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Dead Guys for Gay Eyes

gay_porn_strippers.jpgI’ve gotten a few emails from readers asking why — despite my morbid fascination with dead porn stars — I haven’t mentioned the missing-turned-dead American strippers whose bodies were found in a quarry in Montreal last month.

I guess I was genuinely sketched by the possibility that they were murdered, and getting more creeped out by the fact that I’d wanked to Mark (right) on Jake Cruise’s excellent new amateur site Straight Guys For Gay Eyes (see “Nick” and “Nick II”).

Well, yesterday the cause of death was officially ruled “accidental” (link via Towleroad) . The tragic-comic spin being that a video surveillance camera captured the two trying to skip out on their cab fare: Chased by the driver, they jumped the fence surrounding the quarry, ignoring the signs in French warning of the impending 50 foot drop. Le ouch.

For more pictures of Mark/Nick check out (You sick fuck!)



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20 Responses to “Dead Guys for Gay Eyes”

  1. Charls says:

    I don’t think fascination with the death of porn stars is any more or less usual than fascination with dead movie stars. Dozens of people still light candles at Lucille Ball’s Star every year. I get a little tear in my eye every time I see a River Phoenix movie.

    That being said, where are the pictures/movies/websites for Steven Wright or Mark Kraynak?

  2. chriso says:

    Hmm, is the death really “accidental” of the cab was chasing them and they jumped to avoid it? Le weird.

  3. chzplz says:

    chriso – you’re an idiot.

    Whose fault would it be? The cab driver? For chasing someone who skipped out on a fare? It’s not like he threw them over the fucking fence.

  4. wondering... says:

    damn, are you sure that’s mark kraynak on the front page of straigh guys for gay eyes? hmmm, it looks like him but please confirm…thnx

  5. markiz says:

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  16. boopapa says:

    I’m devastated. Nick was so hot, and young. When beauty destroys itself, the universe weeps in anguish.

  17. deneglka says:

    Cool site of course people!

  18. DVD PAL says:

    Only just read this whilst researching the, so called scandal.

    I am Gutted.

    Does anyone know if Mark, aka Nick did any other film work other than whats on

  19. talldarkman says:

    What a waste!!

  20. WaltDe says:

    Very good reading. Peace until next time.

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