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Gay Porn on Pink TV

johnny-brosnan-pic.jpgI Want My PinkTV! Pink TV, a new French broadcasting network has started screening four gay porn movies a night, debuting earlier this week with Falcon Studios hit Out of Athens.

When MTV gets going with the gay LOGO network next March, I doubt we’ll see anything as remotely sexy as John Rutherford’s high-end Johnny Brosnan/George Vidanov starrer. Filmed in Greece, produced in the US, on TV in France. I guess it’s true that the language of love knows no bounds.

And while currently, Pink TV has stuck to a diet of gay porn and pop culture (Wonder Woman, So Graham Norton), maybe we need to call Vivendi or CanalPlus or someone, somewhere in France about Wet Palms. The boys would love to get their fan mail in French.

Meanwhile, HBO subscribers are getting a taste of the good life last night with Thinking XXX, a behind the scenes look at the making of the hottest coffee table book ever.


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  1. power says:

    Gostava que me visitasses e comentasses.

  2. Allan says:

    Just wanted to let the world know that PINK TV is not the world’s first gay network.

    Pridevision TV in good ‘ol Canada was the first gay channel and was launched several years ago.

    And yes, it has man on man uncensored porn during late night.

    Check out the website at

    And cum to Canada, where gays can marry and be truly free.

  3. Allan says:

    PRIDEVISION TV, based in Toronto, Canada recently posted this notice on its website….

    Due to overwhelming viewer demand, and the launch of a new GLBT service in the new year, we’re cranking up the heat!

    You’ll now enjoy all your favourite erotica titles and a host of sizzling new ones starting November 1st in Primetime from 9pm – 6am (EST) 7 days a week. That’s more than 4 times the erotica you’re seeing now! And, as you continue to get HARD on PrideVision TV, we’ll be increasing the erotica content to a full 24/7 service.

    How do you get in on the action? Simple. If you’re a current PrideVision TV subscriber, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the increased HARD content on your existing service. If you have yet to subscribe, now is the time. Call you local cable or satellite provider and ask for us. Then, shortly in the near year, a new GLBT service representing the entire community will debut providing two separate services for our community. (More details later in the year.)

    Starting November 1st, enjoy XXX erotica in Primetime, 7 days a week from 9pm-6am (EST).

    Get HARD on PrideVision TV.

    (When the new adult-only launches, the existing PrideVision TV will be renamed Glow TV.

  4. dickersucker says:

    yeaaah, cool, i loved this men

  5. The Pope says:

    I love boys. Please send me lots of pretty Pictures

  6. oritogari says:

    oh sexy

  7. Stefan P says:

    I Like all kinds of men, im in love with a gorgeous guy in my class. I can’t stop thinking about him.

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