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New Gay Fetish? Beach Wrestling


It’s not every day that the Wall Street Journal gives us showernozzle masturbation material, but today’s story on beach wrestling had me running to renew my Fratpad membership. Maybe it’s because, like the chiseled hunks in the article, I grew up on New Jersey beaches. I was also well acquainted with my high school wrestling team.

Above, two testosterone-pumped men vie for top. Below, some of my favorite guy-on-guy “bonding” from Fratmen and Fratpad.

May they all go the way of Nash Lawler.


More at confused jocks at Fratmen and Fratpad.


Meet Fratmen’s Linde
Sexual Twister at Fratpad

Like Wrestling, Only Sandier
(Wall Street Journal)

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3 Responses to “New Gay Fetish? Beach Wrestling”

  1. Brad says:

    This is NOT the new gay fetish. Straight guys get recruited for gay porn sites and they keep finding more creative ways to be erotic WIHOUT having sex. I am sure this will turn some guys on but call me old fashioned, I would rather see some hotties plowing eachother into next week.
    The pictures are so silly and insulting to gay men.
    These straight guys, pinch their nipples, cook together in a kitchen, give a nude massage, and wrestle on a beach.
    One word……. BORING

  2. Anonymous says:

    Latent homosexuals? … :)

  3. Peter says:

    Like the idea of watching some young studs wrestling on the beach in some really wet sand! And as for the Frat House – YUM!!!

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