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Thug Xavi Rides Staghomme’s Party Bus

Spain’s financial crisis maybe Staghomme’s success — Damien and Francesco continue to mine the country’s abundant natural resources. After blowing thirty anonymous straight men, the world’s sexiest married couple is cleaning up the streets with their Thugs in Public series. Take Xavi. Damien Crosse certainly did. Just glad to see the boys haven’t given up […]

Bel Ami’s Outrageously Beautiful Busby Berkeley Dreams

Perhaps it was Lukas’ Story that imprinted on my young brain a fascination with legendary Bel Ami orgies … or perhaps I’m just a hot-blooded gay man. I caught this trailer for one of the Personal Trainers movies on the Bel Ami site this weekend (it’s playing free on the homepage for those without a […]

Gay Movie Sets: Falcon’s Dripping Wet 2

Falcon megastar Erik Rhodes is training to be a director for the porn studio, and based on the hilarious behind-the-scenes clip above (via The Sword, we’re cheering him on. Fans that I talk to generally assume that studio porn sets are either orgies or staid and mechanical factories. Erik captures the fun side of a […]

Gay Porn Sneak Peek: Samuel Colt and Alessio Romero

Falcon Studios has put up an free advance clip from Mustang’s Green Door with newcomers Alessio Romero and Samuel Colt. It was the first scene for both of them, and while the rest of the cast was slapping each other’s asses and demanding that Nash Lawler surrender the pink, Alessio and Samuel hung back and […]

Gay Balls of Fire: Tony Aziz Shows Us His Nuts

Visually, I find nuts really fascinating. The penis is fairly predictable in its actions: it goes up and down like clockwork. Balls are more of a mood ring, changing by the minute. When I was on the set of Mustang’s Dirty!, I spent a fair amount with in licking distance of newcomer Tony Aziz and […]

Gay Porn Heritage: Raging Stallion’s Port of Entry Mines Genet

R.W. Fassbinder’s Querelle has inspired almost as many porn movies as Brokeback Mountain. The latest — Raging Stallion’s Port of Entry — features soap star David Taylor, Logan McCree, Tristan Jaxx, and a crew of horny, hot dock rats. Hot! Anyone remember the movie that takes its cue from this classic? – Mike

Gay Movie Set: Raging Stallion’s The Trap

I stopped by the set of the Raging Stallion porn The Trap and was confronted with a masked dog-man who knew evidently knew me. I was a little thrown and looked around for clues: he was lean and furry, but who isn’t? “It’s RJ,” RJ Danvers said, and he was immediately joined by nude-y cutie […]

Gay Sex Set: Mustang’s Dirty! Shows Love in an Airstream

Actually, most of the love bites on the set of Mustang Studios new porn, Dirty! came from mosquitos. Above, Race Cooper de-bugs the set where he’s spent the day fucking Ty LeBeouf. After the jump, he moves on to the action.

Gay News: Steven Scarborough’s Lifetime Achievement at the Grabbys

Normally we stick to just the flesh, man. But after all the Grabbys hubbub died down, one thing stood out: Hot House prez Steven Scarborough’s acceptance speech for his Lifetime Achievement Award. Not only is he charming and handsome (above in the grey shirt), he also was incredibly important in the development of the modern […]

The Gay Sex Set: Logan McCree is A Gay Alien

But we sort of knew that already, didn’t we? From the set of Raging Stallion‘s upcoming gay video, The Visitor. – Mike

Gay Set Dressing: Johnny Gunn and Vince Ferelli On A Hot House Gay Movie Shoot

Chick flicks! Windex douches! Bigarexia! Our friends at The Sword were on-hand during a porn shoot starring bigger-than-life Hot House exclusive Vince Ferelli and hot pocket Johnny Gunn. You’d think they’d be like a gay Mutt-and-Jeff, but it turns out they’re think as thieves. Hot House produces gay sex shows without scripts in their Backroom […]

Francois Sagat and Erik Rhodes Hook-Up While On Gay Set in Prague

When I was on the set with porn star Francois Sagat a year or so ago, and he told me that his Titan contract was up, I asked him what he planned to do. “More mainstream stuff”, he said. “I’ve worked with the best. What else is there me to do here?” Then he paused […]

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