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Roman Ragazzi in the Serbian woods, right before his first hardcore scene. Image courtesy Collin O'Neal


Although director Collin O’Neal has since retired from gay porn and no longer runs World of Men (which he sold last year), I reached out to him about his relationship with Roman Ragazzi, how they met, and what it was like to work with him.

RIP, gay porn star Roman Ragazzi


Words fail. Roman Ragazzi. RIP.    


Horrible, shocking news began circulating Twitter and Facebook today that gay porn legend Roman Ragazzi, aged 38, took his own life on Saturday, February 25th Thursday night. UPDATE: Dror’s boyfriend has confirmed the sad news and asks that people be respectful.

Gay Uncut Meat: Argentina’s Lucas Gabo

In the tradition of hairy muscle studs like Roman Ragazzi and Alex Baressi, we present Argentina’s Lucas Gabo who, as we speak, is probably on a dance floor at a foam party in Ibiza being penetrated by both Damian Crosse an Francesco D’Macho. More after the jump …


Eating Fat Italian Cock Brings You Luck in the New Year, Supposedly

For the New Year, I resolved to look at more a inscrutable foreigners with fat cocks. Luckily, I’m in Argentina, but if I weren’t, I think I’d end up staring at Lukas Kazan’s newest find, Thiago, until 2011. He’s like Roman Ragazzi, if Roman Ragazzi were Italian, or Marco Blaze if Marco Blaze didn’t shave […]


“Home Bodies”: When Bottoms Top (and Tops Bottom)

Somehow it’s way more shocking that Roman Ragazzi is topping in Home Bodies than to learn he’s popping Damien Crosse’s cherry. Damien on the bottom I can deal with … you can practically hear his hole asking to be abused and he even jokingly refers to himself as big bottom in a recent blog post. […]

GayPornTube: 4th Floor Trailer

Just released from Raging Stallion is 4th Floor, the newest feature directed by Ben Leon, hot on the heels of his GayVN/Grabby sweep for Grunts. With four vignettes all taking place in an industrial building, each scene revolves around a visual cue (cops and robbers, a chase, a non-stop elevator ride) that contributes a bit […]

2007 Folsom Street Photo Round Up

A massive hangover courtesy of the Raging Stallion party (where Steve Cruz and Roman Ragazzi were named co-Men Of The Year) prevented me from attending the actual Folsom Street Fair this year, but had I known Barrett Long and Pierre Fitch were in attendance (proof of Folsom’s widening influence), i might have actually made it […]



Roman Ragazzi may be one of a fast rising star in gay porn, but in Raging Stallion’s Tailpipes, he’s on another race to the bottom. Remy Delaine is the lucky son-of-a-gun and he digs in with relish. With nine plus inches teasing fans, it seems a shame that the burly former diplomat hasn’t taken mount […]


GAY PORN NEWS: Roman Ragazzi Scandal Unfolds

It’s obviously naive to think if you do porn there won’t be certain consequences; if you’re, say, an elementary school teacher or (in the case of Roman Ragazzi, in politics), you are going to lose your job if and when people find out you fuck men on camera for money. What I found bizarre about […]

Gay Porn Star Roman Ragazzi on NakedSword

Gay Porn Scandal: Roman Ragazzi Revealed!

Roman Ragazzi, we hardly knew you! We posted photos of him last month and though he seemed, well, too good to be true … and everyone seemed to agree. People have been going ga-ga over the stud and this morning the New York Post is reporting that the Raging Stallion Exclusive is also an Israeli […]

Gay Porn Star: Roman Ragazzi Signs With Raging Stallion

In these conservative Dark Ages, the flame of the Renaissance may seem stuck on a permanent sputter. But as in the past medieval gave way to a resurgent focus on beauty, intellect and vigorous debate, we can perhaps hope that the previous decade’s gay porn focus on toothy orange models with spiky blond hair and […]

Gay Porn Babylon: GayVN Red Carpet Round Up

This was the first year that the GayVN Awards were held last weekend in San Francisco and for weeks the city was abuzz with one crucial question: What does one wear to the Gay Porn Oscars? (Cue the International Male hotline.) As a public service (or is it a cautionary tale?), we present some of […]

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