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Gay Porn Star Pool Party

gay porn pool party pic.jpgThe gay menz love a good pool party almost as much as they love raising money for a good cause and schmoozing with naked porn stars. My favorite fire crotch, Will Clark was the genius to put the chocolate into that penut butter and voila the Bad Boy Pool Party is already on its 5th year this past weekend in Palm Springs. Though I wasn’t able to go I hear it was the best-attended one to date. Lucky for us Gay Porn Blog roving photographer Jon Duede snapped some hot pics of the sex crazed porn lunatics brave community-oriented humanitarians in attendance.
gay porn pool party

gay porn pool party

gay porn pool party

gay porn pool party

gay porn pool party

gay porn pool party

gay porn pool party

gay porn pool party

gay porn pool party

gay porn pool party

gay porn pool party

(All photos by Jon Duede)

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  1. strongarm says:

    Can I place an order for a single serve helping of chocolate?

  2. BigDaddyMeat says:

    A single serving is about all you will get too. I’m sure you noticed he was the only burnt person in the crowd

  3. chriso says:

    I was surprised at the cock sucking photo because I thought Michael Brandon was scolde for doing the same and started his pool party since he wasn’t allowed to do naughty stuff at the BBPP. But maybe I am totally wrong. It’s hard to keep up with all the goins on of the pornfolk.

  4. jerseyboy says:

    The guy with the shved head in the yellow speedo is Kris Anthony. Very, very hot. He’s gonna be huge.

  5. Jake says:

    Man I’m deffinately attending next year. Its cock everywhere!

  6. jakey says:

    And botcholism!

  7. visitor says:


  8. Lee says:

    Someone please tell me who that man with the ass is on the diving board?

  9. Jon Duede says:

    Hey guys. Jon here I took the picts. The BJ was in a private area for a shoot. The porn stars were actually very well behaved except in the bouncy tent- wink wink. The diving board guy is Ceasar. Yeah sadly, there was a severe lack of diversity but can you complain when you get the creme of the crop? LOL The guy in the Speedo with the crowd was Paul “boom boom boom” Lekakus, still sexy today!

  10. butchy says:

    so who is the african american in the red speedo? GORGEOUS!…butchy

  11. Jake again says:

    Who is the guy with the yellow speedo, shaved head and cash in his mouth? He is hot but his name is not Kris Anthony or otherwise theres no info of him anywhere on the net!

  12. Josh says:

    Is that one guy being but fucked on that photo with the four guys all naked?

  13. d says:

    Great pictures Jon!

  14. alfi says:

    i loveeee michael brandon

  15. jef says:

    exelent snaps

  16. yo quisira formar peliculas de porno gay me gusta q me lo mamen y introducir mi verga a los q lo gustan

  17. johnnny says:

    can someone tell me who the asian guy with the tatoo on his belly button is?

  18. george says:

    How I woud like to be at BBPP!!!
    Where could I see more pics?

  19. Chad says:

    Who is the guy in the orange speedo he could hurt someone with that dick?

  20. William in the UK says:

    The Asian guy is Brandon Lee
    He is in the DVD ‘Wicked’- a Chi Chi LaRue production !

  21. greg says:

    Brandon Lee should never stop doing porn. Ever. (unless he falls in love with me and we get married – yep, that’s the only time he should stop)

  22. fio says:

    5th pic from under has a beautiful cock!

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