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Meet The Jarics: Gay Porn’s First Monogamous Couple

aden_jordan_jeric_falcon_sm.jpgFalcon’s gorgeous new exclusives Aden and Jordan Jaric have generated quite a bit of buzz when it was revealed that they were in a committed and monogamous relationship.

They have filmed only one scene so far — for the movie “Endless Crush” (a remake of the Colby Taylor/Travis Wade favorite The Crush), and while it doesn’t come out until early next year, lucky fans and curious gawkers will get to see the versatile pair in action when they do their first-ever live sex show for members of tomorrow (8/22) at 6 p.m. PST. I know I’ll be tuning, saying my usual obnoxious comments in the chat room but until then we’re got more exclusive pics after the jump …
Falcon exclusives Aden and Jordan Jaric

Falcon exclusives Aden and Jordan Jaric

Falcon exclusives Aden and Jordan Jaric



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42 Responses to “Meet The Jarics: Gay Porn’s First Monogamous Couple”

  1. Mado says:

    damn hot

  2. Brian says:

    How can a porn star be monogomous? They are only going to have sex with eachother? That is going to get BORING after once or twice. How many videos can the same scene keep appearing? Someone at Falcon better get a grip. This is only a promotional trick.. BIG YAWN!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hot Twinks Man! Love it!

  4. canundra says:

    Obviously they love each other if they choose to remain monogamous. Should be interesting. How many gay porn stars are in love with the person they’re having sex with on screen? It’d be interesting to see how love factors into the sex we see play out on screen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen gay porn many times. And believe me, it’s sooo much better when it’s a couple who’s in love.

  6. Anonymous says:

    good for them. so what if they might have a limited run as porn stars, most of them are overused anyway. after a certain point there is an ick factor and you have to wonder how anybody would want a relationship let alone kiss somebody that has done hundreds of sex scenes. i always felt sorry for the guy that had to kiss traci lords on some sci fi show knowing how many cocks had been in that mouth.

  7. Tricky says:

    Boring? Well, don’t watch it then – no one will hold a gun to your head. I think it will be interesting to see if they can keep their scenes fresh and hot. I think it’s a cool idea to sign lovers – maybe the detractors are jealous they didn’t think of it first?

  8. mark says:

    so how many cocks can I have in my mouth before you feel sorry for anyone who’s gotta kiss me? why are you at a gay porn site if you think it’s “ick” when someone’s sucked a lot of cock?

  9. T says:

    Man these 2 are smokin hott! Who cares (for right now) if they only will have sex with each other. Im sure that some adjustments could be made…bjs, j/o with another etc.
    Either way having said that I am ready to see them in a Falcon flick going at it, damn they are sexy…gimme that blonde anyday!

  10. Anonymous says:

    OH PLEASE!!!!

  11. J² says:

    Is this Falcon’s foray into bareback?

  12. JimmyJam says:

    Bareback??? Who said anything about bareback? I think if these two were doing bareback at a studio like Falcon the WORLD would know it by now. C’mon now J2 – you know better.

  13. J² says:

    I didn’t see a condom in those pix, and this is clearly a way that a major studio like Falcon could test the waters, so to speak, of going bareback. If there’s an uproar they have an excuse (“they’re in a monogomous relationship!”) and if not, then who’s to say what Falcon’s next step will be. We’ve seen it before (most recent example being Dark Alley), so it’s not like this couldn’t possibly happen, is it?

  14. rick says:

    mark, the answer is 42.

  15. Mike says:

    Both are hot and it’s a great gimmick. But the lucky guy is the one who gets to star in the first 3some with them :P Being the guest star with a couple in love is a blast.

    But seriously, I don’t think J2 was so off in his barebacking assumption — based on the way he’s about to shove it in.

  16. madrigaal says:

    I love the way this has become a lightening rod. I personally don’t see monogamy and pornography as antithical. I’ve known many couples who kept their relationships ‘exiting’ by sharing pornography. And any body who assumes that folks who consume porn are all out there sucking every dick they can get ahold of are short-sighted. If someone is out sucking dick constantly, or pursuing said cocksucking to the exclusion of everything else, they are likely not going to have much need for porn. The friends I have that are champion felators usually found porn a poor second to actually draining some guys nuts.

  17. David says:

    not the only couple, Brian Hansen and Brad Patton are living in a closed relationship back over in Amsterdam…

  18. Tricky says:

    Did anyone watch them on Falcon TV last night? Did they use condoms? If they did use them – then you have the answer to your bareback question.

  19. Joseph says:

    I think if Falcon Studios went bareback, we’d be hearing about it by now!!!!

  20. Johnny says:

    you guys are sexy i would love to join you guys

  21. Smart says:

    SO SAD u gay men, falling for this STUPID gimmick,,guess Falcon dosen’t know whatelse to do, i predict there demise soon with all the BAD movies & models they’ve been releasing lately..i’ll see how long it will take these 2 to start adding 3 somes & escorting..LOL!

  22. Tricky says:

    Smart? What have you accomplished lately? Anything worth sharing? Why do I have a feeling you’re one of those people who changes zip codes every 6 months or so?

  23. frank says:

    is changing zip code frecuently a bad thing?

  24. SMART says:

    Tricky, So i guess being in porn & masquerading as a momogamous couple constitutes a great accomplishment, u’re exactly the SAD indiviual i’m referring too…where i come from brains & something u can be proud of in life constitutes success..not fucking on camera 4 money.. but then again i can just imagine what u’re accomplishments are..LOL

  25. Tricky says:

    Smart. Funny – so, fucking on camera is something you look down on? Having brains and being proud is something porn stars are incapable of? What the fuck are doing on this site? Wouldn’t you be better suited for MarthaStewart’s site? Go away ya old hag.

  26. SMART says:

    Tricky, this is the last time i’m responding to u’re pathetic ass,”AND YES FUCKING ON CAMERA IS NOTHING TO BE PROUND OF” as far as old, i’m 32 and probably in the shape u’d only dream to be in as well as the many porn guys i’ve met , difference is i take porn 4 what it is i get off thats it, thats the purpose it serves in my life, unlike yourself, u probably worship these guys and wish you could got get them or the likes of them without paying,so please move on TROLL and argue about a pointless subject with someone else one CARES!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Married or not, they are cute little twink guys.

  28. Gopher says:

    Why are you replying to someone who can’t spell? =P

  29. Mark says:

    hmmm, life must be difficult for the self loathing. Feel sorry for him because someone who comes to a site like this to “get off thats it” while having such a low opinion of the men he’s getting off watching is clearly projecting his own self hatred.

  30. poojab says:

    OMG these 2 r hot… i wish i had a body like that….. nice dicks, too

  31. kyboy says:

    these GUYS are HOT, who cares, monogomous, three-some, four-some, whatever, they’re fun to watch and that is what you can take it for… is porn, and I’d bet FALCON like many other companies do whatever they have to do to make $$!

  32. rick says:

    yup this is gonna turn out to be about these guys rawfucking. HOT.

  33. EuroboyFilms says:

    I reserve my judgment until I see them have sex. Then I’ll decide if the idea is good or bad.

  34. Lonestumbler says:

    Gay Scene 608/Take 1,000,000,000

    Aden: You ready baby, yeah? Coz here it comes…

    Aden (1 min after): Ooops!

    Jordan: What do you mean oops? You gotta get this right. We can’t keep re-doing this plus im all outta patience and cum with you Aden!

    Aden: Oh yeah? Well it figures! How am i supposed to get this fingering scene right when you couldn’t even remember my fucking ring size!!!!!!!

    Jordan: Just get the fucking ring out my ass and start again already!

    Gay Scene 608/Take 1,000,000,001…Action…

  35. Blair Mason says:

    That is so sweet. They are hot and I think it would be amazing to watch the genuine chemistry between them on film.

  36. Francisco says:

    Well Watched the whole thing on Falcon both are gorgeus… the cute one couldn’t get up.. big disapointment I guess that live sex thing is diferent than the edited scenes.

  37. diego says:

    i want you

  38. timothy says:

    I agree with J2. I think this is there way of trying to make it into bareback. and lets be honest. Bareback probably sells better than condom videos. That saddens me, but i guess thats life.

  39. zoys says:

    you look so happy
    you feel like the world is yours

  40. Sam says:

    May be a gimmick, but I know these two personally. They are a great couple of guys. Smart, ambitious, funny and incredibly sexy together.

    I doubt they will ever invite a 3rd into their scenes. At least they have always said that they were going to be exclusive.

    Anyway, good for them. Sell it while you’re sexy, I say.

  41. Jordan says:

    I think that is is about time to change some stereotypes about what it means to be gay. People think monogamy is a hetrosexual invention, but it really is about love and commitment. I think they are adorable together, not to mention super hot. Whats wrong with having a little bit of porn for people who think love makes sex that much better, isn’t there enough porn with the strangers tearing each other clothes off and having sex? Not every scene needs to be hookups at the trucker’s bathroom or anyonomous clubs. Porn for the romantic in all of us!

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