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Shawn Wolfe for Falcon

It’s been six months since Falcon announced its partnership with fashion model-cum-porn star Benjamin Godfre. The results: Oh My Godfre! But it’s not director Benjamin Godfre who caught my eye — it’s Shawn Wolfe, who stars with Godfre. More of the woof-worthy Wolfe the jump …


Shawn Wolfe for Falcon

Is Shawn Wolfe Straight?

Oh My Godfre! It's Shawn WOlfe!

Oh My Godfre! It's Shawn WOlfe!

Like Oh My Godfre himself, Falcon’s reluctant to give it all away at once. While they’ve got a trailer on the site itself, there’s nothing I can steal embed here. You’ll have to visit the site itself. But given the fact that Shawn Wolfe is the hottest gift I’ve gotten all year, I’m not complaining.

Gay Porn Tube: Oh My Godfre

Shawn Wolfe in Oh My Godfre! (via Falcon XXX)


When Fashion Models Do Gay Porn

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16 Responses to “OH MY GODFRE: IT’S SHAWN WOLFE!!!”

  1. Wild-Dawg says:

    Saw the video on the website. Hot guy. What’s wrong with his upper lip?

    • Jay says:

      It looks like he might have had a cleft lip. But damn was he blessed in every other way.

      • Gray says:

        Hey guys, why do we always focus on the negative. He is a handsome guy…Love all the hair, tired of all the men who shave…Give me natural every time…

    • Eddie says:

      I notice a little asymmetry. Maybe he was born with a harelip ( and cleft palate ) and today the mustache hide the scar…I don’t know. A handsome man indeed. Look the last pic…

    • shawn wolfe says:

      I got bit my a chow when I was 21… 31 stitches in my lip and nose. pretty gruesome. Healed amazingly.

  2. Peter E says:

    Without the tattoos he’d be perfection.

  3. Rich says:

    What a handsome real guy! The guy next door type.

  4. HansNL says:

    Hmm, very nice indeed. Love all the hair !

  5. John says:

    I too think he may have been born with a cleft lip, but that beautiful,blond mustache covers it up nicely. Fucking HOT!

  6. Luke says:

    No thanks
    Enough of these silly beards!!!!!
    Give me the old Falcon back!!!!

    • Jay says:

      Boooooo, beards rock!

    • JeffIn760 says:

      The “Old Falcon” was hemorrhaging money and could not pay its bills. Simple business sense shows that the”Old Falcon”look was not selling movies anymore – people do not want models that are primped and manicured within an inch of their lives. Raging Stallion saved the company from bankruptcy and can run the company however and employ whatever type of models they think will sell.

  7. Ryan sea crest says:

    What s mean the Hebrew letters on the arm ?

  8. T-Bird says:

    He is nice and furry… YUMMO !

  9. […] been fans of Shawn Wolfe for sometime now, so when we got a call from Raging Stallion’s Chris Ward letting us know […]

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