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Vintage Gay Star Jon King

It’s a shame that in a blink of an eye I can pull up about three thousand photos of yesterday’s twink, but if I want a dirty photo of a gorgeous Jon King, I’m limited to a small handful. The creationists would have you believe the world has only been around for 5,000 years; the internet would have you believe the world began in 1996.

TheRandy Blue 70s-themed gay porn shoot last week got me thinking about King, who starred in about three dozen movies for Catalina and Falcon in the 80s. The kid looks he’s got a fake mustache, but I STILL FUCKING MELT every time I look at his Bambi eyes. Sure, his hair is equal parts Joyce DeWitt and Jane Velez-Mitchell, but I expect we’ll be seeing it in Williamsburg and the Mission soon enough.


I’m off to hunt down dirty magazines on Polk Street. In the meantime, enjoy a little bit of Jon after the jump …


The Best of Jon King
(via NakedSword)

If anyone’s got some better photos, or hardcore gay shots that aren’t teensy thumbnails, let me know so I can post them.


The Gay 70s: Randy Blue Gets Saved By the Bellbottoms

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  1. Steve B says:

    Does anyone know what happened to him? Is he still living? If so i would love to see a picture of him now.

    • Butch says:

      Alas, Jon has fallen victim to HIV and has passed away like so many in demand Porn Male Stars from the 80’s. I too would cream my jeans everytime I would see a pic of him or a video with him as a star. I would have considered giving up all I had just to have him as my better half.

  2. James says:

    Here is what I loved about King. He always gave a great performance. When he got fucked it always looked like it was first.

  3. Casey says:

    Jon King was rightfully a legend. He puts every single performer on Randy Blue to shame!

  4. Mike says:

    Jon died of AIDS in 1995.

  5. Vic says:

    Gay porn star Jon King With his floppy dark hair and stash, Jon King was one of the biggest stars and bottoms of 1980s gay porn and cropped up in many William Higgins movies. He was discovered by Catalina at a car wash in LA. His legions of fans were overjoyed at his return in These Bases are Loaded 2, still looking as cute as ever. Born in 1963 in Florida, he was jailed during his career for stealing and wrecking a car. He attended culinary school in Atlanta and then worked as a chef after retiring from porn. He died in 1995 from AIDS complications in New Mexico.


    • Pete says:

      Hey, thanks for the update on John King. God I just couldn’t get enough him back in the 80’s . Sooooo hot. Such a shame that he was another gay man who has been taken by the virus. Be well.

  6. tim says:

    Oh yes I do remember him as person Jon King. He is still the best performance and always remember him. To be honest you can’t compare today infamous actors porn not even Steve Cruz.

  7. Rexedward says:

    Thanks for the memories. He indeed is one of the hottest performers ever in the industry. You could feel every moment of heat and ecstasy Jon felt in every scene.

  8. FYI says:

    Colt recently released a previously un-released scene with Jon King, in a movie called Man To Man Heat 2. He is with Rocco Rizzoli.

  9. Billy says:

    If you’re into cum-eating then please check out my blog. There’s no profit or anything in it for me; I just want to share my tales with fellow cum lovers.

  10. Brian says:

    Oh god, when I saw this the first thing I thought was: When will the ironic hipster mustache trend DIE? I can’t imagine life in the 80s (sorry; born in 87 here) where mustaches weren’t even ironic…they were just…cool. Then again, so were mullets. D:

  11. Al says:

    Jon King is about the hottest bottom ever – watch Screenplay and see him take it from Lee Ryder

  12. Cntryby8 says:

    Speaking of Vintage Porn Stars – Loved Jon King too – I’ve been searching for anything to do with Daryl ROGER Hanson. Would love to tap into some of his video clips as well as pictures. He died in ’82 (car wreck). Miss him a lot.

  13. Mike says:

    Brian, you keep saying “ironic” in your post. Are you by chance trying to say “iconic”. Trust me, there was nothing “ironic” about Jon’s stache, but it was indeed very “iconic” (and mui caliente I might add).

  14. Some of these guys look better than the guys now a days!

  15. Michael says:

    I happened to be looking for Jon King’s date of death and I came across this for which I was quite glad – for many reasons. I, myself have been collecting as many magazines, brochures, and pictures of Jon King as I can find. I have three lists created – one list is of magazines of which I have and don’t have, pictures – mainly of which I have except for one I know I don’t have, and brochures of some of the films Jon King was in. I would be happy to send anyone here a copy of one or three of those lists. The third list is the films that Jon King did and my list has 29 – but I don’t include the compilations in my list – why get something twice when one already has it? I would love to hear from people who knew Jon King – NOT liars – I heard from one liar a while back – it took me a while to realize that the man was lying but one meets all kinds online. Email me – and I’ll send you whatever list – or all three lists I have.
    Thanks! and Happy VD to all…Mike

  16. Dewey says:

    And, Brian, if you hate the ‘ironic’ mustache of the 80s so much (born 70 here), there are plenty of sites with modern shaved tattooed pierced and bedazzeled fake plastic Hollywood boys for ya! Check ‘em out!

  17. BlogShag says:

    Jon was and still is one of my own time favorites. He was uber-hot and he wasn’t fake or just going through the motions which is most of what you see today- a bunch of fake bullshit. He also didn’t have that artificially steroided and worked out body. His muscles looked well proportioned and rounded nicedly by nature. I’ve caught myself staring at his photos for long periods of time. He was very attractive. Too bad he was used by the industry and didn’t get the lucrative contracts that Jeff Stryker or Jeff Palmer did

  18. Brian says:

    I met John in Atlanta years ago, we spent sometime togeather, he was a real nice guy. We talked a few times on the phone, i never saw him again but i will always remember his great smile. Brian CT.

  19. Lou says:

    I remember watching Jon King when I was much younger in the early 1980’s and always fantasized that he would make the perfect boyfriend. His beautiful eyes, moustache, sexy manner and luscious bush were an automatic turn on. I love him for all great moments on film he provided and am very sad is not with us today. I miss him deeply.

  20. Butch says:

    I sure am glad Jon left his Body au natural and did not trim his body hair like the guys do today. I just don’t understand why a guy would want to shave his body to remove what was given to Him. Jon’s bush always got me going as I always wanted to bury my nose . . . . .

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