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Is Ty Colt The Next Big Thing?

Despite the teams of Falcon haters out there, I think they might be on to something with their newest exclusive, Ty Colt. This 20-year-old Midwesterner puts the corn in “corn-fed”, and apparently has a perma-hard cock. His debut scene is on FalconStr8men later this month. And those lips! We had dinner with him last night and he’s sweet and unassuming — the opposite of most gay-for-pay stars. And maybe he’s not even for pay — the stud has taken to the industry like a duck to water, and will be shooting both top and bottom scenes this year. 

Roman Heart might want to be extra careful when walking down a flight of stairs. I’m just sayin’ … Another picture after the jump.




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39 Responses to “Is Ty Colt The Next Big Thing?”

  1. Steve S says:

    He is hot. I loved him in Straight Shooters from Edward James.

  2. PixieMan says:

    Oh-My-God! What a perfect specimen of man. Looks like I’ll be getting a membership to FalconStr8men!

  3. Peter S says:

    What a sexy body… i love it hair freee

  4. Austin says:

    Geez I Guess. What a Fucking Hottie!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. James says:

    Very cute, but if he’s not going to kiss, suck dick, and be fucked what’s the point?

  6. Bliss says:

    James – who said he wasn’t going to? Is it because it says he’ll be on Str8men first? You obviously don’t have a clue. Shocking.

  7. ChicagoCub says:

    Where’s all they gay for pay haters now? Because he’s not a bodybuilder it’s ok now??????

  8. Casey says:

    Well, seeing as Roman Heart, Erik Rhodes, and Matt Rush are all openly gay men who have versatile sex with other men, love to kiss, suck dick, et al, how is this an improvement? The fact that he’s debuting on “FalconStr8Men” is an immediate turn-off.

  9. Dutch says:

    I have to admit…definately HOT
    But…let him mature for a few years (especially his face and than join the studios HH or RSS hehehe
    (and please become a top, we have plenty of bottoms already)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful, but I like my performers to actually like what they do. It shows in their onscreen performances.

    There are plenty of gorgeous straight guys out there, but I’d prefer a hot gay man who actaully likes having gay sex…call me old fashioned!

  11. schwapp says:

    Ugh! This guy has nothing on superhottie Roman Heart.

  12. James says:


    Take it easy sweetie. Keep your hysteria on the down low.


  13. Bliss says:

    No hysteria here on my part – it’s all the screaming fags that have already decided that he’s straight without even seeing him perform with another guy. What a bunch of whiny queers.

  14. PottedPlant says:

    I just heard through the vegetation that he’s already filmed guy-guy sex. Now we can hate him and Falcon…well…just because we can!

  15. Cranky says:

    Could they have given him a more generic porn name? Ty Colt?

  16. Cranky-Crack-Head says:

    Oh god – when you start worrying about a performers porn name you are BORED!!

  17. Richard says:

    He is without a doubt a good-looking guy, if you like that sort of generic cornfed type. But he just does not do it for me. I prefer them a little more…foreign-looking :)

  18. Jose says:

    Very HOT, so lets see him fuck before we say anything further. I like that Falcon is going back to the classic Falcon look. If he can fuck, he is a home run!

  19. johnny says:

    You’re having sex with a man.You aint that str8! Beautiful? YES

  20. Cuntylicious says:

    Wow. Am I missing the ‘straight’ tattoo on him or something? Really, what does ‘straight’ mean in this business anyway? I think there are some people who need to just watch and not blindly judge what they ‘think’ someone’s sexuality is.

  21. bwayjoey says:

    More pictures of him on this link. Scroll on the bottom of his profile to access them. He’s listed as “Bi” here.

  22. i never tell says:

    “The fact that he’s debuting on “FalconStr8Men” is an immediate turn-off.”

    Oh waaahh he’s debuting on a straighmen website. Who’s to say who won’t go further, into gay sex acts? He’s just starting small. Simply, give him some time.

    P.S. nothing against this guy but sunlight would not kill him. He’s way to pale.

  23. marty says:

    Does anyone know a good porn website where the guys actually F### til they cum ? All gay porn sites I ve visited do not do these scenes, they just jerk off after penetration. I want to see something more like the straight ones where the guys just pull out when they are about to cum :)

  24. ExPornCunt says:

    Wahh-Wahh! Ga-Ga-Goo-Goo! Go Suck a pacifier you big whiners. God, I swear, a few of you make me wonder if you have ANYTHING going on in your lives besides porn. Sad.

  25. xtubeaddict says:

    I dunno, he looks like your typical generic male porn star.. hardly the next big thing.

  26. Hardy-Har-Har says:

    Uhhh…yeah…”typical and generic”. Maybe he is if you watch videos from Dark Alley or Treasure Island.

  27. i never tell says:

    I agree w/ ExPorn Cunt. There has to abe more to life than worrying about wether a guy is gay or not right? Which ever path he takes, is his business wether the viewer likes it or not.

  28. WowZa! says:

    I bought a str8men membership to check out another model I am infatuated with, Rusty. I checked out Ty Colt’s debut today. Amazingly hot and talk about charisma! True, his debut is a solo jerk-off but I’m reading that he has guy-guy stuff coming too. Regardless, this guy is smokin’ hot!

  29. GC says:

    I’m considering a str8men membership, but before I do, I’d like to make sure that the videos are downloadable…does anybody know??? Thanks in advance!

  30. Bixxx Manly says:

    I would like to just suck all the jizz out of this guy. HOT. Just imagine licking his nuts and chest and armpits. YUM.

  31. Anonymous says:

    hes not gay. he has a pregnant girl friend and fucked up his life for a little money

  32. coxsukr says:

    OMFG He’s mother of all wet dreams!!!!!

  33. VK says:

    He’s alright, not all that IMO. Too damn boyish looking for me. But each to his own, that’s the beauty of being human, we’re all not attracted to the same thing.

  34. don says:

    omg i went to high school with him. this is crazy

  35. Jay says:

    Haha so did I…

  36. Eric says:

    HOT stud. Would be HOT to watch this white stud get black gang banged. chi chi La Rue’s Black Balled 7

  37. Marc K says:

    He looks hot fucking that tranny on Tranny Seducers dot com.

  38. mike says:

    I LOVE TY COLT. I’d love for him to grab me from behind AND NEVER LET GO. reese ride out doesn’t have anything on “i wish ” was my man TY COLT.

  39. mario says:

    this guy is the top of the heap when it comes top sexy big dick tops. him and Derek Stone are my two favorite studs to watch fuck other hot studs.i would give anything to be double teamed by them. they must have almost 10″ cocks. i would take their loads and savor the flavor of hot cum. then i would have them try to put both of their cocks in me at once. whoa mama

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