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Does Kevin Federline Have A Future in Porn?


Or does Leo Giamani just have a redneck fetish? In a recent Randy Blue post, someone who talks suspiciously like K-Fed and who calls himself Kevin gets to rim, suck and fuck Giamani. I’m gagging. Of course, it’s not K-Fed, just someone who felt that the young-Todd-Palin-niche needed filling.

I have a Pavlovian response to Leo Giamani, and find him to be god in human form, so it astounds me that his standards are going lower than a limbo bar. We’ve all got our types, I suppose; perhaps Giamani just likes men with goatees. Or money. Worked for Jake Cruise, certainly. Gotta hand it too him, though: the man seems to enjoy his work!


Leo Lets It Grow

Leo & Kevin (
— Mike

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26 Responses to “Does Kevin Federline Have A Future in Porn?”

  1. Tra-La-La says:

    Falcon announced on their blog that Leo has done a scene with Erik Rhodes, HOT! On Roman Heart’s latest web-show he said he’ll be doing a scene with Leo too. I LOVE my Falcon guys and I LOVE Leo so I can’t wait!

  2. Chicagoman says:

    I think the guy is hot – not white trash. they are both hot. They look like real men – not blow dried, hair dyed models.

    I want to see it!

  3. Harvey says:

    Meh, he’s not that bad, actually. Anything but Jake Cruise is fine. But damn, I can’t even begin to explain how dreamy Leo is. And to see him get fucked like that… mmmmmh.

  4. Cris says:

    I guess it takes all kinds, cuz I don’t see the attraction in Leo, but I think Kevin is f’ing hot!! Yeah, the K-Fed thing looks to be a bit designed and intended, but the more I see of him the hotter he gets. Guess it takes people of all kinds that have all different tastes right?

  5. blaze says:

    Leo will go and Kevin will stay. Besides if you like Leo so much, rent him he’s an escort now on, talk about K-fed

  6. Rich says:

    Both these guys are dream material. K-Fed wishes he looked that good.

  7. Eric says:

    Now this is good. He’s not one of those cookie cutter frat boy muscle bound models, but a real guy. The kind you might meet in some dark bar late one night after a few too many. You go somewhere private together and turn the lights on to find, while he’s no adonis, he is cute in that kind of way and either has a huge cock a tight ass or is one of the best cock suckers or fucks you’ve ever had. Yea baby!!!!

  8. Jay says:

    Oh come one Mike, he is fine, definitely way better than the many twinks/gym queens this site features. I think your love for Leo is messing with your judgment…

  9. Pete says:

    Kevin is really a handsome guy with a great bod. I don’t understand your problem with him. He also is terrific in this clip, really enjoying his time with the gorgeous Leo. It’s a hot pairing in my book. Who is Kevin Federline?

  10. scott says:

    He is just ok. No match to Leo. In real life, hot fuckers like leo don’t fuck guys like these, unless they get paid for it!!!!

  11. alex says:

    If it’s true that Leo Giamani will be filming with Falcon, it just proves that the Falcon brand is continuing on it’s demise. There was a time when the brand stood for someone. Apparently now they will let bareback performers infect their models. What a sad day.

  12. hairycheststud says:

    “…so it astounds me that his [Leo Giamani’s] standards are going lower than a limbo bar.”

    What? Kevin is hot. Muscular. Thick muscled bod. Likes to kis. Nice cock. What’s the problem here?

    That promises to be a great scene.

  13. Anonymous says:

    They are both fine, fine men.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Euhmm..well it’s not like K-fed is actually porn star build. He’s got rather obese recently:

  15. Jeroen says:

    This was such an incredibly rude post to “Kevin.” And how the fuck can the guy talk like K-fed if he is Norwegian and has a very thick accent?! The guy may have some resemble to Britney’s ex, but he is fucking hot. You, Mike, are an ugly, blind moron.

  16. Cranky says:

    That’s not Federline – no ghetto tattoos and he sounds literate.

    Pa pa zow!

  17. Ben says:

    Give me Kevin anyday , hot as hell! There is something about him that oozes sex!

  18. Altro-Ego says:

    “Kevin” is hot but Giamani? Yet i have to admit he’s getting better looking and more gay:):):):)

  19. Mark says:

    Holy Christ, Kevin is hotter than 95% of the men in gay porn. You are out of your friggin’ mind!

  20. Joshua says:

    In all of his shoots for Randy Blue, the very hot Kevin has been playful, horny and determined to show he is having a good time and is happy to be there. The same can’t be said for (the equally hot) Leo. Why you should devote an entire post insulting Kevin for having a vague similarity to Britney Spear’s ex when he seems like such a nice guy is beyond me.

  21. jboy says:

    Both guys are smokin hot. Leo is a hunk and I love Kevin’s look. Two gorgeous men. I also think K-Fed is hot. I like those kinds of facial features and also facial hair.

  22. el cid says:

    giamani, atlas all guys to get rid of asap, this ‘kevin’ guy though looks like the real thing for porn

  23. Javier says:

    Kevin is blazin hot, much hotter than Leo. Kevin is a real masculine man.

  24. hmm says:

    Does anyone know Leo’s real name?

  25. wantsit says:

    I’d let them both tag team on me anyday. Well my hole won’t ever be the same but it would be worth it!

  26. adolfo merino says:

    no es kevin federline el de britney spears por que el del video aunque esta muy bueno y guapo no tiene tatuajes como el que conocemos :(

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