn’t stop. He pulls down the landscaper’s shorts and nuzzles his neck. Before you know it, Kidd is on his knees gulping daddy’s thick cock. He swallows it easily and doesn’t need any help, but Steve gets off holding his head and pushing his meat deeper down Kidd’s throat.

Kidd loves Steve’s cock and gives this daddy a full-service blowjob, always looking up to make sure Steve’s enjoying his mouth. Kidd’s the kind of cocksucker you want working your bone, so he’s quite hot to watch.

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“Sperm House” Is Packed With 11 Horny Uncut Guys

When the movie is called “Sperm House,” I’m curious; when the DVD box cover says “11 Hot Uncut Guys” I’m definitely interested. And when they turn out to be Eastern Europeans, I’m all over it with a fresh bottle of lube.

Dark-haired cutie Luke Taylor and blond David White are curled up together on the couch. Shaggy blond Denis Reed is sitting on the stairs at the end of the couch. They’re speaking Czech, so I have no idea what they’re saying, but judging by the body language and the playful looks shooting back and forth, I’m assuming Luke and David are lovers trying to negotiate whether they’re going to have a threesome with his sexy blond.

Denis joins them on the couch and sits on the back of it – the deal I sealed. The two lads move to either side and David unbuckles Denis’ belt, then the blond slides off his jeans. Luke swallows his dick while Luke sucks his nipple. Within about a minute, Denis is sporting a giant hard-on and the boys are getting excited.

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“I Can Feel Your Ass Clamping On My Cock.”

When “Slut Fuckers”opens, a beefy daddy named Nick Roberts is doing bicep curls in the gym and his huge snake slides very visibly down the front of his shorts. Marco Cruise is sitting on a bench nearby doing curls and says, “That’s a nice cock. I could swallow that whole thing.” Roberts throws his barbells on the floor and hauls out his dick. It’s fucking huge.

I just got home from the gym – sadly, this never happens to me. Maybe I’m not paying attention to the opportunities in front of me.

I have no idea how I have missed Nick Roberts. He’s a scruffy-faced daddy with thick body and he’s covered in fur. He’s right up my alley – or I’d like him to be. He’s got pierced nipples and he wears another ring in his navel. And then there’s that big honking piece of meat, or “fat fucking dick” as Marco Cruise calls it while he’s down on his knees.

And the sexiest thing about Roberts isn’t even his dick, it’s the fact that he’s a dirty talker, and good at it. While Marco is chowing down on his huge meat, Nick is urging him on, telling him how to swallow it, telling him how good his mouth feels, and warning him to mind his teeth. “Take your time on it,” Nick grunts, “Don’t hurt it. Or I’ll hurt your ass.” That sounds like an invitation, not a warning.

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