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Gay Porn News: Falcon Releases Jaric Break-Up Sex Video


The sweet life of Aden and Jordan Jaric always made me a little queasy. The couple announced this week that they were breaking up after five years of saccharine bliss, but they did us the favor of banging out one more hardcore scene. Does their emotionally raw break-up sex make the flip-flopping twinsy dolls less diabetic in their once endless crush? And will they both be keeping their Falcon contract, or will they, you know, be able to see other people. Most importantly, will this finally help me tell them apart?



VIDEO: Aden and Jordan Jaric in INNtrigued (free clip via
VIDEO: Aden and Jordan Jaric in Endless Crush (via Falcon Studios)


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11 Responses to “Gay Porn News: Falcon Releases Jaric Break-Up Sex Video”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who gets to keep the Jaric surname?
    Love Aden, now we might get to see him do more than just Jordan…

  2. petrov says:

    I once a picture of them in drag, I never could watch their movies after that.

  3. TJ says:

    Where can you see photos of them in drag?

  4. Mark says:


  5. Guy says:

    Does this mean they’ll do movies with other people now???

  6. Anonymous says:

    They were always too generic for me

  7. Fred says:

    i never could make out who is who but my top favorite is the bottom slut, he loves taking it up his ass sooo much that i guess he wanbted to try some other dicks in his butt paradise, better looking too, just my two cents

  8. Seth says:


  9. sdkfjakldvf says:

    Jordan is getting fat! Aden still hot as hell

  10. Sheik says:

    Jordan has always been bulkier than Aden who has less body fat. I think Jordan is going for a ‘chunk’ look…

  11. Erminio Barulli Plombati says:

    always the same thing with jaric couple… over and over again sic transit gloria mundi

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