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Gay Sex Scandal: Vincent De Salvo Suspended From Christian College

Gay amateur star Vincent DeSalvo was suspended from a Christian college in Pennsylavia for appearing on gay amateur site Randy Blue a month ago. A fellow student found a video of De Salvo (alternately, Di Salvo) on the porn site and reported him.

Vincent-Di-Salvo-gay porn-movies.jpg

Frankly, a threeway with Reese Rideout and Leo Giamani is worth the year suspension in my book…
Philadelphia-native DeSalvo claims that while “his amateur work with Randy Blue would count as “exhibiting behavior contrary to the values of the school,” he doesn’t think that it’s any of their business, especially since he’s using the money to pay for schooling.

According to the Grove City College’s website, religious life at the school is important and “students are encouraged to get involved in the various activities and experiences in an effort to learn from one another and to embark on their spiritual journeys together.” I’d say an orgy qualifies. It certainly looks heavenly.

Vincent-De-Salva-gay porn-movies-randy-blue-oral.jpg
Vincent-De-Salva-gay porn-movies-randy-blue-leo-gay.jpg

Do you think this was worth it?



Porn Star Expelled From Christian College (
Reese, Vincent and Leo (

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66 Responses to “Gay Sex Scandal: Vincent De Salvo Suspended From Christian College”

  1. Legend says:

    These stories aren’t as surprising as they once were. Now it’s just expected that any group of people devoted to christian values is most likely full of fags.

  2. Baeowulf says:

    Seriously, how can you justify going to a xtian school only to turn around and do gay porn at night to pay the bills? Did he think they were just going to say “good job, lad, way to spread your legs…er, the word of christ!”

    Idiot deserves to get kicked out of school.

  3. Tyler says:

    What about the self righteous bastard who turned him in? So looking at gay porn at a christan college is ok but participating in it isn’t? Personally, they can go fuck themselves. De Salvo should use the money to go to a school that concentrates on education and not what their students do in their personal lives!

  4. ga808 says:

    And what of the student that noticed his classmate while watching gay porn and whackin’ off…what a hater.

  5. adef says:

    and no one questioned the fellow student that ‘found’ the video, what he doing in the site in the first place?

  6. tralph says:

    so tell us, is there a suspension in place for the obviously gay “fellow student” that reported him.

    oh politics…..

  7. Anonymous says:

    what about the student who reported him, looking at gay porn

  8. cossaw says:

    Well, what can you expect from a college that is primarily defined through its religious views?
    Here, I also wonder how the guy who “discovered” V di Salvo justified his findings… I guess he wasn’t expelled or suspended. This reminds me of that guy who was fired from a fast food restaurant because a client identified him playing in a porn movie… how hypocrite is this?

  9. Dutchie. says:

    Aww, poor kid.

    Well, at least he had fun. :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to hear the guy who reported him explain how he came across the Randy Blue website.

  11. Benj says:

    Definitely worth it – GCC is a craphole.

    Did the student who “stumbled upon” his classmate getting tagteamed also get in trouble? Cuz I doubt s/he would be seeing these pics on Fox News or some religious site!

  12. TominIL says:

    I would say it was worth it! Can always find somewhere else to go to college!

  13. David says:

    I saw this scene and almost instantly creamed my pants. I cant imagine applying to be an internet gay porn performer and being informed your partners are Reese Rideout and Leo Giamani as both tag team your ass. I agree the suspension was worth it in my book.
    I cant imagine a bigger fantasy of gay men than these two at the same time. I am so jealous!!!
    I would go to jail for 5 years for a similiar opportunity :)

  14. raul says:

    shouldn’t the guy that found it get in trouble too?

  15. arashi says:

    Begs the question– What was that other Grove City College student doing surfing around the Randy Blue site? Or, at least, Googling De Salvo / Di Salvo?

  16. GG says:

    I think the student that reported the incident should also be suspended as he shouldn’t be looking at gay porn websites either. I would imagine that would qualify as something that is contrary to the school’s values as well.

  17. btmrookie says:

    id give up ivy league for a piece of that..

  18. I wonder if the guy who turned him in was suspended for cruising porn sites?

  19. My Other Car's the Tardis says:

    I second that emotion! He’s yummers.

  20. Anonymous says:

    He seems to love cock. I can’t say I blame him.

  21. scott says:

    Absolutely, it is worth it!!!
    Even having Leo’s cock in one’s mouth for a second is totally worth getting suspended from that school!Look at his face! He is in fag Heaven…..If this is not spiritual, I don’t know what is???
    How about the student who is visiting RandyBlue’s site?? Will they suspend him too? What Hypocrites!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    He seems to love cock. I can’t say I blame him.

  23. hairystud says:

    WOW – I thought he showed some Christian love.

    I hate to see him expelled, but he is going out in a big bang!

    I would die a happy man if I were in the middle of a Reese-Leo sandwich. I want to be one of Reese’s Pieces of Ass. And Leo can make me his she-lion anyday.

  24. Tommy says:

    Perhaps the individual who was looking through gay porn sites and reported this to the college might owe an explanation as to his situation…..

  25. Mike says:

    Did anyone at Bible Thumper College bother to ask the student who reported him why he or she was looking at a gay porn site?

  26. It worth a lot being suspended a year from that school, if the one who fucked you was Reese Rideout. Damm, i’d like to be fucked by him, and this guy was so lucky.

    Personally, i think working as porn actor is his bussines (is what he does for living), and school must stay away from that, they just should be intereted in his education, and no matter how he gets the money to pay for. Even though the school has Christian orientation, it shouldn’t be problem about what sexual orientation you have, and how that drives your life.

  27. alexy says:

    and just HOW did this fellow student find out?

  28. Mike99 says:

    I just think it is sad that some closet queen reported him to the school.

  29. joop says:

    Gay 4 pay critics always claim, straight men that do gay porn are exploiting gay men, but maybe we and gay 4 pay sites like Randy Blue are exploiting young straight men desperate for quick money. Gay for pay maybe objectionable, but for the opposite reasons everyone says. Manipulating a young naïve straight man into something that will inevitably have a negative effect on his life if found out so some man with a straight guy fetish can get his rocks off and Randy Blue and his kind can make money is actually (when you think of it) rather ethically dubious.

  30. T-Bird says:

    Why was he suspended because he is in a gay porn ? Because he is gay ? wtf…
    Oh, and how did the guy who ratted him out come across the porn in the first place ? I’m really sure it was on accident…wink wink. Probably told on him because he could not get some. lol
    Gimme an f’n break here.

  31. Pete says:

    Shouldn’t they also have kicked out the kid who reported him?

  32. Anonymous says:

    The guy that reported him was jealous because he wasnt there with him getting fucked by the hottest guys in the industry. You know more than half of the men that go to christian schools are fucking each other on the low, he just happens to be more open about it.

  33. James M says:

    The guy that reported him was jealous because he wasnt there with him getting fucked by the hottest guys in the industry. You know more than half of the men that go to christian schools are fucking each other on the low, he just happens to be more open about it.

  34. Jake Deckard says:

    I imagine that Randy BLue definitely thinks it was worth it. The guy is a knock-out, the scene is hot, and Jesus is the best publicity machine that money can buy.

  35. Sam says:

    I think this guy is still a kid albeit an adult kid. His interview showed that he is really caught up in the glamour of all of this and he wants to do more adult porn and put any plans for advanced education on hold. The track record for drug addiction and premature death for gay porn stars is pretty damned clear. It’s his choice but I hope he stays clean and safe.

  36. pittboy8408 says:

    it is very sad in my opinion. I think the GCC are a bunch of bigots. With a college doctorate from the university of pittsburgh, I understand the value of a good education, but under no circumstances should an institution’s value’s overshadow an individuals. I personally know and like “vincent.” He is a great guy and definately doesn’t deserve it. I will be paying off my education until I am 33. Good for him for getting on the top … I mean bottom, of paying for his school.

  37. ScotTenorman says:

    joop, I think, might be on to something. Details mag ran a story 2/3 years back about the soldiers in North Carolina who were doing porn for Dink Flamingo. These guys made no money…I don’t remember how many were found out, but some of them had wives. They got kicked out of the military, of course. Many problems ensured, naturally. Think Dirk Yates has been involved in similar scandals.

    Now one could argue that theses guys are grown men with free will. That Dink Flamingo or Dirk Yates (or Sean Cody or Randy Blue or whoever today) isn’t holding a shotgun to their heads. Still, I can’t help wondering if there’s not an element of exploitation of the young, the naive, the financially disadvantaged.

    I don’t know how the Flamingo thing turned out, but Dink’s houses have gotten progressively bigger, and like his TV counterpart hillbillies, he’s moved to LA. I hope he helped those guys out. After all, his “empire” was built on their utility.

  38. Pman says:

    What the hell is up with all these religious schools? I mean before I saw this I read on yahoo that some student at a religious private high school would be suspended if he took his date to her high school prom because dancing was “wrong”. What people do outside of school is their prerogative and people need to respect that. Im sure there are other students that have done way worse than this at their “religiously focused” school.

  39. Bob says:

    My question exactly! What was he doing on the site to find DeSalvo????

  40. Mike says:

    Hey Joop. Vincent de Salvo “came out” as bisexual in an article for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. So he’s not a naive straight man who’s been manipulated. A naive bi man who’s been manipulated, maybe. ;)

  41. howsitgoin' says:

    I think this ‘scandal’ is manufactured for publicity. I feel used, considering I was on the kid’s side.

    Apparently, once this model lawyer’d up the school settled the dispute. Now he only has to take the remaining two courses at another institution, and he will still get the Grove City degree.

    It was over as soon as it began.

    It seems in today’s market, you have to stand out from the competition. A little publicity goes a long way – this ‘scandal’ works to the models advantage. Same as G4P(now that someone has mentioned it). When all those models went on Tyra it was pure publicity stunt. And clearly those performers don’t care about the community that supports them as the guest appearance sent mixed messages about homosexuality to the public.

  42. jay says:

    Joop you’re an idiot. This is a free country and if you porn, that’s no one’s choice but yours. Not to mention that the whole gay-for-pay thing is bullcrap, we ALL know they’re all as gay as the next one. Why don’t these ‘desperate kids’ do straight porn?Why don’t they get a regular job to pay for college?Because they’re GAY, that’s why. Don’t get me wrong, I love gay porn, and I love randy blue boys, not because I think they’re straigth, they’re hot and extremely good at having gay sex. Peace :)

  43. Think says:

    He was suspended for doing porn, not for being gay. Think about it.

  44. umbrella - eh -eh says:

    I agree w/ Pete. how would he have known if he wasn’t online searching for porn himself? he should have been suspended too!

  45. Tao says:

    Is GfP really a matter of choice, is porn really a matter of choice? What a person decides to do is their choice but for some it may seem like they have no choice.
    What i feel should be the case is that it shouldn’t matter if someone decides to use “what they’ve got” to do something which many of us find pleasurable. However, there is still prejudice out there, not for just about porn, but for being gay or involved in any act of homosexuality.

  46. MARK says:


  47. joe says:

    That pic of him wearing those white pants is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen.

  48. Oelte says:

    Um, isn’t it something that it’s the places where it’s disallowed that is the breeding ground for pick ups in the business and scandal. Same goes with the jails, except no one really hears about it in the big media, it’s just known, if you care at all about finding out. So why don’t we petition the government to have would be rapists in jail get working credit for being in the porno industry instead!? Or would this be exhibiting values contrary to the values of the legal profession? And how do we get the lawyers from screwing people over?
    And would we get a porno called Dick (Cheney) does hard time or Everyone’s Gay in Prison? Or is this just too covert? The difference is that it’s clearly listed, one place…

  49. This model is smart, not stupid, for doing porn. It beats doing a dead-end minimum wage job. As tuitions skyrocket, and with parents not wanting to support their gay children, porn becomes the smartest route. It’s no accident that many gay actors have come from bigoted families that have treated them shabbily, and/or from Catholic or other religious roots.

    Gay men are drawn to religious studies, as well as to gay sex. Maybe one day we will try to understand this, as well as understand the spiritual connections.

    This model is smart for wanting to go further in gay porn. This country is currently chock full of people who are up to their eyeballs in student loan debt, who have been responsible in their “legit” careers, and who tried to do everything that is respectful and practical, only to become financially ruined or even homeless.

    Gay porn is an industry, and there is opportunity for a guy like this. He would be stupid if he did NOT take advantage. Maybe someday he’ll be on top of his own empire. If all of you gay men are on this site, why are any of you denigrating careers in gay porn?

    The military analogy does not apply here. That is a completely different situation. This model did not flaunt his activities in anyone’s face. I wish him well in his porn career, and hope this bottom lands on top.

    Finally, I have worked for Catholics, and I have done some porn. The Catholics are thieves and liars, but in gay porn I was always treated with honesty and respect. Last year, a gay porn project helped me pay that months’ rent. I am also spending bucks on tuition. Let’s get the issues straight, and celebrate our gayness with pride.

  50. Marc says:

    I read the Post Gazette article, and while I think it’s too bad the kid got booted out of school, it is one of those “Duh” situations. It’s a religious school. If you voluntarily go to one, you have to adhere to their rules – as inane as they may be. This has nothing to do with whether you like porn or not.
    Ironically, he says in the article that he would not have done it if he had known the outcome, but in this day and age of internet, it doesnt take a computer whiz to figure out that a porn past (and present) can find you pretty quickly.

  51. BannedWithANewAccount says:

    lol I guess it doesn’t help that i posted a link to his PORN IDENTITY on one of his youtube vids…lol

    i hope i wasn’t the one who outed him lol

  52. BannedWithANewAccount says:

    lol I guess it doesn’t help that i posted a link to his PORN IDENTITY on one of his youtube vids…lol

    i hope i wasn’t the one who outed him lol

  53. BannedWithANewAccount says:

    lol I guess it doesn’t help that i posted a link to his PORN IDENTITY on one of his youtube vids…lol

    i hope i wasn’t the one who outed him lol

    that’s his youtube channel btw lol

    oh an the guy Cameron Micheals from Randy Blue has a vid on YOUTUBE of him singing with Chris Crocker…they actually use to date gross

    but then again it’s my job to out ppl


  54. fang says:

    1) in total agreement with Tyler and all the posts that bring up the fact that’s being overlooked about the student who ‘stumbled upon’ Vincents video. double standards or what?

    2) ‘MARK’ – you need to
    a): know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth again,
    b) stop being such a self-loathing hypocrite yourself,

    3) anyone considered banning the ip of this ‘BannedWithANewAccount’ douchebag yet? just sayin’…

    as for ‘Vincent DeSalvo’ Himself, you have my support, don’t let this setback own you.

  55. Nijinsky says:

    You know, it’s one thing to say “I think this better for your time” or even “I personally like this or that porno website better” but to make such claims that a student is “exhibiting” behavior contrary to the values of the school”, only shows that the school isn’t based on education. There’s a difference between education and indoctrination and certainly between learning and what ends up being emotional abuse. And one would wonder how many of these fine educators would have been happy had Vincent not “exhibited” the behavior but kept it behind closed doors for them, when their wives weren’t looking.

  56. chrissy says:

    Did the boy who found him get suspended???

  57. Nijinsky says:

    And then the other side of it (what truly exhibits values contrary to a christian school) again is exploitation. Must I name names and must I go into detail naming what went on already in the name of trust religion and sentiment with a model, although a different model who was in a very highly exposed way using the name Christian for music…….

  58. MARK says:


  59. Nijinsky says:

    And further more, all of this is basically quite mild compared to what I could report. And sorry, I don’t have the time right now (and I imagine there’s not room) to entertain you with a whole script of a documentary about what’s really going on and who are the ones that need to be prevented from having access to a campus, or who shouldn’t be in charge of what kind of activity goes on with those who end up having difficulty on campus, and are reported here.

  60. Oelte says:

    And it’s been fine again. I lose count of how many pornographic videos I have seen basically assuming that it’s cool to make references to me, who is not there, as if I’m on remote control. Fine! If the world was a watermelon and you were it’s sun, I wouldn’t insult a raisin about what you people do. And this bunch of aces which have allowed it all to happen, congratulations on your fine work and what you have attained with the wonderful state of acceptance for homosexuality, since gained, thanks to your exploitative propoganda. There aren’t words to describe how presumptuous you are, there aren’t numbers to count how much assistance needed was wasted on your parties, there’s no geometry to encompass your entrance into space not allowed for others where you rape, lie, force, cheat, imitate for predatory reasons and simply downright abuse, and there aren’t bridges to lead people away from the confusion you have caused for those who can see what you are up to and aren’t allowed a voice. And you people think you have something to say about oppression!??

  61. Oelte says:

    And I suppose that I’m supposed to be complimented with an innumerably talented garden of ridiculously gorgeous and funny, cute and willingly friendly guys trying to command my attention on screen, but it fades away……….
    The colors last someplace else

  62. John Johnson says:

    What’s the big F*cking deal, if people want to do gay porn, let ‘em. When people need money, they do what they gotta do!

  63. stacey says:

    oh boy i luv it…………….i wish i was in it

  64. Anonymous says:

    He was discovered because a fellow student found one of his videos on a porn site!?

    What was this guy doing looking at porn then if it is so wrong? Did that little snitch get suspended too for watching?

    Two faced Christian b*st*rd! That only adds fuel to my hatred towards religion.

  65. Brian says:

    Marc is right when he said, “It’s a religious school. If you voluntarily go to one, you have to adhere to their rules.” If you’re going to a school with an affiliation to a religion, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. You are told upfront what the rules and regulations are. They’re private schools.

    As for the student who found him, if he’s a Christian as well and searching for porn, then he may need to do some soul-searching as well and figure out what he’s doing. It is possible to come across porn accidentally when doing a search.

    Obviously if Vincent is making money from gay porn then he can probably afford to go to a different school.

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