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Johnny Hazzard: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

johnny_hazzard-pic-face.jpgWhat’s up with Ohio and porn? The Buckeye State was not only the site of John Kerry’s ‘moral values’ Appomattox, it’s also the birthplace of Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and pioneering porn distributor Reuben Sturman. And it was an Ohio obscenity case in which Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart infamously conceded “I shall not today attempt further to define [obscenity]… but I know it when I see it.”

I wonder what Justice Stewart would make of Hole Patrol, Cleveland native Johnny Hazzard‘s latest wank vid for Chi Chi LaRue’s Rascal Video. Hazzard burst on to the porn scene with the award-winning Detention (2003) and can’t seem to stop shooting. And we can’t get enough of the handsome, tattoed punkster and his dirty mind. His spit and shine scene with Matt Summers in What Men Do certainly raised my ‘prurient interest’…

johnny-hazzard-cock.jpgSingle/Taken? Single

Age? 27

Day Job? Looking for one, mostly.

Hometown? Cleveland, OH

Do Your Parents know? Yup.

What was your first Gay Experience? Jacking off with my buddy.

Favorite Club? Avalon, in Boston

How Can Fans Get In Touch With You?

How Did you get into Porn? I was bored waiting tables in Boston and I had dated Doug Jeffries a while back. I called him up, sent him a pic and viola!

How’d You Get Your Porn Name? Chi Chi’s creative mind.

Porn Scene You Wish You’d Been In? whatever Colton Ford‘s last one was.

First Porn You Ever Saw? The Coach’s Boys.

Corniest Line of Porn Dialogue You’ve Had to Deliver? Oh god,….arent they all?

Sex Act You Haven’t Tried? With a chick!

Favorite Non-Porn Movie Sex Scene? Bruce Willis in the Color of Night

Celebrity You’d Most Like To Bed? Bruce Willis, Andersen Cooper

What’s Your Workout Routine? Holistic as well as intense weight training.

What Do You Think Is Your Best Asset? Face

What Are You Most Self-Conscious Of? My face and body.

Worst Habit? Biting my nails.

Last Concert? shit, ummmmm CSNY , in Akron, OH

Secret Fears/Phobias? Spiders

Can You Cook? Yup.

Favorite Magazine? Eating Well and Wine Spectator

What’s Coming Up for You Next? Just bought my first home in Palm Springs, looking at schools now.

Johnny Hazzard’s latest releases include the GayVN-nominated Best Picture, Bolt, as well as the upcoming Hole Patrol and Decieved, both from Chi Chi LaRue’s Rascal/Channel 1 Releasing.

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  1. Viewer says:


  2. Wendel says:


  3. art_smass says:

    This is sort of off-topic, but why do so many gay porn stars answer “Anderson Cooper” when they’re asked who they want to screw? I can understand why someone would want to bend over Tucker Carlson and give him what he deserves, but Anderson Cooper? Next thing I know the Resnicks will be voted the sexiest brothers in porn.

  4. Richard says:

    Hazzard is riveting in Bolt.He can do anything and get a rise from the peanut gallery.

  5. steamroomstud says:

    I believe it was Justice Potter Stewart who made the obscenity comment.

    And I know good porn when I see it. Love Johnny Hazzard.

  6. RichardMS says:

    I am certainly not a porn star but I also have a major crush on Anderson Cooper, so it makes sense to me. But what I cannot understand is what this hunky 27 year old finds attractive in Bruce Willis.

  7. Harold says:

    God he is handsome.

  8. RustyNail says:

    Nice looking guy with a great body, but the picture for this story on the gaypornblog makes him look like the Son of Spock from a wacky StarTrek episode.

  9. boywonder says:

    There’s no accounting for taste, but isn’t it appealing on some level that someone as hot as Johnny Hazzard can be turned on by something beyond perfect abs and the right hair cut?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Hazzard and Anderson Cooper… now I have something to dream about tonight. ;-P

  11. Steve says:

    I was lucky enough to participate in an orgy that Fra..I mean Johnny Hazzard was a part of at a television actor’s place in Ptown two years ago. He sucked and rimmed us(about 20 or so)the we took turns banging him (and he banged a few himself). That morning after everyone had cum and it was time to leave, he asked me if I needed a lift back to my guesthouse even though he really wasn’t going that way. What a hottie (and a sweetie). Talk about “full service”!

  12. Robert says:

    Steve…tell us more about the tv actor and the orgy!

  13. mark says:

    how can we get a personal picture of johnny hazzard sent to us via mail

  14. jake says:

    …;P yummy

  15. Duke of Johnny Hazzard says:

    Johnny Hazzard has got to be one of the hottest men in the universe. what i think wouldbe great is if the dukes of Hazzard starred Johnny Hazzard LOL! the Dukes of Johnny Hazzard or the Hazzard of Johnny Dukes! serously tho johnny hazzard is my alltime favourite gay porn stars, i love Johnny hazzard’s tatooe and his cute smirk. does anyone know where johnny hazzard lives? i would like to cum visit the united states and stay with johnny hazzard, maybe he escorts?

  16. wisoer says:

    dammmmmmmmm johnny hazzard is a fine looking guy hope he likes latin guys

  17. alessio dragotta says:


  18. joel says:

    oh johnny i love your body (dick) call me and tell me where you get your tatoos then maybe we can fuck. someday i wanna be in a rascal video. call me 405 694 9429

  19. jano says:

    me gusta yuor face

  20. Midan says:


    Don’t really care what he says or thinks, All I can think of rite now is his fantastic body :-)

  21. me says:

    he is so cute………and sexy

  22. rudolfo says:

    miss you at Plum….Hot Hot Hot

  23. vonzell says:

    hey all i can say is he’s hotttttttt and very cute.

  24. Anonymous says:

    i love your dick i want it

  25. Fred says:

    mannnnnnnn johnny hazzard is fkn hotttttttttttttt ….. id suck his dick anytime … and i love his face… hes too damn sexy…its so difficult downloading johnny hazzard porn though…johnny all i can say is that your the sexiest gay porn star ..keep doing what you do sexy

  26. Robbie says:

    1 – hes gay
    2 – hes hot
    3 – hes got a good voice
    4 – he can dance so good
    5 – hes so confident
    hes my future byfriend in mky dreams – pity i live in australia & he lives in america – oh well

  27. eugene says:

    And i love your penis to Johnny Hazzard
    and want to see more of you

  28. scott says:

    i just bought johnnys dildo and fuck me again and again it was well worth the price. i may be in australia but cleveland here i cum!

  29. james says:

    I wanna see Johnny get fucked – what’s the best video -any out there?

  30. rolando says:

    The first time I saw Johhny Hazzard was in Wicked. I had an immediate erection the moment his handsome face flashed on my TV screen. I imagined I was the one being fucked by him. He’s sooooo terrrrrrific.

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