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Gay Porn Mugshot: Sebastian Young

Jet Set always referred to their former exclusive Sebastian Young as a “Bad Boy”, and now I finally understand why … he’s a fugitive from the law! GayPornTimes is reporting that the 25-year-old (who also did some work for BrokeStraightBoys) has a rap sheet a mile long that includes arrests for robbery and trafficking in hot property and, most recently, “Battery Upon a Person 65/Older”. Beating the elderly … hey, that’s just like ex-Jet Set exclusive Nickolay Petrov!

Maybe if he gets caught he’ll be end up in the pokey next perennial prison favorite Mark Dalton.

Check out a couple more pics of Sebastian after the jump …


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Sebastian Young Wanted by the FL police (Gay Porn Times)

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No Responses to “Gay Porn Mugshot: Sebastian Young”

  1. Sasha says:

    Over 65? That’s gotta be Jake Cruise he assaulted.

  2. telly says:

    Maybe that scene where he bottoms recently was just him practicing for the inevitable in the big house!

  3. ChicagoCub says:

    Well he does have a hot ass but beating down the elderly? that’s cold

  4. Koo-Koo says:

    Must be something in the water over at Jet Set…haha…what next…Jesse Santana up on ‘bad skin’ charges??

  5. Mike says:

    I know mug shots can make everyone bad or criminal but this guy looks like a typical thief or gay basher… doesn’t he?
    I can never understand with all the very hot gay guys, some studios hire such desperate straight guys that are in such need of money.

  6. ChicagoCub says:

    they hire them because they are fucking hot and I’ll rent it

  7. Will says:

    Mike – “. . .such desperate straight guys that are in such need of money.” Well, at least the BrokeStraightBoys site is upfront about it!

    And Jack, WHO is the manager? Is it who we all think it is?? Please, print another blind item about it!

  8. Wise-Wendy says:

    “Gypsy’s, Tramps and Thieves”…it really should be the motto for this industry.

  9. Mark W. says:

    ROFL…”gotta be Jake Cruise he assaulted.” Too funny! LOL

  10. Sean says:

    Actually if you check out the Florida Departmen of Corrections website you can see his info (type in Sebastian Young under offender search). Turns out the incident occurred on December 30, 2006. My bet is it was a family member during the holidays. That’s just a guess.

    BTW- he hasn’t served prison time in Florida… yet! lol

  11. Vote porn in 08 says:

    When is the new Jet Set “Hot Men Behind Bars” movie coming out ?
    Sebastian, Nickolay and a special appearance by Mark Dalton.

  12. DNeal says:

    He has a nice ass.

  13. Will says:

    Sean – You mean the Florida Department of Corrections has him filed under his porn name? That seems odd, but kind of cool.

  14. Austrev says:

    I may be wrong, but I think that it is the fact that these guys come across (pun not intended) as somehow uncomforatable & uneasy on screen that makes them seem more mysterious & attractive. I had thought that they were self-identified as hetros-(Poor misguided twits) but it seems now that in the back of their minds is the thought of LILLY LAW kicking the door down & yanking them of the premisis (& out of unfortunate bottoms orifice-the ultimate interuptus) & dragging the of to the greybar Hilton! Sebastian is hot & nasty check out “Sebastian Young reduxx” It is totally sick.-If he needs a place to hide-out- AUSTRALIA we have quite a history of re-settling convicts!

  15. AUSTREV says:

    I think that these guys look hot- not because of their “Gay for pay” weirdness but because they look so vunerable & stressed.-Possibly because they expect that LILLY LAW is about to kick down the door & drag them off to the GREYBAR Hilton-God knows I am Attracted –If Sebastian Young reads this (snigger) & needs a place to hideout I recommend Australia! we have a History of Settling felons.-Check out “Sebastian young Reduxxx’ it is HOT-He is one nasty boy.AUSTREV>

  16. Raynond says:

    Whats the latest with this – Is Sebastion still hustling thew L.A. gay bars with his manager, Or did someone finger him 4 the police> and send them to thegay brig?? Anyone know???

  17. Shaun says:

    He is hot and amazing . 2 sides 2 every story

  18. yourboycelebrity says:

    I dont care what he did… he is hot. Everyone makes mistakes I hear his baby girl is due anytime now

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