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Gay Porn Award Pics

gay porn star dean phoenixSo, the GayVN Awards were a blast. Not quite the high-drama evening as some people purported it to be. I saw no fist fights, and tales of a certain “uber-agent” being refused entry to the Channel 1 after party and being carried away by bouncers are greatly exaggerated.

A good time was had my all (as far as I saw), and the turn out as the best it’s been since I first attended them in 2002. Everyone was there, even LA Gay sub-lebrities were in full force, with Bobby Trendy raising the all-around trashy quotient by gracing us with our presence. Yes! I was at the same party as BOBBY TRENDY! Am I dreaming?

Anyways, here’s the first batch. We’ll post more later this weekend.

(All photos by ME)

(Click continue to see the pics …)gay porn star
Gus Mattox. In Calvin Klein black label. In MY hotel room before the show started.

caesar gay porn star
Muscle-god Caesar with AMG’s Michael Youens

chris wide gay porn star
Insanely handsome (and tall!) COLT man Chris Wide.

cory koons gay porn star
Newcomer of the year (in my book) Cory Koons with Raging Stallion director Chris Ward.

danny vox gay porn star
Danny Vox working the sexy librarian look.

dean phoenix gay porn star
Dean Phoenix is the sexiest man alive. I’m sorry.

gay porn star
Gus Mattox. With pal Matt McGrath.

gay porn star
Jackie Beat fucking rules. Also, if you look closely, in the bottom right-hand corner of this picture, you can see Republican servant Chad Savage.

gay porn star
Jason Curious, looking as Bobby Trendy as ever

bobby trendy porn star
Bobby Trendy INSISTS he’s on the guest list.

Nick Capra porn star
Nick Capra gets cosy with Brad Benton.

jason ridge porn star
Jason Ridge with Brad Benton doing that headbanger thing he always does when a cameras is pointed at him

johnny hazzard porn star
The always-foxy and impeccably dressed Johnny Hazzard.

johnny hazzard porn star
GayVN Judges Jonno and Lisa Bang take one last look at the nominees.

josh tager porn star
I’m sorry, but’s style editor Josh Tager has by far the coolest tattoo ever. If anyone can identify what classic 90s indy rock album cover this is from, email me.

Ken Ryker porn star
Porn Legend Ken Ryker looking pensive.

Matthew Rush porn star
Matthew Rush and friend watch a recap of the Best Picture nominees on the monitor. Fingers crossed!

Owen Hawk porn star
The irrepressable director Phil St. John sure has a flare for fashion.

Ray Dragon porn star
Ray Dragon and Lisa Bang share a much needed laugh.

Rod Barry porn star
Rod Barry with the new Channel 1 Exclusive Luca Dicorso.

Rod Barry porn star
Lisa Bang, keep an eye on your date or he’ll slip Mike the tongue.

gay porn star
Our favorite Sister who likes to indulge a lot, Roma!, in a familiar position: On her knees.

Roman heart porn star
Falcon Studios‘ newest crop of hunk-a-licious exclusives, Roman Heart and Erik Rhodes.

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47 Responses to “Gay Porn Award Pics”

  1. Tom says:

    Everyone looks bloated, except Gus, of course. Why is that?

    Jason Curious looks like Toad from the X-Men movie. Johnny Hazzard looks like he’s doing Mrs. Oleson (from Little House on the Prairie) drag.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some of these guys don’t look so good. Gus Mattox looks handsome and dreamy. Brad Benton and Dean Phoenix look hot. Some of the rest – eek.

  3. shane says:

    dont be sorry for dean pheonix being the hottest man alive! its true. And as for bobby trendy, he is like a bag case of vd! you try to get rid of it, but no matter what you do it leaves you with an itchy groin. On to bigger and better things, Ken Ryker is looking as tasty as ever! He even is looking great with cloths on!!! As you can see i cant get enough of the big stud!! As for matt rush and friend….wholly fricken whet dream! hes crossing his fingers and im uncrossing my legs, hhhhhaaaapppy day!!!! and Rod Barry is looking great as well…..but i have a thing for him, plus i hear he is great in the sack, i have heard it from many people and i live in canada, so he must be good!!! And Gus Maddox is looking as good as ever as well, the guy has style. his suit says “im gay, and im happy about it!!! if anyone has Gus’s email could you post it as i think i want to have his children!!!

  4. shane says:

    One more comment on Matt Rush’s friend.
    the boy sure can fill out a pair of jeans……look at that ass!!!


  5. xnowherex says:

    Take away the lighting, the make-up, and the airbrushing, and I’m sorry to say these guys don’t look good at all. The only people I find doable in all these photos are Jonno and Mike. Matthew Rush looks like one of those people at the gym I go to that can barely walk, and the question “Hey, do you work out?” can only come out with sarcasm attached.

  6. SRL says:

    Good lord. Does Dean Phoenix EVER take a bad picture? He looks even more gorgeous in real life.

  7. Cock Hudson says:

    Oh how we LOVE to point out the flaws in those that we obsess over. No one is perfect, and none of these people ever claimed to be perfect. Except maybe that monster Bobby Trendy. they have flaws. yes. they don’t look perfect in a normal snapshot. Sorry to burst the bubble boys but Porn Stars are People Too.

    Try to remember that they probably read this too and not everyone is as perfect looking and without flaw as You. LOL.

  8. ChaseTheSun says:

    The tatoo is from the Dinosaur Jr. album cover for Green Mind…

    I’m impressed. I didn’t think gay boys listened to indie rock.

  9. Big D says:

    Damn Ken has had some work done and it looks like a new hairpiece

  10. Bananas says:

    Great “insider” photos, but…

    Caesar looks like a fat drag queen. “Muscle-god?”

    Dean Phoenix looks like Animal Planet mainstay, Jeff Corwin.

    Ken Ryker looks bored.

  11. shane says:

    If i had all of KEN RYKERS assets i would look bored at the party to! i think he looks fantastic!!! but i still cant get over the ass of MATT RUSHES friend!!


  12. Tom says:

    “I didn’t think gay boys listened to indie rock.”

    What? Who else listens to indie rock besides fags and girls?

  13. ChaseTheSun says:

    “What? Who else listens to indie rock besides fags and girls?”

    Well, back when I was a college DJ and “Green Mind” was released, all the indie rock boys were straight. The “fags” were listening to Lords of Acid and The Shamen. I’d love to be proved wrong, but I still haven’t met a gay guy who can explain the significance of Pavement during the early 90s or show me his Drag City record collection.

  14. jack says:

    Uh, like, whatever ChaseTheSun, haven’t you, like, ever read anything by Dennis Cooper?

  15. chriso says:

    Can someone tell 90% of all gay porn performers that piling on 900 tons of muscle is not always attractive.

    And yeah, lots of straight boys listened to indie rock in the 90s but so did a lot of fags. And you can totally kiss my ass, ChaseTheSun, if you think you’re the lone fag who knew anything about indie in the 90s.

  16. ChaseTheSun says:

    Uh, like, yeah, I’ve read a couple of books by, like, Cooper. So? I was just making a passing observation, apparently a wrong one. If all you guys are listening to indie rock, then great.

  17. art_smass says:

    I’ll show you my Drag City record collection … it’s right down there … no, a little further … just bend over and you’ll see it …

  18. Tom says:

    We’re just being bitches, Chase. Yes, we like indie rock, but we are still fags.

  19. Matt Rush's Friend says:

    To Shane, thanks so much for googling over my assets! :-) Positive comments are always appreicated by those who have their pictures taken and then posted on websites such as these. Oh, Matt is very capable of walking like most normal beings.

  20. Lee says:

    Someone please tell me who that handsome devil with the kissable ass is with Matthew Rush? Will we be seeing more of him and less of those jeans anytime soon? OOOHHH MYY : )

  21. shane says:

    To Matt Rushes Friend….honey you have all the good parts including friends!!! Matt Rush is hot hot hot!!! By the way did everyone take a look at MATTS FRIENDS ASS!!!! IM still having wet dreams about it!!! As far as Matt not walking normal, his fantasic body doesnt seem to bother him im the sack, and thats a fact, the last thing i need to see is him walking, unless hes coming back for more!!!



  22. chriso says:

    Sorry if the indie rock response was bitchy. I’m a drummer in an indie rock band, been playing music for the last 11 years and I am so sick of people being stunned that a gay guy can manage to put the cock down and rock out on the drums. It’s just as insulting as people who think women can’t rock. So thinking no queer guys no indie rock just rubs me the wrong way. Pardon.

  23. shane says:

    LEE! i dont know who the hottie in the jeans with MATT RUSH is but can you say infukin credible!


  24. strongarm says:

    Dean is a hottie, who cares if he looks sorta like Jeff Corwin, they both got sexy legs, all three of them!

  25. Matthew Rush says:

    That fine specimen with me with the hottest ass on the planet is my boyfriend!

  26. Gef says:

    Your photo’s are fantastic mate!

    Is it me or has Ken Ryker packed on much more muscle? He was quite lean for a while there.

    I think I am going to have to move to the USA just to keep up ;)


  27. shane says:

    TO MATT R! your a lucky lucky man!

  28. shane says:

    Matt and super hottie jeans guy!would i love to be holding the camera in that video

  29. J to tha E to tha F to tha F says:

    that is off the cover of green mind, one of the best records EVER!!!!!!!

  30. shlonkey says:

    that’s from that episode on Little House on the Prairie when after Caroline’s newborn boy dies, and Laura thinks it’s her fault so she leaves home to go on a trip to get closer to god, and she climbs a mountain and meets Jonathan who makes a wooden cross for her, and she dropped it in the creek while she was washing and it floated down stream where Pa happened to find it and figure out where Laura was.

    what a great tattoo!

  31. D-Man says:

    Dean Phoenix looks great. Brad Benton does too, and Brad will always be my favorite porn star.

  32. Lee says:

    Chris Wide ? not only is he insanely handsome , tall but what a chest and those heavenly eyes !!

  33. Mark says:

    As always Gus is looking great! He is the best!

  34. Sergio says:

    Bobby Trendy and Jason Curious, like two queefs in a toilet bowl.

  35. JT says:

    I’m a gay retired naval commander.

  36. Flex says:

    Erik Rhodes is a hottie. love to ride him

  37. Paul Smith says:

    No way JT!….Gays in the navy???

  38. spotter says:

    Ken Rykers’ New Rug Rocks!!!!


  39. box89 says:

    Cool site!
    Jan Dvorak is the hotest guy!!!

  40. boxgeniusscg says:

    Cool site!
    Jan Dvorak is the hotest guy!!!

  41. NYO says:

    Matt’s BF is very hot looking. He’s in Cross Country, the new Falcon movie. His porn name is Ethan Kage. YUM

    I prefer Erik Rhodes or Roman Heart for me, but agree about that ASS.

  42. Larry says:

    Is Ken Ryker H-O-T-T or what?

  43. Jay says:

    does anyone know any info on roman heart
    is he really just 19?

  44. 113 says:

    I want to be fucked by all of them!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Man what I would give to be sandwiched between Erik Rhodes and Roman Heart … retired Navy boy myself here .. What a ride these would be .. and for seconds, Matthew Rush and Brad Benton!

  46. OREN says:

    I prefer to see Jason Kingsley !
    What a wonderful hot body !! He is so attractive ~~~

  47. mediapusher says:

    Eww, I was never enamored with Roman Heart anyway, but he looks totally wasted in this photo

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