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Here’s A Different Way To Get Through The Holidays

I’m not a fan of Christmas. All that false joy and commercialism makes me want to hide. So when I saw “Fucking Holidays 2″ in the line-up at NakedSword this week, it sounded like my kind of movie. Forget about the chestnuts and the open fire, I want to watch young guys playing with giant cocks.

The first scene features a tiny, blond guy trying his best to swallow a huge dick. It belongs to a dark-skinned Latin stud who is sitting back watching this cocksucker working his bone. He spreads his legs wide and holds this blow boy’s head and thrusts his dick up into his mouth. Hard. But this only gets him in the mood for fucking ass.

In the bedroom, Jose lies back on the bed and Marco straddles him and sits on his huge dick. Jose spends the next few minutes thrusting Marco’s hole. Then the scene flips and Marco is sitting on a different guy’s bone, let’s call him Nicholas. He’s drilling up into Marco’s ass just as hard, then Jose returns from wherever he was and the pair stuff their big dicks in Marco’s mouth and ass.

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Jim Kerouac And Nothing But

Jim Kerouac. You’ve got to love the guy’s cock – it’s big, deliciously thick, and sporting foreskin — and he loves using it on horny bottoms. If you like Kerouac, you’ll have him all to your self in the latest Bel Ami release called “Jim” that debuted last week at NakedSword. He’s joined by Kevin Warhol, Billy Cotton, Luke Hamill, and Florian Nemec.

Kevin and Jim are in the first scene. Seeing Warhol’s hand wrapped around Jim’s bone gives you a good idea how big the stud’s cock really is – or maybe Warhol just has small hands. Jim sits back and Kevin works his hard-on and the two do that tongue flicking thing that Eastern Euros think is kissing. After a few minutes of stroking, Jim’s cock explodes all over his ripped abs.

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Rocco Steele versus Jake Marshall – Who Is The Best Daddy?

I like daddies. And Nick Moretti’s “Raw Fuckin’ Heat” has two sexy daddies bookending this four-scene DVD. I can’t choose between Rocco Steele and Jake Marshall, they’re different kinds of daddies, each sexy in his own way, the only thing they share in common is that they’re tops – and good ones. So I have to watch both scenes.

Rocco Steele is fairly new to gay porn, he’s been at it for less than a year, but his 10×7 cock has very quickly become legendary. As the first scene opens, he kisses Aaron Slate, a young lad who is standing knee deep in the pool. I’m always interested to see how these cocksuckers do with Rocco’s monster cock, I have only seen a couple of guys who have been able to swallow very much of it. Most, like Aaron, uses their hands a lot and mainly suck Rocco’s cock head. But every so often Aaron gulps down nearly half of it.

The men head for a blanket on the grass and I’m really impressed when Rocco slides his dick into Aaron’s ass. The lad is down on all fours and he’s presenting his very furry butt to daddy who inches his cock head inside, then he just keeps on going until he’s balls deep. I wonder what dildo Aaron used to get ready for that. For the finale, Aaron rocks on Rocco’s dick until he unloads a pretty impressive load on daddy’s chest.

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3 Sicilian Newcomers, 5 Euro Studs, 2 Hours Of Horny Fun

“The Sicilian Connexxxion” debuted at NakedSword a couple of weeks back, at the same time I did my review of another Lucas Kazan filmed called “In His Dreams.” I promised to get back to it, so here we are. “The Sicilian Connexxxion” features five scenes, there are three duos – Dario Beck and Will Helm, Ettore Tosi and Lorenzo Arca, and Darius Ferdynand and Wagner Vittoria – and they’re separated by two solos featuring Salvatore Gorini and Samuele Mistro.

There’s not really a story here, but the video is filmed in Sicily and introduces us to three fresh Sicilian faces: Gorini and Mistro each doing their jack-off scenes and Lorenzo Arca bottoms for his lover, Ettore Tosi. And these lovers requested Kazan film them fucking bareback, as they do at home.

I took a full look at the Dario Beck and Will Helm scene, they’re both handsome and a couple of my favourites in the business. Helm is tres sexy and I could watch him all day. One of the things I liked about this scene was that it gave us some behind-the-scenes footage of their photo shoots and there was a bit of an interview.

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“Spread That Ass, Boy.”

If you’re paying a landscaper top dollar to work on your yard, you might as well get some head out of it, right? That’s what grey-haired daddy Steve Lucas thinks. He’s hauling a bag of soil and stops as he enters the yard and admires Kidd Manleigh, a dark-haired man with a goatee who is working his rake across the wood chips.

Steve puts down his bag of dirt, then moves in on Kidd. The landscaper rebuffs him at first, but Steve doesn’t stop. He pulls down the landscaper’s shorts and nuzzles his neck. Before you know it, Kidd is on his knees gulping daddy’s thick cock. He swallows it easily and doesn’t need any help, but Steve gets off holding his head and pushing his meat deeper down Kidd’s throat.

Kidd loves Steve’s cock and gives this daddy a full-service blowjob, always looking up to make sure Steve’s enjoying his mouth. Kidd’s the kind of cocksucker you want working your bone, so he’s quite hot to watch.

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“Sperm House” Is Packed With 11 Horny Uncut Guys

When the movie is called “Sperm House,” I’m curious; when the DVD box cover says “11 Hot Uncut Guys” I’m definitely interested. And when they turn out to be Eastern Europeans, I’m all over it with a fresh bottle of lube.

Dark-haired cutie Luke Taylor and blond David White are curled up together on the couch. Shaggy blond Denis Reed is sitting on the stairs at the end of the couch. They’re speaking Czech, so I have no idea what they’re saying, but judging by the body language and the playful looks shooting back and forth, I’m assuming Luke and David are lovers trying to negotiate whether they’re going to have a threesome with his sexy blond.

Denis joins them on the couch and sits on the back of it – the deal I sealed. The two lads move to either side and David unbuckles Denis’ belt, then the blond slides off his jeans. Luke swallows his dick while Luke sucks his nipple. Within about a minute, Denis is sporting a giant hard-on and the boys are getting excited.

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“I Can Feel Your Ass Clamping On My Cock.”

When “Slut Fuckers”opens, a beefy daddy named Nick Roberts is doing bicep curls in the gym and his huge snake slides very visibly down the front of his shorts. Marco Cruise is sitting on a bench nearby doing curls and says, “That’s a nice cock. I could swallow that whole thing.” Roberts throws his barbells on the floor and hauls out his dick. It’s fucking huge.

I just got home from the gym – sadly, this never happens to me. Maybe I’m not paying attention to the opportunities in front of me.

I have no idea how I have missed Nick Roberts. He’s a scruffy-faced daddy with thick body and he’s covered in fur. He’s right up my alley – or I’d like him to be. He’s got pierced nipples and he wears another ring in his navel. And then there’s that big honking piece of meat, or “fat fucking dick” as Marco Cruise calls it while he’s down on his knees.

And the sexiest thing about Roberts isn’t even his dick, it’s the fact that he’s a dirty talker, and good at it. While Marco is chowing down on his huge meat, Nick is urging him on, telling him how to swallow it, telling him how good his mouth feels, and warning him to mind his teeth. “Take your time on it,” Nick grunts, “Don’t hurt it. Or I’ll hurt your ass.” That sounds like an invitation, not a warning.

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“You Can Lick My Balls, But You Can’t Suck My Cock.”

How does a “completely straight” guy show up at a gay porn studio to jack his cock? And not just any gay porn studio, but the most notorious porn studio in the history of gay porn – Treasure Island Media. After Jasper did his solo jack-off scene, the TIM producer convinced him to come back for a “free play” session – just three guys sitting naked on the couch, no plans, no expectations. Jasper agreed because this is something “completely straight” guys do all the time. This session called “How to Tame a Stallion” and it’s the last scene on TIM’s “Bone Head 2″ that debuted on NakedSword a couple of weeks back.

Jasper agreed to let Cory and DJ touch his cock, and he said they could lick his balls, but he wouldn’t be comfortable having either of them sucking his cock. Um, okay. So it’s not too gay sitting naked on a couch with two nude dudes, it’s not too weird drinking beer and stroking your cocks, or watching these guys necking and blowing each other, and it’s okay if these guys touch your dick and suck your balls, but putting your dick in their mouth is where the line is?

Is it 2014 or did I accidentally fall into a time machine and get transported back to 1975?

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Why Aren’t Gay Creampies Called Glazed Donuts?

Corbin Fisher‘s “Collegiate Creampies” gives us a look at four of their popular pairings from a while back. But before I get into the DVD, indulge me as I rant about one of my gay porn pet peeves — creampies. Why do we call them creampies? It’s a cast off from straight porn where a woman’s vagina is referred to as pie, but men don’t have pies, they have holes, don’t they? Just wondering why we don’t call butt hole cumshots “glazed donuts.” It seems more appropriate, doesn’t it? Okay, enough ranting.

Aiden is one of my all-time favourite studs over at Corbin Fisher. He’s a cute muscle hunk and he’s packing a pretty big dick. When his scene opens, Aiden is kissing Chase. The blond looks sexy with his jar-head haircut. The guys kiss and pull off their shirts, then Chase nibbles Aiden’s nipples. And this drives the dark-head hunk nuts.

The guys continue the strip tease and do some frottage in their underwear. Then Chase stands and shoves his hard-on in Aiden’s face. Aiden jacks his dick while he chows down on Chase, but I’m really interested to see how this blond does with Aiden’s big dick. He holds Aiden’s hard-on and swirls his mouth around it.

He never really swallows more than half of it, but Aiden likes it. The rimming 69 is way fucking sexier. Chase climbs on top and shoves his butt in Aiden’s face and tongue flicks his buddy’s hole while Aiden pants and slathers the blond’s rosebud.

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“The Horseman” Is Like Brokeback Mountain But With Actual Cock In Bum Shots

If you like a story with your porn – a good story – you’ll want to check out “The Horseman” from Rock Candy Films. It’s the story of a married man named Joe Loughlin (played by Logan Vaughn) struggling with his secret desire for men. He leaves the law firm in the big city and moves to the country with his wife to start a new life on a ranch the couple bought. The problem is that the farm comes with a ranch hand named Jake (Tommy Defendi) and he likes men; he’s also got an eye for Joe and gets his feelings stirring harder than ever.

“The Horseman” is a long movie at almost two and half hours, but the story is believable and the acting is decent. Along with Defendi and Vaughn, the movie stars Chase Young, Duncan Black, Boston Miles, Dylan Hauser, with Samantha Ryan and Dana Dearmond playing the roles of Joe’s wife and sister-in-law.

I don’t want to give away the story because it I enjoyed watching it unfold, but it’s not hard to see by the DVD cover that Joe and Jake end up in each other’s arms, well actually, they end up in Joe and Terri’s bed while she’s off taking her sister to the airport.

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Big Muscle Guys Pounding Slim Bottoms

I have a huge fetish for Eastern European men, I think I’ve mentioned that before. Out of all the places in the world, just drop me in the middle of the Czech Republic and I’d be a happy man. Actually, I’d probably prefer Hungary where all the men seem to have huge, thick cocks, but anywhere between Russia and Germany would be fine.

Tomas Skala is a massive Czech hunk and he’s one of the more familiar faces in Eastern European porn. But you’ll be hard pressed to remember his name because he’s filmed under about six different aliases. I don’t know why, but the Eastern European studios seem to prefer their performers work under unique names, so it’s hard to keep track of them all.

I don’t know Petr Kolousek, but he’s also Czech. He’s a cute, slender guy and sports a pretty decent-sized dick. After some necking on the couch, the two head for the shower where they rub lather over each other and play with their soapy cocks. This sequence gives us a full appreciation for how massive Tomas is compared to Petr. It’s like David and Goliath except with more nudity and hard cocks.

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Hung Euro-Studs, New On NakedSword!

Have a thing for hung Euro-Studs? NakedSword just uploaded 2 hot movies from Eurocreme that are sure to satisfy your cravings! “Hung Ladz: Ripped” and “Stretch That Hole” feature some of the hottest Europeans fucking and sucking on some huge European meat! Watch two free trailers after the jump!

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Bruno Bondi and Dario Beck Are Definitely In My Dreams

When I was a young lad growing up, I lived in a working-class neighborhood, and every day after school, I watched the Italian and Portuguese construction workers arriving home after a sweaty day’s work. I had no idea what “gay” was. All I knew was that I looked forward to my afternoon ritual of watching these dark-haired and olive-skinned men carrying their lunch pales past my home.

So it’s a no brainer that Lucas Kazan’s “In His Dreams” caught my eye when it was released on NakedSword this week. In fact I did a double take because it arrived right after another Kazan film called “The Sicilian Connexxxion,” which I’m going to check out over the weekend.

But I’ve really got a hard-on for sexy, Italian hunk Bruno Bondi and since I haven’t seen him fucking Spanish hunk Dario Beck, I watched “In His Dreams” first. It opens with Bondi lying naked on his bed, he’s on his belly and giving us a view of his beautiful fuzzy ass while he sleeps. He’s dreaming of a horny fuck session he had with Dario Beck.

This is a two-part video, and while we catch glimpses of Bondi fucking Beck, this first part is all blowjob action. I’m not complaining, because both men are superb cocksuckers. Dario sits on the stairs in this rustic Italian villa and gulps Bondi’s dick, which is thick and with a plump head. Bondi holds the back of Beck’s head and face fucks him, all the while groaning, “Si, si …”

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“I’ve Heard That My Cock Is Bigger Than Yours.”

When a DVD has a title like “Huge,” a guy’s just got to check it out, right? Especially when it carries the tagline: 12 Biggest Dicks Ever in BelAmi. It’s a 2-disc DVD and the first part just went live on NakedSword. I only recognized two names in the cast – Manuel Rios and Trevor Yates – but I have to admit I know more Bel Ami faces than names.

The first scene called “French Kiss” opens with Paul Valery saying that he’s heard Ralph Woods’ cock is as big as his. “I’ve heard the opposite,” Ralph says, “That mine is a little bigger than yours.” They head to the bedroom and Ralph measures Paul’s monster with his mouth. Then the guys sit back and do a little sword fighting and compare. They finally agree that Ralph has the longer cock, but Paul’s is thicker. And then Paul shows Ralph why getting fucked with a thick one is better.

“Some Like It Big” features geeky blond Trevor Yates and his giant cock. In his most memorable scene with BelAmi – “Scandal in the Vatican,” also playing at NakedSword – Yates plays a priest surrounded by a gaggle of boys servicing his dick. In this scene, Manuel Rios has Trevor’s ginormous meat all to himself. Manuel wraps both fists up the length of it and there’s still leftovers. And when it comes to fucking, Manuel takes the whole thing between his furry cheeks – he drives me nuts with his moaning and dirty talking in Czech.

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Titch Jones’ Three-Pump Self Facial Steals The Show in “Hung Boys”

I remember reading in a Matt Hughes interview once where he said that he didn’t usually get very good head. Hugh and his 11-inch cock broke onto the gay porn scene around 2008 and we were all gobsmacked at the size of this British lad’s meat. But Hughes confirmed what many of us already knew – few and far between are the cocksuckers who can take care of a really big dick.

Matt Hughes and his mighty meat are back in this Eurocreme compilation called “Hung Boys” and it features 23 Euro boys in seven ass-stretching scenes. And it includes Steven Prior, who is not only big, but thick, and Titch Jones, whose cock is as big as a baby’s arm. So if you like them huge, “Hung Boys” delivers some monster penises.

I checked out the Matt Hughes scene because it had been a while since I have seen him, I don’t think he’s filmed since 2012. Jak Williams is on his knees under a palm tree giving Hughes head, or trying to. It’s one of those just-the-tip sessions that Hughes likely complained about in his interview. Nathan Cox stumbles along and watches the two until he’s invited to join in. He takes over sucking duty and handles Matt’s meat better, but only just barely. He ends up just being the fluffer to get Hughes dick ready for Jak’s ass, which is much better at taking 11-inch cocks than his mouth. It’s marvelous.

And I couldn’t resist taking a peek at the Titch Jones scene. After trying and trying to suck Titch’s monster, Damien Esco opts to sit on it. He gets a good bit of it in his ass, but that last third is going to take some wiggling. He rests is head on Titch’s chest and moans while rocking back and forth on this humongous tool.

Even when Titch takes over and puts the lad on his back, he doesn’t manage to get much more that two thirds of his gargantuan bone inside Damien. Right near the end, when Damien is ready to blow his wad, his hole seems to relax and Titch shoves it in deep and makes Damien cum on his belly, and then it’s over.

But it’s not really over until monster cock cums, and boy oh boy, does Titch deliver an exciting blast. The first massive squirt leaps out of his cock and splash across his face, so does the second, and the third. Unbelievable. Three forceful jets on his own face, then one “weaker” squirt onto his chest and he’s empty. One of the most memorable loads I’ve ever seen. Titch Jones has four more movies in NakedSword, so I’ve got to an assignment for the weekend – seeing how many more times this lad cums on his face.

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