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One of my prime sources for porn news is Will Clark ( and He recently moved to New York, and in his latest weekly email column, “Porn Star Confidential”, he created a very informative “who’s who” of pornstars currently residing in New York.

Thursday, September 5th, 2003
Volume 5, Number 32

Living here in the New York area is not like living in the middle of West Hollywood – as far as porn stars go. There, you can throw a rock and hit an adult performer any day of the week while here, the number is quite a bit less. However, there are more than you would imagine.

Very few of the New York area stars exist solely on the sex industry alone – there are a bunch of reasons for this: changing tastes of gay men over time, the high cost of living and ultimately boredom of doing any one thing for too long. Most of the guys that are on this side of the country do the sex industry thing as a sideline or as a hobby. Of course I know from personal experience that even in Los Angeles and San Francisco it’s rare to find a star of any level who’s life solely is paid for by working the sex industry (don’t let ‘em fool you, everyone does something else other than porn on the side, even the biggest stars of the biz).

Also want to preface this column by saying that there are a number of people (some of them friends) that are not listed because the column ran too long – I was amazed at the number of performers and industry related professionals who live and work in the New York metro area. At the end of the column, I’ll list who I’ll cover next week, and if I’ve missed someone that you know does gay porn in one way or another here please drop a note to me at 

Finally, after reading the bios that the guys sent me, I am amazed how many of them mention our pal Enrico Vega who I think is fast becoming the Kevin Bacon of New York gay porn. Here now the run down by very rough category types, the stars of New York:

The Legends:

Ray Dragon: Perhaps best known locally for his clothing shop on 7th Avenue in Chelsea that closed up shop in the past year or so (although now online at , Ray is better known to current porn fans as Titan’s latest mega star and to long time porn fans as a COLT man. His website,, was recently reviewed by HX magazine with an enthusiastic “thumbs up” and features lots of nude galleries for fans to pour over. His designer clothes have appeared in Broadway and off Broadway productions and he’s been active in a number of local and national charities. Openly gay and extremely friendly, Ray is one of those people you expect to be a certain way but he busts the expectations – in all the right ways.

Tyson Cane has been around for a number of years and this buff guy (5’10” 195lbs) has gone from being in some of the cream of the crop (Falcon, Kristin Bjorn, Catalina) to producing his own flicks for his own company, Tyson Cane Videos. Currently he and Enrico Vega are co-producing their own videos, the first of which is called TYSON AND VEGA’S MANHATTAN FANTASIES and they’ve just inked a contract with major gay porn distributor IMD. Don’t try to find Tyson at – it’ll direct you to a icky sex site that will send a million pop ups your way. You can find the videos at

Ted Bare – One of the better known masseurs in the community, Ted is best known for his website and videos with boyfriend Mark (“The Adventures of Ted and Mark“) DeBoy. Mark passed away a few years ago but Ted remains, a staple to the erotic community, having provided inspiration to many other erotic performers on how an adult business should be run. Their site has yet to be equaled in cleverness, in high concept and for “bang for your buck”. Ted’s hands can never be equaled either, check ‘em out.

Michael Lucas – For the past few years, this Russian born porn star turned director has churned out about 25 top notch porn flicks featuring strictly gay performers. Outspoken, direct, sexy, and wildly popular with the fans (the Sea Tea cruise he produced recently was chock full of admirers) Lucas has cornered a market that had previously been left untapped. Currently: Busy marketing his newest exclusive: hard body Wilson Vasquez whom he compares favorably to Matthew Rush but “with an 8 pack instead of a 6 pack”. The Bottom Line: Lucas is away from the California Pornowood scene, can be a director and run a company and still look like a million bucks when naked in his own films or dancing nude in public. Who else can say that? Some criticize his constant need to speak out about all sorts of things – although in an industry where no one stands their ground about their opinion, it’s actually refreshing.

Donnie Russo – This porn legend has had a long career and is considered not only to be a staple of the gay erotic industry, but is fast becoming a New York institution as well. When folks in the gay community talk New York personalities, it’s as much Donnie Russo as it is Quentin Crisp and Larry Kramer. Currently featured on the horoscope page in HX magazine with hair tuffed out and wearing a crown (resembling a lion who is “king of the forest” which Donnie certainly is – at least when you’re talking about the forest of the gay porn scene in New York)

Robin Byrd – Not actually a gay male porn performer but a friend to the XXX industry from 20 some odd years of The Robin Byrd Show on late night cable. Made money off of sex phone lines and tons of appearances and still going strong. Debuted her new dog that fits in her handbag this summer at various events much to the delight of her New York fans. As far as I know, the only porn performer ever to appear in photos in The New Yorker. She’s one of a kind, if you don’t know who she is, you’re missing out on one of the best, funniest, sexiest, most energetic people ever to walk the earth – really.  Check out her site at


Enrico Vega – Sexy but shy, this Latin with the sexy eyes and an always raging hard cock has a heart of gold that few people know – he donates a lot of his time to helping others in his neighborhood.. and that smile… oh la la! His website was produced by the guys at Raging Stallion and is nice but smallish – a few pictures and his videos. However, it’s better than nothing and it’s free. You can reach him via email at
Currently: Starting a line of XXX videos with legend Tyson Cane distributed by IMD and continues to write a column for Latin Inches magazine.

Chad Hunt – One of the biggest porn stars (in more ways than one) in the current industry. Has been a huge following and has had a successful escort business although reports that he is moving on from that – as well as moving on in a few months from his website. Movies however, seem to still be in his future so “fade to black” for Hunt just yet (good news to main employer Michael Lucas!).

Aaron Tanner – Super bottom on screen actor turned club promoter. Aaron elicits strong “love ‘em or hate ‘em” feelings from those who know him but that’s what a good party promoter is supposed to do, right? Promotes unsafe sex videos that’s he’s been in at his events next to distributing condoms and ID lube. Long time association with gives him access to top hookers in town for his events.

Aaron Lawrence – Super top Aaron also elicits strong feelings from fans and industry folks of the “love ‘em or hate ‘em” variety but as Aaron is laughing all the way the bank he doesn’t really care much what others think. With a couple self published books, a few major studio appearances (Studio 2000’s DREAM TEAM for example), self produced amateur videos shot in various places around the world and an ongoing escort career, this uber twink with the enormous cock has created his own cottage industry which is admirable. Downside: his self produced flicks depict unsafe sex.

Carlos Morales has experienced a renaissance over the past year – having dropped out of the scene for awhile, Carlos has returned – with a vengeance! In the past year or so he’s appeared in flicks from Falcon (BETRAYED, AFTERSHOCK 1 & 2 and the upcoming DRENCHED), Raging Stallion (ASS MASTERS, NEXUS, SEXPACK 10), and Titan (GORGE, WOODSMAN) and is practically a mainstay in the films of Michael Lucas (STRANGERS OF THE NIGHT, FIRE ISLAND CRUISING 3 & 4, VENGEANCE, RESTLESS, BACK IN THE SADDLE). Originally from Venezuela, Carlos arrived in the States a decade ago and after a successful career as a dancer (the kind on boxes) he turned to performing in gay porn. There was a rumor earlier this year that he was going to trade coasts, glad to hear though that Carlos is happy to stay living in New York for some time to come. You can find out more about him by going to his website at

The Occasional Actors:

Brandon Williams – multi talented in life and popular with fans of Robert Prion’s Galaxy Pictures, Brandon lives in the heart of mid town and is wickedly smart, sexy and funny. He’s also appeared in Michael Lucas’ FIRE ISLAND CRUISIING 4 as well as compilation sex shows taken from His stats should make you reach for your phone to make an appointment – he’s 32 y/o, 6’1, #195, 7″cut, 32″w, 23″ thighs, 17″ biceps, muscular/athletic , highly oral , vers. and originally from Dallas, Texas (and still has a faint accent which gets a little thicker once you get to know him.. and it’s very very sexy to listen to). Currently: Working on his website

Tony Serrano – Born in Barcelona, Spain but a mix of Spanish and Italian (yumm) Tony grew up in Atlanta, GA and spent his younger days in the Navy out of San Diego. He doesn’t do films that often (only 8 in the past 5 years or so) but when he does, watch out!  (The latest is WOODSMEN from Titan). He’s got quite a busy schedule what with escort work and traveling but he can be reached at or at 1 917 859 1635 Tony says: “I’ve been in the Sex Industry 4 over 6 years now and I’ve honed my skills in the ART OF PLEASURE!”

Gino Mancuso: regarded locally as one of the most professional porn star escorts on the scene, is pure New York born Italian, is 39, 5’9, 170, 46C, 32W, 15A, 8×7 cut, is a hairy-chested top. He describes himself on his site as “Muscular, masculine, friendly, passionate, fun, sexy and real. Think of me as the high-school football coach you’ve always fantasized about.” Definitely someone I’d like to shower with! Gino looks good in or out of leather but I suspect from the few times I’ve met him personally that leather might be the direction of his personal tastes. Is adamantly pro safer sex. You can check out his site at or call him on his cell to set up an appt at 917-453-7093 or simply email him at

The Newbies:

Michael Starr is a Raging Stallion exclusive and is that rare find – a handballing bottom who can take it and take it and take it – he can get punch fucked, and double fucked up to the elbow! You can see him in PACKING LOADS (out now) in which he was topped by Michael Brandon and in MORE MANHOLES in which he’s in two scenes (one in which he’s double fisted by Chris Ward himself!). Starr is 5′ 7″, 150lbs with a 7 incher, brown eyes, shaved head, moderately hairy chest, Mediterranean heritage and works out every day. He’s a full time escort and you can reach him through his cell at 917-407-9503 or through our pals at Is also adamantly pro safer sex.

Rob Romoni – Considered one of the new “freshman class” of gay porn stars, Rob’s a hot bodybuilder type (5’9 190, brown hair, green eyes) who lives in Jersey and has been incredibly busy the past few months appearing in tons of videos – especially the first big release from Red Devil Entertainment, NASTY NASTY. He’s just filmed flicks for Falcon (QUARTERBACK SNEAK) and for COLT (RELOAD) and appeared in Pepper MaShay’s video for her song “I Can’t Stop”. Friendly, sexy, gorgeous, buff and popular, Romoni’s challenge is staying in the biz and not letting the 3000 miles between his home in New Jersey and Pornowood get the best of him. So far, with credits racked up from Falcon, Catalina, Studio 2000, All Worlds, Massive, Centaur and more, it doesn’t seem as though the distance is keeping him from working with the majors. His website is (although someone should be a pal and buy him his own domain name). Romoni describes himself as “Focused, Loyal, Open minded, and Approachable.”

Gino Romano is truly a newcomer having just wandered into the porn biz late last year and into Catalina’s PAPI – COCK and through the doors of Forest Men Entertainment. A year ago he appeared on the Pillage and Plunder cruise as a dancer and met future pal (and roommate) Enrico Vega. There’s not much more to tell about this former mail carrier turned dancer turned porn star other than he’s just finished up his second feature – MSR’s FACE RYDERS. Write to him directly at

Retired but Not Forgotten:

Raul Tosco started making porn at the insistence of his pal Sergio Real in a flick called WHEN HARRY MET HAIRY (Hollywood Sales) and liked doing it so much that he went on to do flicks for them (IN YOUR FACE, THE UNCUT CLUB OF HOLLYWOOD and LATIN TALES) as well as for Catalina (COCKPIT 2 and THE NEXT BIG THING), Lucas Entertainment (BOYS ON FIRE – FIRE ISLAND CRUISING), and Titan (SLAMMER). Titan in particular was a favorite but because of his day job, Tosca decided that although he’d had fun, enough was enough. Still he says he’d like to do more and is tempted often when offers are made. No website but you can write to him at

Rick Allen – Fell off the face of the Earth after a string of really great porn scenes, two of them costarring yours truly (so hey I’m biased). This is the costar I get the most mail and comments about probably because our chemistry was real in both of our scenes (Catalina’s BOSSMAN and MSR’s THREE DEGREES OF HUMILIATION). Tall, lanky but muscular, long black wavy hair, nasty goatee and looking like he’d rip you apart as soon as look at you.. but don’t let that “look” fool you, he’s a pussycat and doing two scenes with him were among my highlights. Used to take pictures of patrons at the Lure every other Wednesday at Pork night. Where is he now? Oh yeah, and that cock. Enormous. Thick. Hard. Forceful. More! I think we need a Clark/Allen “threepeat”!

Next week: Sal Bruno, Giovanni, Enrique Cruz, Tony Zerega, Drax, Derek Anthony, Nick Harmon, Bound and Gagged magazine, Mavety Publications, Photographer Charles Hovland, Writer Vincent Lambert, the Gaeity

Til then, keep it hot n safe and hard!


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    Thanks for a great site. Does anyone know of a website that I can get in touch with porn stars. There are a few I would like to rent :)


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    Do you know where Danny Sommers is? Danny is/was one of my all-time favorites and I miss him. Know anything about him currently?


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