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Oops I Only Took One Photo At The Folsom Street Fair

Jesse Santana at the Folsom Street Fair

I guess one good photo is better than a lot of bad ones, right?








Jesse Santana at the Folsom Street Fair

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10 Responses to “Oops I Only Took One Photo At The Folsom Street Fair”

  1. michaelf says:

    r u living the blessed life or what???? if u could have only 1 pic of the hottest guy in the porndom=THIS IS THE ONE!

  2. Jay says:

    Super hot, specially the piss…but why, oh why would anyone do that to their dick?

  3. sxg says:

    Wow hot pic indeed! And it’s amazing how something as simple as a mustache can make a guy look older, but in a good way! Jesse will make a damn fine daddy type when he grows older!

  4. EdWoody says:

    I’m not especially thrilled about Jesse’s new look. I mean, he’s still hotter than almost anyone else, but I preferred the cleaner-cut version. Still, as long as he doesn’t turn bareback (aka “dead to me”) then I’ll accept it.

  5. T-Bird says:

    I did prefer the cleaner cut look too and then when he started up with stallion he had the worst haircut ever and was not as trimmed and he had a p.a. as well. Then he got a haircut and started to grow on me, then he started popping up in more falcon projects and got hotter and hotter. And this photo oh yes I’m a believer in the new Jesse!

  6. Erynn Vaehne says:

    d-ring snaffle bit in the front of his harness? i’m dying.

  7. Darren says:

    Ugh.Drink more water…

  8. William says:

    Recently signed with Falcon/Raging Stallion model Cameron Foster is simply handsome beyond words..Eager to purchase his new release “Blind Lust” even though I am unimpressed with his scene partner with the distracting tattoos….C’mon Falcon;Pair Cameron with some equally handsome built hung guys.Elevate the sexual visuals to an art form.

  9. Erik says:

    Yeah, would be way HOT to watch Cameron Foster paired up with a HOT hung black dude, or better yet star on Chi Chi LaRues next black ballad 9, black ballad 8 sucks. those hung blk studs would go crazy for Cameron.

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