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Big Muscle Guys Pounding Slim Bottoms

I have a huge fetish for Eastern European men, I think I’ve mentioned that before. Out of all the places in the world, just drop me in the middle of the Czech Republic and I’d be a happy man. Actually, I’d probably prefer Hungary where all the men seem to have huge, thick cocks, but anywhere between Russia and Germany would be fine.

Tomas Skala is a massive Czech hunk and he’s one of the more familiar faces in Eastern European porn. But you’ll be hard pressed to remember his name because he’s filmed under about six different aliases. I don’t know why, but the Eastern European studios seem to prefer their performers work under unique names, so it’s hard to keep track of them all.

I don’t know Petr Kolousek, but he’s also Czech. He’s a cute, slender guy and sports a pretty decent-sized dick. After some necking on the couch, the two head for the shower where they rub lather over each other and play with their soapy cocks. This sequence gives us a full appreciation for how massive Tomas is compared to Petr. It’s like David and Goliath except with more nudity and hard cocks.

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Hung Euro-Studs, New On NakedSword!

Have a thing for hung Euro-Studs? NakedSword just uploaded 2 hot movies from Eurocreme that are sure to satisfy your cravings! “Hung Ladz: Ripped” and “Stretch That Hole” feature some of the hottest Europeans fucking and sucking on some huge European meat! Watch two free trailers after the jump!

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Bruno Bondi and Dario Beck Are Definitely In My Dreams

When I was a young lad growing up, I lived in a working-class neighborhood, and every day after school, I watched the Italian and Portuguese construction workers arriving home after a sweaty day’s work. I had no idea what “gay” was. All I knew was that I looked forward to my afternoon ritual of watching these dark-haired and olive-skinned men carrying their lunch pales past my home.

So it’s a no brainer that Lucas Kazan’s “In His Dreams” caught my eye when it was released on NakedSword this week. In fact I did a double take because it arrived right after another Kazan film called “The Sicilian Connexxxion,” which I’m going to check out over the weekend.

But I’ve really got a hard-on for sexy, Italian hunk Bruno Bondi and since I haven’t seen him fucking Spanish hunk Dario Beck, I watched “In His Dreams” first. It opens with Bondi lying naked on his bed, he’s on his belly and giving us a view of his beautiful fuzzy ass while he sleeps. He’s dreaming of a horny fuck session he had with Dario Beck.

This is a two-part video, and while we catch glimpses of Bondi fucking Beck, this first part is all blowjob action. I’m not complaining, because both men are superb cocksuckers. Dario sits on the stairs in this rustic Italian villa and gulps Bondi’s dick, which is thick and with a plump head. Bondi holds the back of Beck’s head and face fucks him, all the while groaning, “Si, si …”

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“I’ve Heard That My Cock Is Bigger Than Yours.”

When a DVD has a title like “Huge,” a guy’s just got to check it out, right? Especially when it carries the tagline: 12 Biggest Dicks Ever in BelAmi. It’s a 2-disc DVD and the first part just went live on NakedSword. I only recognized two names in the cast – Manuel Rios and Trevor Yates – but I have to admit I know more Bel Ami faces than names.

The first scene called “French Kiss” opens with Paul Valery saying that he’s heard Ralph Woods’ cock is as big as his. “I’ve heard the opposite,” Ralph says, “That mine is a little bigger than yours.” They head to the bedroom and Ralph measures Paul’s monster with his mouth. Then the guys sit back and do a little sword fighting and compare. They finally agree that Ralph has the longer cock, but Paul’s is thicker. And then Paul shows Ralph why getting fucked with a thick one is better.

“Some Like It Big” features geeky blond Trevor Yates and his giant cock. In his most memorable scene with BelAmi – “Scandal in the Vatican,” also playing at NakedSword – Yates plays a priest surrounded by a gaggle of boys servicing his dick. In this scene, Manuel Rios has Trevor’s ginormous meat all to himself. Manuel wraps both fists up the length of it and there’s still leftovers. And when it comes to fucking, Manuel takes the whole thing between his furry cheeks – he drives me nuts with his moaning and dirty talking in Czech.

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Titch Jones’ Three-Pump Self Facial Steals The Show in “Hung Boys”

I remember reading in a Matt Hughes interview once where he said that he didn’t usually get very good head. Hugh and his 11-inch cock broke onto the gay porn scene around 2008 and we were all gobsmacked at the size of this British lad’s meat. But Hughes confirmed what many of us already knew – few and far between are the cocksuckers who can take care of a really big dick.

Matt Hughes and his mighty meat are back in this Eurocreme compilation called “Hung Boys” and it features 23 Euro boys in seven ass-stretching scenes. And it includes Steven Prior, who is not only big, but thick, and Titch Jones, whose cock is as big as a baby’s arm. So if you like them huge, “Hung Boys” delivers some monster penises.

I checked out the Matt Hughes scene because it had been a while since I have seen him, I don’t think he’s filmed since 2012. Jak Williams is on his knees under a palm tree giving Hughes head, or trying to. It’s one of those just-the-tip sessions that Hughes likely complained about in his interview. Nathan Cox stumbles along and watches the two until he’s invited to join in. He takes over sucking duty and handles Matt’s meat better, but only just barely. He ends up just being the fluffer to get Hughes dick ready for Jak’s ass, which is much better at taking 11-inch cocks than his mouth. It’s marvelous.

And I couldn’t resist taking a peek at the Titch Jones scene. After trying and trying to suck Titch’s monster, Damien Esco opts to sit on it. He gets a good bit of it in his ass, but that last third is going to take some wiggling. He rests is head on Titch’s chest and moans while rocking back and forth on this humongous tool.

Even when Titch takes over and puts the lad on his back, he doesn’t manage to get much more that two thirds of his gargantuan bone inside Damien. Right near the end, when Damien is ready to blow his wad, his hole seems to relax and Titch shoves it in deep and makes Damien cum on his belly, and then it’s over.

But it’s not really over until monster cock cums, and boy oh boy, does Titch deliver an exciting blast. The first massive squirt leaps out of his cock and splash across his face, so does the second, and the third. Unbelievable. Three forceful jets on his own face, then one “weaker” squirt onto his chest and he’s empty. One of the most memorable loads I’ve ever seen. Titch Jones has four more movies in NakedSword, so I’ve got to an assignment for the weekend – seeing how many more times this lad cums on his face.

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“Well I Don’t Know … I’m Pretty Well Known For My Latex Ass”

I’m really enjoying my new gig here at GayPornBlog because I’m discovering all kinds of hot stuff I missed the first time around. Dean Monroe’s is incredibly handsome and his Greek heritage gives him the dark hair and olive complexion I love in a man. Then there’s his beard, furry body, incredible ass – the man’s one sexy package. I thought that I was pretty good at keeping up with his scenes, but I guess I have missed a few.

Now you’d think if Dean Monroe got me revving hard that a heavily tattooed rough fucker like Ricky Sinz wouldn’t. But he does. Sinz is incredibly skilled at running his filthy mouth — that’s what drives me nuts about him — and getting the best out of his bottoms. He’s the man my mother warned me about – well, she didn’t warn me about men, but you know what I mean – but it doesn’t matter, I’d take whatever heap of trouble came along with Sinz.

Ricky Sinz and Dean Monroe are sharing a couch in Men Over 30’s “Daddy Dearest,” and like I said, I missed this pairing the first time around. Sinz asks Monroe who his best scene top was and this starts some back and forth posturing as they try and outdo one another. When Sinz says that he doesn’t think he’ll ever find another power bottom as good as his best, Monroe says, “Well I don’t know, I’m … um … pretty well known for my latex ass.”

I’m anxious to watch these two fuck, so I breeze through the sucking and pop into the moment where Dean is dying across Sinz’s lap and the tattooed top is fingering Dean’s hole and making him moan and squirm. Sinz sits back and tells Monroe to sit on his dick and as Dean lowers his ass past his face, Sinz says, “Ah fuck, beautiful ass.” Monroe rides Sinzs backwards, then flips around and faces him.

But then Monroe gets on the floor and Sinz plunge fucks him. “Oh I love watching you fuck me,” Monroe says. This gets Sinz charged up and he pounds harder and deeper. The men head to the couch for the finale and Sinz fucks Monroe on his back until the hunk cums all over his belly. Sinz moves to the end of the sofa and dances up and down on his toes while his cum wad works its way up from his balls, then he spunks all over Monroe’s face. Sinz didn’t comment on Monroe’s “latex ass,” but we can tell by the huge load he shoots that he enjoyed it. Watch “Daddy Dearest” at NakedSword.

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Hairy Brute Nick Moretti Gives Luca Bondi A Sperm Donation

Ricky Raunch’s “Sperm Donors” hit NakedSword this week and I love these blasts from the past. Every day we’re hit in the face with dozens of new porn scenes and DVDs, a guy can barely keep up – no matter how cum crazy he is. And I don’t even remember Nick Moretti and Luca Bondi fucking when they made this scene, so I’m happy to find it.

Nick Moretti is a bit of a sad case for me. He’s a ruggedly-handsome daddy, he’s lean and very furry, he’s hung and versatile, although I always preferred watching him top. He’s a sexy fucker who fueled many a wank in front of my computer. So why so sad? He doesn’t film anymore, well, not in front of the camera. He’s moved into production.

Luca Bondi takes a little bit of explaining too. He’s one of those performers who has worked under a couple of names. Luca Bondi is his bareback name, although Fabio Stallone is probably how he’s best known.

Bondi has a monster cock. It’s thick, curved, and covered in foreskin. I usually like watching him top, too, but when it comes to picking Moretti or Bondi, it’s not a contest in my fantasies – Moretti’s daddy cock is going inside Bondi’s beautiful fat ass.

And the sexy thing about this pairing is that Moretti is pale and covered with dark hair and Bondi is tanned and completely smooth – the juxtaposition is carnal.

Moretti drills Bondi doggy style and on his back. Bondi rides the top and Moretti wildly thrusts into Bondi’s ass and blows his load inside. He keeps pumping until his jizz slides down his cock and dribbles all over his balls. Then Bondi lies back and jacks his humongous dick and covers his abs with lots of sticky strings. Moretti licks them up and spits on Bondi’s ass, and shoves his meat in for a couple more pumps. Whew! I’m going to have a couple more looks at this one.

“Sperm Donors” features Chad Brock, Paul Stag, and Ben Venido in the first scene; Nick Moretti and Luca Bondi is the second; Sam Crockett tops Matt Sizemore in the third; Kriss Aston gets Champ Robinson’s huge dick; and Ray Dalton and Mason Garet bring up the rear in the last scene. You can watch them all at NakedSword.

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Nothing Like A Little Bum Fun To Get Over A Cheating Girlfriend

Jake Tyler is sitting on a bed when “My Raw Fuck Buddies” opens, Vince Wilder joins him and asks how his day’s been going. “I had an effed up day,” Jake starts. “I caught my girlfriend cheating on me, dude.” Ruh roh. I smell a porn line on the way.

“I have an idea,” Vince says. “And I want to see if you’re cool with it.” Yeah, here it comes. “I’ve always been wondering how it feels like to get fucked in the ass.” There we go. Jake laughs, then Vince tries to cinch the deal. “It’s straight up funny, but I could do you. And in a way that might take your mind off of it.”

Don’t you love porn lines. Oh well, it’s supposed to be fun and a fantasy, right? And how many of your straight friends have you wanted to console with a blowjob? I can think of a few. And don’t you wish it were this easy. Maybe it is, I’ve never tried.

Jake pulls down his pants and Vince blows him. But the eye opener is when Vince lies back for his turn. Holy mackerel. As Jake says, “Man, that’s a horse cock.” And I’m thinking that the director miscast these two because getting that monster up his ass would sure take Jake’s mind off of his troubles – he wouldn’t be able to think of anything but the giant pain in his ass.

Jake sucks Vince’s huge dick – or he tries to, it’s not much more than a just-the-tip blowjob – then Vince gets down on all fours and shoves his ass in the air and hugs a pillow. Jake isn’t impressively hung, he’s comfortably average, and not very thick, but he’s probably got the perfect cock for a first timer who has been wondering how it feels to get fucked in the ass.

They grunt it out and Vince rolls over on his back, and then his side, and Jake finally blows all over his ass. Jake gives Vince a handjob and gets that huge dick creaming all over Vince’s treasure trail.

“My Raw Fuck Buddies” features Jake Tyler, Joey Rico, Vince Wilder, Taylor Stevens, Tony Noceros, Clark Kent, Seth Porter, Alan Willian, Bruno Stigmata, Christopher Ashlee in five scenes, and you can watch it at NakedSword.

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Marcelo’s Huge Curved Cock Kicks Off “Monster 4: Return To Rio”

Dark Alley director Matthias Von Fistenberg headed down to Rio de Janeiro to film the fourth installment of his popular series, “A Monster Inside Me.” This time around he brings us a line-up of eight Brazilian studs with some pretty big dicks and they’re fucking bare in five scenes. “Monster 4: Return to Rio” debuted this week on NakedSword, so let’s have a look at the first scene

Marcelo is a rough-looking man, he’s in good shape and wears tattoos down his arm. He’s one of those tops who doesn’t care where he’s sticking his cock, as long as it’s warm and it gets him off. He also doesn’t give a shit how you like to get fucked, or even if you do – it’s all about him. And his huge dick is a monster – big, uncut, and sporting a wicked banana curve. Dario is a pretty boy with highlighted and coiffed hair and sculpted eyebrows. He has no idea what he’s in for.

There’s no warm-up with Marcelo. He grabs Dario by the legs and pulls him to the edge of the bed, then after lapping at the lad’s hole with his tongue, Marcelo tries ramming in his dick. Dario yells a chorus of “Ay! Ay! Ay!” But Marcelo keeps pushing. His cock is so curved that it flops over on it’s side and goes in sideways. He slaps Dario repeatedly and giving him hell for not opening up his hole.

After three tries and lots of yelling from Dario, Marcelo rolls him over on his side and pushes into him with more force than before. Dario is calling on God and all the saints, but nothing is making this any easier. Marcelo continues slapping him in the face, telling him to shut up. Well, I’m assuming that what he’s saying, my Portuguese is rusty. I sure wish it weren’t, this is some nasty dirty talking.

Marcelo fucks Dario on his stomach and grabs a fistful of hair and pulls his head up. Dario’s mouth gapes and his eyes bulge. When Marcelo starts with the cum grunts, Dario jumps off the bed and kneels begging “Mine, mine, mine.” (He might be saying something else, but that’s how it sounds to my English ear.) Marcelo spunks Dario’s face and he’s very happy, almost grateful, and even more so when Marcelo smears his jizz around the lad’s face.

Good grief, that was an intense fuck. And there are four more scenes to go, but I’m spent, so they’ll have to wait for the weekend. But you can get started, watch “Monster 4: Return to Rio” at NakedSword.

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Horny Sailors With Big Fat Cocks Come Ashore in Falcon’s “Fleet Week”

I guess it’s no coincidence that NakedSword debuted Falcon Studios’ “Fleet Week” during actual Fleet Week in San Francisco. And the DVD follows a gang of sailors and navy officers hitting the city bars and hotels for a lot of off-duty fun.

TJ Hawke is cruising Golden Gate Park in his sailor uniform and civilian Colby Knight lures him into a shelter for some kissing and groping, then they head back to Colby’s hotel. TJ wears his sailor hat while fucking Colby’s ass on the bed, then sits back in the chair while Colby goes for a ride. And the guys dirty talk their way to blowing their cum wads.

Tristan Jaxx heads off in full dress uniform to a theatre where a male stripper performs on stage. Kyle Pierce sees Tristan enters the theatre, and it’s not long before this civilian is on his knees nursing on sailor dick while Tristan watches the uniformed cop dancing on stage. And that cop is Josh Weston, who incidentally returned to porn in this movie after one of his retirements.

Tristan jumps up on stage and Kyle and Josh fight for his big dick. After they both take turns blowing Tristan, Kyle gets to ride it, and then while getting boned doggy style, Kyle fucks Josh with his police nightstick. And you’d think Tristan would spray his load all over Kyle’s cute butt, but he prefers Josh’s face. What a comeback!

The third scene was my favourite because it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Barrett Long’s giant, fat dick. Of course I didn’t see much of it here because it spent so much time buried in Dylan Saunders’ ass. I’m joking of course, we see plenty of Long’s meat while Dylan is on his knees going back and forth between Jose Enrique’s big cock and Barrett’s monster. Then while Barrett stuffs Dylan’s hole, Jose shoves his meat down Dylan’s throat to muffle the bottom’s yells.

Erik Rhodes and Jude Collin are out for a romantic walk in their full-dress uniforms, holding hands and overlooking San Francisco’s skyline. It’s still the era of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, so these navy men and lovers have booked into a hotel to do some horny catching up. I know I said Barrett Long’s session was my favourite, but these last two scenes run neck and neck. I had forgotten how big and fat Eric’s cock was and I loved watching it swinging in the air as he gets pounded doggy style. But the scene stealer is seeing Rhodes’ legs over his head with his white socked feet flailing in the air while Collin pounds the hell out of him.

“Fleet Week” is a good solid piece of suck-and-fuck action packed with horny sailors in and out of uniform. Watch it at NakedSword.

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Dieter’s Not A “Nasty Bastard” But He Is A Hot Fuck

I don’t normally like skinny guys, especially if they’re a little too close to twink. But while checking out the first pair of guys in “Nasty Bastards” something grabs a hold of me. I’m thinking of moving on to another movie, but I can’t stop watching these two. I don’t know why, so I linger to find out. (I don’t know their names, so I’ll call them Dieter and Toma.)

They’re both wearing over-sized jeans and t-shirts, Toma leans on a table and Dieter stands between his legs. They fondle and grope, but they don’t kiss. Toma slides Dieter’s pants down his slender hips and I start to see what my horny senses were anticipating: a close-trimmed dark bush, a growing rarity in these days of pubic shaving.

Toma kneels and Dieter gently rubs the back of his head while he sucks and cups Dieter’s smooth nuts. Then Toma slides Dieter’s foreskin up and down his shaft and each pull brings hood to Toma’s lips. Dieter has a tattoo in heavy Gothic text running along his arm from wrist to elbow. Toma stands and presses his cock against Dieter’s and strokes them together. They’re pretty evenly matched for now.

Dieter has a birthmark on his right buttock and his ass is meatier than Toma’s, but still slim. It’s his turn to squat, and like his buddy, he sucks and pumps Toma’s dick in his hand. It’s swells large, bigger than his own. Then Toma takes over with his hand and strokes it into Dieter’s mouth. I’m momentarily distracted by Toma’s ragged finger nails – he’s a biter – then I notice the moles scattered across his skinny torso. I like looking at them.

Suddenly we’re close up and seeing a big dick sliding into an ass. The bottom is lying back on the table and the top is standing. But who is getting fucked? The tease lasts for a couple of minutes, but it’s a good tease with that bare bone pumping in and out. Then finally, the camera pans out and Dieter is doing the fucking. I like his style, it’s slow and steady. He doesn’t rapid drill like most 20-somethings do. He’s not in a hurry, he’s enjoying feeling his dick in Toma’s smooth hole. And the bottom pants softly.

Toma flips over and leans across the table gripping the edges. Dieter’s cock looks much thicker now, but I think it’s an illusion – Toma’s ass looks tiny from this angle. Then Dieter is sitting in a chair and Toma sprays his chest with cum. As it dribbles down his smooth body, Dieter strokes his own dick and geysers up onto his belly with half a dozen blasts of jizz.

There are four scenes in “Nasty Bastards.” I don’t know that there’s anything particular nasty about the sex unless you think barebacking is dirty. The guys are a little rough around the edges, not the beauties we’re used to seeing from the big Czech porn companies, but they’re not ugly either. These are unpolished guys, a couple looking like bad boys, but they’re so very often the fun ones, aren’t they? Watch “Nasty Bastards” at NakedSword.

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Tongue-Flicking Euro Studs Fucking Down On The Farm

Have you ever noticed that Euro porn boys kiss funny? They all seem to stick out their tongues and wildly flick them against each other. I’ve often thought that I should go on a junket over to Prague and teach these Czech boys how to neck. Wouldn’t that be fun? Of course maybe it’s me who kisses funny, although I’ve been told I’m good at snogging.

“I Like It Raw” recently hit NakedSword and it features five scenes – four duos and a threeway – and all of them bareback. It’s hard for me to pick one scene because I love Eastern European guys a lot, so they all look pretty sexy to me. But I settle on the opening scene because a sturdy hunk stacking firewood outside this farm house caught my eye. He’s tall, well built, with dark hair and long legs.

His buddy comes out wearing nothing but underwear and sneakers offering a bottle of water followed by some fluttering tongue action. (All of the performers are unnamed, so I’m going to call the first guy Igor and the second in the underwear is Pavel.) And when Igor peels off his clothes, I’m happy with my choice of scenes. He’s got a beautiful body, strong and smooth except for a dark, untrimmed bush above his cock. His pubes drive me wild.

Pavel squats and swallows his buddy’s dick, which is already pretty hard, then after a few minutes, Pavel sits back on the wooden bench and Igor gives him some thank-you head. Pavel thrusts his dick up with quick, short jabs into Igor’s mouth before bending him over the railing. Pavel’s got a long one and Igor grunts through it and his own cock is still rock hard and bouncing slightly.

Pavel is mostly a slow and gentle fucker, but then quickens at the end and finally unloads his nuts all over Igor’s smooth ass. Fuck me! What a long cock and what a lot of cum. But Igor gets him back and drains his own very big load across Pavel’s face. And then it ends with, you guessed it, some cummy tongue flicking before we move onto the next couple of guys in scene two.

Once you’re done with “I Like It Raw,” I just noticed that there’s another DVD from the same producer called “Give It To Me Raw” featuring five more pairs of Euro boys fucking around that old farmhouse. Head to NakedSword and make it a double feature.

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If You Have A 9-Inch Cock, Never Ask A First-Time Bottom If He Wants To Sit On It

There are three really hot things about “Jeff’s First Time Bottom” from GayHoopla: Jeff has a rocking-hard body, Dmitry Dickov has a huge cock, and Dickov blows a tremendous wad – thick too – all over Jeff’s back when he’s done fucking him. Beyond that, I wasn’t thrilled.

When I saw “Jeff’s First Time Bottom” hit NakedSword this week I thought, “Why are they making a first timer take a nine-inch dick?” I don’t know how big my first cock was, but when the guy’s over-sized head popped into my hole, I saw stars and started screaming, “Take it out! Please, Take it out!”

Jeff gets down on all fours and hangs his ass off the edge of the couch and Dickov slides in the tip and keeps pushing. And after an inch or two, Jeff gasps and bucks forward. Tops, that’s a signal that you should ease up because the bottom needs a minute. But this is lost on Dmitry who keeps stuffing it in and Jeff clearly isn’t enjoying it. Finally after a minute or so, Jeff pants, “Give me a minute.”

He gets his minute, then Dmitry is back to squeezing his niner inside his buddy. There’s not a lot of cock-in-hole viewing here, but the couple of times the camera gave us a close-up, Dmitry wasn’t much more than a third or halfway in.

“Do you want to sit on it?” he asks. I wonder if Jeff is thinking, “No, I don’t want to sit on it, mother fucker. I want it to be over.” But he’s making a porn video so he rocks on Dmitry’s bone until the stud’s ready to blow, then Dmitry unloads massive thick pools of jizz all over Jeff’s back. It’s quite a sight.

I don’t mind watching straight guys fuck, if they know how to do it and convince me they’re having a good time. But I found the opening kissing and dick sucking mechanical and passionless. And Dmitry could have done a lot more to get Jeff revved up and ready to take his monster, like giving him a rimjob or fingering his hole. As a top it’s your responsibility to warm up your bottom. This bend-him-over-and-punch-it-in approach isn’t fun for the bottom, and it’s certainly not fun for us to watch a guy struggle for ten minutes while the top wiggles his cock head inside.

I enjoyed GayHoopla’s “5 Way Friends” a lot more and I reviewed that a few weeks back if you want to check it out. You can watch it and “Jeff’s First Time Bottom” at NakedSword.

Watch the full trailer after the jump!

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Throwing Punches And Eating Spunk

There are moments when I see a long-gone porn hunk and I think of the days when I used to hang on his every new scene. Ross Hurston is one of those men. He did the bulk of his filming in 2007 and 2008 and always looked best in a suit. He’s handsome and looks like he should be starring in a soap opera, not porn. He gives the camera good face, and when he talks, I swoon at the sexiness of his British accent, although I occasionally here a little Irish. I had a major crush on Hurston, and then he was gone.

Ross Hurston is on the cover on Alpha Male’s “Bulging Boxers,” which debuted at NakedSowrd this week, and his scene partner Jean Franko is alongside him wearing silky shorts and sporting boxing gloves. Hurston gets fucked in the opening scene by Marco De Brute, but I jumped to the last scene because Franko is another of my favourties, and unlike Hurston, he’s still making porn.

All of the four scenes in this movie take place in a boxing gym and this one opens with Ross holding a punching bag while Jean works it over with his gloved fists. Franko’s skin glistens and I imagine his musk scenting the air. When Ross comes around, Jean playfully taps Ross’s pecs with his boxing gloves, then he paws at Ross’ crotch and presses his gloves against the hunk’s hard-on.

We’re on the floor looking up as Hurston inches his banana curve into Franko and we stay there through the initial pumping. The hairy undersides of Franko’s thighs are an extra dose of testosterone. Then they move to the boxing ring and Jean hoists a foot up on the edge, Ross enters him again and continues plowing. I’m more used to seeing Franko top, so I’m turned on seeing how much he enjoys having a dick up his ass.

Would a boxing porn video be complete without the men cumming all over their gloves? No, absolutely not. Ross blows his wad first, then Jean drains his nuts into the gooey red glove. But they’re not done. Ross chows down on their jizz, scooping up every drop with his fingers and licking them clean. I don’t remember Hurston being so cum hungry. Hmmm … he’s got nearly 20 DVDs over at NakedSword and I’ve got a free weekend. I feel a Ross Hurston marathon coming on.

Ross Hurston bottoms for Marco De Brute in the first scene; Orlando Toro, Frank Philipp and Ben Statham follow with a threeway right in the boxing ring; the third scene has Jean Franko fucking Frank Philipp; and then Hurston tops Franko is the final scene. Watch “Bulging Boxers” at NakedSword.

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Prison gay porn

Welcome To The Dirtiest Prison In All Of France

Everyone knows what happens when fresh meat lands in jail. “Prison Mecs”, by French gay porn studio Menoboy, has just arrived at NakedSword and follows two guys who have just started their sentences at this French perverted prison. (FYI: “mec” means “guy” in French). But be forewarned, seeing all these horny young thugs could send you on a crime spree! This is one dirty place … and I don’t mean that it needs a janitor.

I wanted to check out the gang bang first, so I jumped to the second scene. These prisoners don’t wait for the new guy to drop the soap in the shower, they jump him in the courtyard. While four hold the struggling prisoner face down in the air, a fifth pulls down his pants and fucks him. (The performers are not credited, so let’s call him Pierre.) Pierre struggles and protests at first, but his hard-on betrays him and swings as he’s getting drilled.

Check out the rest of the review, plus a free hardcore clip from “Prison Mecs” after the jump.

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