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BBPPirene.jpg Haven’t written since Thursday because I’ve been out “having a life” so I can have something to write about.

Went to Palm Springs on Friday for the Bad Boys Pool Party and got to stay with an old friend, Robert, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. (More about his domestic bliss later).

Friday night I took Robert out for a boring Mexican dinner at El Mirasol (a lot of hype, blah food). We then hit Blame It On Midnight for their tacky floor show starring Irene Soderberg. She’s a hefty gal who has long ago forsaken high heels and always wears nothing but sequined sausage casings. Upon entering I joked, “what color sequins will she be wearing tonight – gold, silver, or red?”

Gold won.

Poor girl works hard keeping the energy level up for a roomful of blue haired lesbians and b.o.q.’s * with alcohol problems, plus she has to run her own karaoke machine, microphones, and stage manage the visiting guests and drunks from the crowd that give her a chance to make multiple costume changes. Gotta hand it to her for trying.

When it got too painful, we headed to the first official party of the porn star weekend held at the Barracks. It was still a little early, but we were both exhausted. Got to see Sister Buffy with his porn star boyfriend Victor Rios, Sister Tragedy, and a few other porn stars just started trickling in.

ZAK SPEARS and Falcon Exclusive ADDISON SCOTT � who co-hosted the Official Kick-Off Party at the BARRACKS in a special nasty night of leather fetish fun benefiting San Francisco’s SOMA Bare Chest Calendar (the sales of which benefit the AEF and the Positive Resource Center ) Special appearance by 2002 International LeatherSir DALE BRUENIG and 2003 Mr. Palm Springs Leather DON MENTINK with raffles, nasty demos, giveaways and a special appearance byJASON BRANCH and TOM SOUTHERN�with newcomers (and BCC models) JOHN TRUITT and RAY STONE (who I hung out with at Folsom Fair, and chatted with at the gym recently).

Zak Spears was sporting a new look – trimmed down, shaved head, goatee, leather vest, no shirt (or maybe it was my x-ray vision). Total hottie (see before and after photos).

I met Tom Southern last year and never really caught my attention, but that night he was all done up in tight leather chaps, vest, arm bands and leather hat. NOW I get it! A lot beefier than I recall. Woof.

Saw a bunch of guys from home involved with the Bare Chest Calender, but the rest was a blur, we went home early.

*(bitter old queens)