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If you’re wondering why Americans are having trouble competing in the global gay economy, it may have something to do with Milo and Elijah Peters. Our locally grown porn twins are content to look pretty and shoot sidelong half-gay glances, while these gorgeous gay Czech twins from Bel Ami are willing to go all the way.



Now I know what straight men get so worked up about with lesbian sisters. And these gay Bel Ami boys are not some ugly dogs phoning it in. (If you have a membership to Bel Ami, you can see a cum-eating sequence i the video that a scandal.) Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’re double teaming Trevor, one of the biggest gay cocks in the Czech Republic. Where’s my passport?

VIDEO: Milo, Elijah and Trevor (


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  1. moha gaye says:

    i love the game.i will like to join the fun

  2. Peter says:

    If twin A is sucking twin B’s cock isn’t that incest?and isn’t incest illegal?

    Perhaps they are not really twins, in none of these pictures can you really compare their faces.

  3. tim says:

    I love to see twins doing their things…Bingo…

  4. incest_is_best says:

    I just watched the clip…….it’s amazing — these guys are completely comfortable doing everything with each other, kissing, sucking each other off. The one thing they don’t do is fuck each other but i’m guessing BelAmi is going to wait a while on that.

    Ugly twin sex is gross but these guys are hot and fucking cut.

    Plus they both take that MONSTER cock without batting an eyelash.


  5. tesla says:

    that video is insane. im a jaded oldtimer but that is positively teh hottest vid i’ve watched. that cock is huge, the twins EAT EACH OTHERS CUM and form a farking daisy chain with each other. well done bel ami. thi is the most worthwhile porn purchase ive made since 1992

  6. ken says:

    oh no they are twins alrite in the video and some of the gallery pix, u can tell

  7. fred says:

    i fucking love victor….now that is a cock!

  8. Michael says:

    Is this on a video to purchase or can you only watch it online?

  9. alexx says:

    dammit, this is sooo fucking hot!! i wanna cum all over them three. they are adorable!

  10. Eric says:

    They are hot, but there is still something disturbing about brothers doing brothers.

  11. Peter says:

    The incest taboo spawns from birth defects in the children that result from these encounters. In fact, incest was encouraged in royal families for centuries in order to maintain the bloodline. Since no children can be produced from male twins sleeping with each other, the questions of morality are just really based on each individual’s personal bias.

    I find it fucking hot as fuck.

    • Mike Gomez says:

      ME too, I find it fucking hot as well. I’d love to to have my hot little brother fuck me! Maybe someday soon when we get together and have a few drinks, then it will finally happen.

  12. Marco says:

    Who cares if it is incest or possibly illegal (it isn’t where they are doing it) it is fucking hot!

  13. deep says:

    Watched the Clip, Amazing Bodies and ok looking if not for the Very bad Acne Scarring

  14. Pedro says:

    If twin A is sucking twin B’s cock isn’t that incest?and isn’t incest illegal?

    Perhaps they are not really twins, in none of these pictures can you really compare their faces.Zona Gay

  15. jon says:

    I am a 58 yr old male – this is amazing.
    My idea is if it feels good and right to the individal whether its twin brothers, cousins or what ever……go for it… only go around once….hoping to see more of this erotic pictures…….thanks

  16. Portuguy says:

    I read somewhere that incest porn is only illegal in the US and UK. William Higgins did an interview where he discussed this and said it’s allowed in the Czech Republic. They are real twins.

  17. Todd says:

    That last shot is just about as hot as it gets.

  18. James says:

    this is realy wierd but when the blond dude cums its like a dream cum true

  19. James says:

    This is fucking insane… and if u really think that having sex with ur brother is hot then ur sick
    actually sooooo sick and u need treatment.

    I’m totally gay and being gay isn’t being awkward as str8 people see us, but sleeping with a related person especially that related (brothers for god sake) is not just awkward it’s wrong

    • Mike Gomez says:

      So tell me about the “double standard” for lesbian sisters to have sex with each other, that straight men find appealling. Isn’t that the same or just because this happens to be two male brothers you idiot!

    • Mike Gomez says:

      So tell me about the “double standard” for lesbian sisters to have sex with each other, that straight men find appealling. Isn’t that the same or just because this happens to be two male brothers that you cry incest you idiot!

  20. Levlev says:

    Their scene is just one of the hottest I’ve ever seen in gay porn. The twins’ cut pecs and abs are just beautiful. The brothers really go for it. Hope they’ll eventually fuck each other on camera.

  21. Dean says:

    SO HOTTTTTTTTT Love the twins! Can’t wait to see them fuck!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Im so jealous cause im a good looking guy and wish i had a twin so that he can fuck me all the time. Id be his slave for life if i had a twin. I have a bro thats a year younger than me whos very hot that i wish was gay. If he ever wanted me he wouldnt have to ask. He can just start using me however he wants and id do literally anything to be his!

    • Mike Gomez says:

      Me too man, I also have a hot twin little brother who is so fucking hot, that I wish some day he would just ask, whatever he wanted I would do what his girlfriend won’t do, suck his cock and eat his nice asshole, that he would dump her and make me his bitch.

  23. Dean says:

    Bel Ami is a european website, im just throwing that out there im not sure what the laws on incest are there.

  24. Ednel almoradie says:

    Shit I can’t wait to see dads fucking their own sons…..

  25. Ben says:

    Do the twins ever actually fuck each other?

  26. horny says:

    I like the gay twins I like to see them sucking each other… hmmm wished I could be in between them

  27. Baxter says:

    If I had a bro like that I’d be sucking his cock too! LOL! Its one hot video for sure! And Trevor Yates! WOW! What a cock!

  28. tyler says:

    I wish that was me getting my coock sucked off.And i wish i was getting fucked like that. and i like geting fuck with a guys dicks up my but and in my mouth i love it in my mouth i would love to get fucked and are there aney pics

  29. Tom says:

    I have had sex with both my brothers. One 2 years older ( he has a 10 inch cock ). I sucked him off for 3 years and he did make me swallow his cum every time. And my younger brother when he lived with me in NYC. He sucked me off for about a year. Once my older brother came for a visit and yep we had a 3 way. I sucked them both off later my older fucked my younger then my older sucked me dry while my younger ate out my ass. Only my younger would make out with me. Brother on brother sex is FUCKING Hot!!

    • Mike Gomez says:

      Man oh man, you’re lucky to have had a three way with your two brothers. I wish that I could get my hot little twin brother to fuck me and let me to suck his big cock and eat his fine ass. I know that it will happen someday, maybe when we’re both alone, drunk and feeling horny

  30. matejh says:

    incest would put u to jail up to 3 yers in accordance with the czech law…

  31. Rae says:

    What is the name of thier movie that thier in! I cant find or even the clip.
    Anyone know?

  32. Dick says:

    Finally!!! A real true twin incest video that gets my nut every time. If only I could be lucky enough to get between the 2 of them!! 100 thumbs up!

  33. Sexy daddy says:

    I dont have a bro but that was relly hot so who ever is dtf think about me babyies

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