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Grabby Awards: The Outside Scoop

Gay porn awards are, themselves, a rather dubious distinction. Imagine how many guffaws I get when you I tell people I’ve won a GayVN for Best Screenplay. Not to mention trying to tell them you’re nominated for a Grabby. Pornographers can’t get no respect. bretwolfe.jpgThis Memorial Day, Chicago hosts The Grabbys (the gay porn award handed out by Gay Chicago Magazine) and IML (International Mr. Leather). I can’t remember which one I’m here for, but the stars are out in full harness.

Not to be all Jizz Smith, but I just returned from Bret Wolfe’s 30th Birthday (t’was Wet Palms themed, natch) where I saw bearded Bret with original Wet Palms veteran Brad “Barbie” Benton, as well as a few new additions including a besot Bobby Williams (“Don’t Say A WORD about Bad Boys Pool Party!”) and a lovingly vampiric Pete Ross.

The kids gathered round an issue of Gay Chicago magazine fighting over who had the most pictures. Frederick Ford begged for a casting couch while Troy Punk canoodled with a handsome new beau, nearly upsetting the Swedish-meatballs-and-birthday-cake spread on the pool
table. True Glamour!

Tomorrow the leather-and-lays weekend kicks into full gear with more parties, more porn stars and more bad gossip.


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5 Responses to “Grabby Awards: The Outside Scoop”

  1. Unrepentant Slut says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about this. And pictures? One day I’ll be there at IML. But, got to get the bod in shape first in order to sample the flown-in delicacies.

  2. naprem says:

    What the hell does “lovingly vampiric” mean?

  3. Mike says:

    He kept trying to bite my neck. But in a nice way.

  4. Manehel says:

    No entenc gairebé el que dieu

  5. Pete Ross says:

    Mike’s neck was just begging to be bitten. ;-)

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