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Gay Porn Dream: Firefighter’s Massive Hose


Michael Biserta’s handsome face and torso rung a bell with eagle-eyed PornForPatric and Fleshbot editors when he graced the cover of the FDNY Firefighters 2008 Calendar of Heroes.

Could he be the same guy from an X-tube video and Gay Porn-Lite “Guys Gone Wild” that made the rounds last year with an impossibly large cock and — gasp — how big does that fucking thing get when it’s hard? See the clip and judge for yourself after the jump …


FDNY Calendar Hottie Gone Wild and Guido Gone Wild (Fleshbot)
FDNY Firefighter’s calendar coverboy’s huge cock (PornForPatric)


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30 Responses to “Gay Porn Dream: Firefighter’s Massive Hose”

  1. Jake says:

    Wow. This fireman can hose me down anytime.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m in LOVE!

  3. Joe says:

    Wow,that it huge! I want to touch it !

  4. Flea says:

    Damn…Chi Chi sign that boy!

  5. John says:

    Those 2 guys don’t even look alike, and the bodies are completely different. Both are hot, but come on! Anyone can see it’s not the same person.

  6. Josh says:

    That’s from a guys gone wild, no?

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s the same guy. You can tell by the nose and the jawline and chin.

  8. Michael says:

    I’m on fire…can he use that hose to put me out! Damn! What a waste of cock to be used on women!

  9. stiwi says:

    I think it´s the same guy and he is fucking hot! As a coverboy he is posing but in the movie there is more life, he smiles and so on – same face symmetry!with this beautiful face, sexy body and of course this huge dick he should be a stripper (love to see more cock shaking)and pornstar (wanna see it hard and fucking)- don´t care if gay or straight-I would watch it!

  10. Kicker says:

    Fuckin’ dream cum true!

  11. ROry says:

    he’sis fucken hott
    i w0ould lovce to have sucked his dick
    and also fuck
    it tooo…
    plus he’s a fireman

  12. EdWoody says:

    PornforPatric claims he’s spoken to the guy himself, and he admits that it is definitely him. (Or perhaps he’s only claiming it’s him so everyone thinks he’s got a big dick!)

    He also says that FDNY has now withdrawn the calendar because of all the hoohaa. But the guy himself isn’t being disciplined or anything. They should be glad he brought them all the extra publicity, especially since it’s for charity!

  13. johnisdumb says:

    @ John: He admitted he made the video and the FDNY has announced that they are going to stop selling the calendar because of it. Don’t you feel stupid now?

  14. jesse says:

    Thats from Guys Gone Wild…Im stareing at the dvd as we speak

  15. Don Normann says:

    For a few moments, it is hard to tell at first whether or not it is the same guy. But if not, then why wouldn’t he just take the FDNY to court for wrongful termination of his employment? Oh, yeah, that’s right…because he wasn’t FIRED. C’mon, folks, he ‘fessed up. Good for him for taking personal responsibility for once…and even BETTER for us for leaving the evidence for all to see! The Calendars may have been pulled, but how much you wanna bet that Guys Gone Wild isn’t going to rush to yank that video out of circulation?

  16. mikec says:

    he’s only a bit better than average for a white man. not even really big like some other white guys and not even close to the size of hispanic and black men from the caribbean. he doesn’t even measure up to any of the black and puerto rican guys in nyc.

  17. John says:

    Listen “johnisdumb”, it’s not him! Anyone with shit for brains can see the body is totally different! You say reading an article on the internet is proof? Are you actually that naive? And by the way, there’s no need to be a rude shit to somebody who disagrees with you.

  18. J.T. says:

    Beautiful guy, beautiful body, beautiful cock! But please get rid of that whiney bitch’s voice-over.

  19. Michael says:

    I don’t understand the criticism, its a young guy with a great body, great dick, and cute as hell…why shouldn’t he show it off. People are soooo uptight…..

  20. Posh gay says:

    i Like his dick
    yummyyy =D)))))))))

  21. Richard says:

    Oh John, what do you have to say now?

  22. Lonestumbler says:

    Those images have gone and started a fire between my legs that even he can’t put out!
    I’d really like to see him try. Honest!

  23. xiphos says:

    this guy IS from a “Guys Gone Wild” clip!

  24. likeeeeeee says:

    mmmm nice eney time

  25. gianchi says:

    he goes to my gym, and he’s such a show off…i’ve seen his dick quite a few times in the locker room…

  26. IHATEWOPS says:

    Greaseball show-off

  27. Axl Snaks says:

    Wow… how I’d like to get my hands on THAT!

  28. hung like chuck says:

    it is him.
    he’s been getting a lot of criticism in the whole firefighter field for it too.
    and now he’s decided to model.

  29. Loo says:

    It’s him. He slept with a good friend of mine, and his cock is just as big as in the video. His body changed a bit over time, the video is from a few years back and the fdny calendar is more recent. His name is Michael Biserta. Look him up, it’s the same guy. So, before telling people they have shit for brains, verify first that YOU’RE not the one with shit for brains.

  30. mike says:


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