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Another Consquence of the Falling Dollar, There Are Less Brazilian Cocks To Go Around

Brazilian men are obscenely hot, and for no reason other than that I just got back from a trip to Rio de Janiero, I thought it was important we revisit that fact. Sadly, there’s less porn coming out of Brazil in the coming years — with the Brazilian economy soaring, it’s getting too expensive to […]

AMG Launches “Dirty Joke” Contest

Picture it: Brazil, 2007: George W. Bush is getting fucked in the ass by a duck and a gorilla: Sadly this is no April Fool’s, but it is a joke … a joke lacking a punchline, which is where you come in, cumstained readers. In conjunction with their new release, Carnival, AMG launched a contest […]

Gay Porn Sneak Peek: Suruba: Agua, AMG Brasil

A couple of observations about AMG Brazil’s new movie Suruba: Agua based on the following (exclusive!) image gallery that they sent us (which you can see after the jump) : 1. Director Dennis Bell. is getting really good at finding only hot guys for his movies. In his first few movies, the occasional janky looking […]

Danny Roddick Passes Away

We are shocked and utterly devastated to report that Danny Roddick died Thursday, according to a press release issued by COLT, the studio he was an exclusive with. The cause of death has not been released. An extremely talented star who was on the verge of becoming a superstar, Danny debuted in Buckshot’s HARD Studies […]

Gay Porn Mystery Man REVEALED!

The little green mask has been peeled away and AMG Brasil’s mystery porn star has been revealed. It is, in fact, Buckshot Man Danny Roddick, as several commenters on our original entry had guessed. On being gang banged by a bunch of mega-hung Brazilians, Roddick said: “At first I asked if I could pick which […]

Contest: Guess the Gay Porn Star

First identical twin brothers who fuck and now this … what will the marketing geniuses over at AMG Brazil think of next? Amazônia, their two-part summer blockbuster, is the touching story of a tourist, played by a “famous American porn star”, who gets lost in the jungles of the Amazon only to find himself on […]

Brazil’s Gay Porn Twins: Caio and Carlos Carvalho

Anyone who knows about my unabashed predilection for gay twin porn could have predicted that I’d in hog heaven with Athletic Model Guild’s announcement that they’ve just signed a pair of boner-fide gay twin brothers as exclusives for their new AMG Brazil line. In light of my obsession, they’re letting me be the first to […]

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