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Gay Porn Before & After: Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Jordan was an adorable ubertwink power-bottom who starred in a number of Falcon and Jocks movies in the first-half of the decade. So what’s this angel to now?

Mustang Takes Chris Porter to the “Depths of Desire”

Poor Chris Porter! He’s got tied up to a Saint Andrew’s cross and fucked by massive-cocked Girth Brooks and Tristan Jaxx in Mustang’s newest Depths of Desire, which you can watch now on FalconXXX. I hope he’s OK, you guys! More pics after the jump …

Guess the Gay Porn Star: Glory Hole Edition

How well do you know your gay porn stars? If any of you gay cock-hounds can identify the owner of the lonely cock that Nash Lawler is slurping in the new Mustang feature, I’ll pierce my ear with a diamond and oil-wrestle you for top. Think you know who’s behind hole number one? The answer, […]

Gay Porn Stars: They Grow Up So Fast

Here’s a fetching picture of Erik Rhodes the director looking all mature on the set of his upcoming directorial debut Rhodes’ Rules for Mustang: But just because he’s making the transition to director doesn’t mean he’s done performing in front of the camera just yet. Below, some snaps of Erik fucking reality-star turned porn star […]

‘The Hunted’ Star Robert Van Damme Arrested

Muscular gay porn star Robert Van Damme was arrested May 20 and faces trial on May 27 in Southern California on domestic violence charges stemming from an altercation with his wife, with whom he started RVD Productions in 2009. Van Damme, 40, was a professional hockey player and amateur bodybuilder in the Czech Republic, where […]

My Favorite Mexican: Alessio Romero

In honor of Mexico City’s implementation of a gay marriage law yesterday, a few pictures of the Mexican I wouldn’t mind taking down the aisle: Alessio Romero. I met him on his first shoot, on the set of

Samuel Colt Named Man of the Year

Mustang Exclusive Samuel Colt was named Unzipped/Men Magazine’s Man of the Year. Poor Samuel, who once promised a free blow job for every vote, is going to have a helluva sore jaw. More Samuel Colt: VIDEO: Samuel Colt and Adam Killian in Rhodes Rules (via Falcon) VIDEO: Samuel Colt and Steve Trevor in Darkroom, (via […]

Adrenaline’s Alexsander Freitas Makes Life Worth Living

Adrenaline is a new release from Mustang Studios and there are a lot of things I could mention which make this film stand out: Dominic Pacifico (aka DJ Porn Stars) composed the music. My dear friend Rob Romoni is in it, and it’s one of his first movies years. The rest of the cast is […]

Gay Porn Sneak Peek: Samuel Colt and Alessio Romero

Falcon Studios has put up an free advance clip from Mustang’s Green Door with newcomers Alessio Romero and Samuel Colt. It was the first scene for both of them, and while the rest of the cast was slapping each other’s asses and demanding that Nash Lawler surrender the pink, Alessio and Samuel hung back and […]

Gay Balls of Fire: Tony Aziz Shows Us His Nuts

Visually, I find nuts really fascinating. The penis is fairly predictable in its actions: it goes up and down like clockwork. Balls are more of a mood ring, changing by the minute. When I was on the set of Mustang’s Dirty!, I spent a fair amount with in licking distance of newcomer Tony Aziz and […]

Leo Giamani: Gay Porn Cover Star

Good to know that Falcon is every bit as creepily obsessed with Leo Giamani as I am … they’ve put him on the cover of two upcoming releases: Click for bigger version They’re pimping him out on all their brands: In addition to Mustang and Falcon, he’s appeared in two scenes for Falcon Str8Men (Leo […]

Money Can Buy You Gay Love, But Not Diesel Washington’s Ass

Diesel Washington and his multiple multiple personalities are never ending source of amusement to (and masturbation material for) us. So we were shocked to find in this latest Sword dispatch from the set of Mustang’s Red Light, that we should stop fantasizing about eating his amazing ass, because evidently we’re going to get slapped with […]

Gay Porn Sneak Peak: Mustang’s RED LIGHT

Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo are at it again with the second venture onto the color wheel. Red Light, the follow up to the just-released Blue Movie, takes a hard look at the rough world of escorting. Appropriately enough, it stars one of our favorite hookers, the ever-perverted and not-really-as-mean-as-you’d-think Diesel Washington. Diesel even invented […]

Falcon’s ‘Blue Movie’ Turns Out To Be A Bit Yellow

I’ve gotten hit with many things on sets — lube, stray propositions, rocks — but Falcon’s Blue Movie was like standing at the base of Niagara Falls. Every corner I turned, someone was pissing on someone else, or themselves, or my pant leg. Splish splash! The Bellagio Fountain of the whole matter was a scene […]

Blue Movie Gets Busted, But Thankfully Not Before Our Nut Did

It looks like someone doesn’t want Falcon shooting in LA. First, a suspicious police bust ended their shoot at a well-known porn soundstage in San Fernando Valley, then the crew came back to their hotels to find their cars spray painted. All of this could be a coincidence, of course, but with the bad blood […]

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