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Underwear Bulge Fetish: Aybars


Long before I knew him as Aybars, Raging Stallion’s breakout star and all around Turkish delight, I knew Aybar as That Guy on DudesNude With the Huge Bulge Pics (above). So when Raging Stallion director Chris Ward sent me over a picture of Aybars with longer hair (after the jump but with his fat Middle Eastern bulge looking better than ever), I had to post it. It’s rare that NOT seeing a guys cock can be so hot.

Aybars has only been in a handful of scenes so far — with Conner Habib and Steve Cruz — but with the second part of Tales of Arabian Nights debuting this coming week, now seems like as good a time as any to revel in his bulging glory.


Aybars Solo (via Raging Stallion’s
Aybars and Conner Habib (via Raging Stallion’s
Tales of the Arabian Nights (via


Meet the Meat: Aybars
Sneak Peak: Tales of the Arabian Nights

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16 Responses to “Underwear Bulge Fetish: Aybars”

  1. alex says:

    oh my god. this looks big.
    i love it.

  2. John says:

    He reminds me of Al Parker. Very sexy!

  3. Bigdixx says:

    Yeah, looks big. (when it’s packed up, but once let loose……)


    A squirrel is bigger

  4. Anonymous says:

    looks more like charles manson w/ elephantitis

  5. rob says:

    I love Aybar; he is smoking hot.

  6. jeque says:

    ok muy bueno

  7. Bosco says:

    I’d have to re-evaluate after a haircut & a shave… I agree he looks to Charles Manson right now.

  8. Fred says:

    sorry to be a dissenting voice but aybar really does me NOTHING, ordinary looks, and this bulge could belong to anyone i guess

  9. tom says:

    Is he a vacuum pumper like Al Parker?
    He has that vacuum pumper bulge. HOT!

  10. HansNL says:

    Don’t like guys with long hair. With short hair I would probably call him smoking hot as well!

    • Donald says:

      I agree you with you there. I generally do not find long hair attractive on men. Beards and moustaches yes!! He has since cut his hair short and he’s smoking hot. He’s made film with Cazzo Films.

  11. Michael says:

    Guys with long hair = disgusting

  12. Mark F. says:

    Get a haircut, and wear a full but trimmed beard. No goatee.

  13. raul says:

    I love gay men but what a bunch of prissy we can be sometimes.

    The guy has long hair and a beard. WOW!

    By some of these queens standards Jesus would to have had a tan and wax before a they would listen what he had to say.

    Lighten your grips on the wheel men.

  14. Anonymous says:

    that thing looks huge

  15. Anonymous says:

    Aybars is one hot fucker. Love it when he is “packaged up” and when he is “free.” bring it on, you hot hairy man.

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