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Amateur Porn Circle Jerk: Ookie Gookie Cookie Comes of Age

circle-jerk-randy-blue-jays-cock-pic.jpgFew things are as central to amateur porn as the circle jerk. In both the the Fear Factor-esque tween legend Ookie Gookie Cookie, and oft-rumored frat house sausage party hazing, certain elements are integral: straight men, stolen glances and “reluctant” contact with semen. Unlike an orgy, the erotic wellspring is not carnal abandon. In the circle jerk, a line in the sand is drawn at hand jobs. circle-jerk-randy-blue-beer-pic.jpgBig studio porn has traditionally had little respect for the circle jerk — most of the gay guys would go down on their neighbor for the same fee that they’d jerk him off — cause who doesn’t want more? For smaller studios and amateur sites — especially those that focus on straight guys — circle jerks are the closest you can get real Marines (or college jocks or fast-food restauranteurs) to do without having to pay more. And you don’t have to deal with the crisis of sexual identity after your butch surfer “comes to” and realizes he’s now an official cocksucker. With circle jerks (and Tara Reid), it’s all good — your buddies doing it, too.

Randy Blue seems to have a special thing for circle jerks, and despite their relative low-impact performances, they are incredibly hot. It’s partly because of the restraint secretly gay guys have to show in front of the straight guys in the group. I mean, you always want what you can’t have, right?

Like directors Marine-coaxer Dirk Yates or nasty perverts like the Body Shoppe’s Uncle Don or Auntie Bob (each highly skilled at convincing straight guys that yanking on your roommates cock requires no shift in sexual identity), Randy Blue seems to relish those near mythical schoolboy scandals that — somehow — I never stumbled upon. His latest — featuring a smattering of RB favorites, newbies and gay-for-pay types — has had me digging through the archives. If only I’d had the nerve to start one myself, I wouldn’t have been stuck with my mouse and my meat. Eh, who am I kidding: I’d be here either way.




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42 Responses to “Amateur Porn Circle Jerk: Ookie Gookie Cookie Comes of Age”

  1. Tommy says:

    Hot boiz, big cox. I like.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with your observation. I find circle jerks so friggen hot…i wish that there were more…the two i have seen on randy blue have just about been the hottest porn i have ever seen. watching each guys’ face as they totally relax and just get into that mode of being sexual, watching them vibe off each other…its totally fucken hot. my favorite is jude, i mean, could he be any cuter? randy ble, please please please give us more circle jerks…and for all those others out there…please, bring em on. that means you mike hancock!

  3. b.j. says:

    Looks more like a line jerk to me.

  4. Leashdog says:

    Oooh, I’m so hot for Reese. And that Jay Lopez has a smile to die for and a body to match! Thanks Randy Blue!!!

  5. Q says:

    Oh, whatever happed to Kevin Wiles? *laments*

  6. Q says:

    P.S. Is it really supposed to be so hard to leave a comment?

  7. Ryon says:

    Could they cum on my face?

  8. Russ says:

    OK, I agree those circle jerks can be hot and I’d like to be on the receiving end of all that jiz. But can someone tell me the name of the video (DVD) that these guys are in. Randy’s web site is not easy to navigate when you are looking for something specific.


  9. Mike says:

    The video is a Randy Blue exclusive and not available on DVD, as far as I know. There are actually two scenes:

    5 Guy Circle Jerk Pt1
    5 Guy Circle Jerk Pt2

    If you click on Randy’s right hand nav on 3 Ways/Video, it should pop up on the first page.


  10. eric says:

    mmmmmm i <3 circle jerking!!!

  11. Kraig says:

    I totally love circle jerks or jerkoff contests. Ofcourse having one and watching are two different things. I’ve always prefered watching than participating. What I wish studios would put out is a hookie cookie vid.
    For those of you who, some how, don’t know what a hookie cookie is. It’s basically a circle jerk but the last guy to spurt has to eat the cookie that everyone else spunked on.
    Let’s see a str8 guy do that. :)

  12. This site is hot says:

    I just wanted to say I love this site. It gets me off every time, and I’m a chick. I love seeing men together!

  13. Dan says:

    Really hot, once did this with 3 other guys but watching it gets me off big time.

    Yummy, more please

  14. luv to watch says:

    I loooove to watch cirle jerks and men masturbating, too! And I am very much a woman, mmmmm… any suggestions on how I can see more? ;) God, I’m throbbing right now!

  15. Wild willy2565 says:

    8===> I circle jerk with my straight friends of course they dont know im gay. It really is the ultimate gay fantasy.

  16. davey says:

    watchin circle jerks make me so hot

  17. warren says:

    Circle jerk is so hot :P

  18. Anonymous says:

    Im a Woman and i love watching men get off and the more the merrier!! I wish there were more men with huge cocks out there who would jerk off together like this i just love it! even men on men thats so hot! Chris Rockway, Reese, Jay Lopez, Bradly James, Kody, Braden and RC all at it together!!! Yum Yum

  19. Juanito says:

    Heeey!! Circle jerks are probably the most fun and intertaining of porn… but when you take part in one it totally blows u away!! everyone should do at least one

  20. Jerkmaster says:

    Im straight and i have had sex with this one gay many times tho, i would just like to say circle jerking is sooo amazing! Cum is my ultimate favorite thing to take on my face!

  21. straight for life says:

    thats fuckin gay i hate seeing queers do that shit, why wouldnt you guys want to get laid by a girl? queers for the loss

  22. Tyler says:

    i’m gay and i just did a ircle jerk with a coupl straigt guys it was awsome there was cum flying everywere!!!!

  23. Ryan says:

    this makes me so horny!!!

  24. Noel says:

    My fantasy is a room full of horny naked guys and being cummed on by them all. I only ever had a threesome and the other two were trannies.

  25. Adam says:

    I’m straight, but open to same sex fun and only 18. I’ve been involved in circle jerks since 8th grade. The first time it was with 2 of my friends. 3 months ago I was involved in one with over 35 boys in my school. We had a huge party at my friends house and 7 of us were jerking off upstairs in his bedroom. A couple of the guys walked in and within 20 min. everybody was jerking off. Most of us jerked each other off too and some of us gave each other bj’s. Now many of the guys in school do it in the bathrooms and locker rooms.

  26. Austin says:

    haha yeah, good old highschool locker room! It was only two-three years ago, but man we’d get pretty crazy. It all started off when a couple guys in the shower were pretending to fuck eachother in the ass infront of everyone. Then some of us started making bets on who could jerk off and cum the fastest or the furthest on the floor. By the time we knew it, we’d all take turns giving eachother handjobs! Proud to say also, never had to eat the cookie… sometimes that was pretty nasty, you couldn’t even see it under the cum! Those were the days!

  27. Horny Bastard. says:

    Man! Just seein that picture of all then Jackin off turns me the FUCK ON! I wanna blow job so bad!!!!

  28. Horny Bastard. says:

    Man! Just seein that picture of all then Jackin off turns me the FUCK ON! I wanna blow job so bad!!!! Im

  29. sir jerks alot says:

    ooooo ya i wana be in a circle jerk soooo bad if you wana be in one add me

  30. Guest says:

    These guys are some of the hottest i’ve seen. Circle jerks turn me on!

  31. Anonymous says:

    whats circle jerking

  32. Jason says:

    what are circle jerk and are there any staright guys that have a screen name and want to hook up

  33. Cody says:

    Circle jerking makes me so fuckin horny its unreal. i cant wait to have my first circle jerk with a bunch of really hott guys

  34. Anonymous says:

    ill circle jerk

  35. ryan says:

    To the couple of women who posted on here…please go away! I’m sorry, but seriously…the thought of str8 women wanting to watch guys circle jerk is weird. The whole point is GUYS wanting to have alone time with other GUYS – no women involved or allowed. Geez, go have one of your all girl dildo parties or whatever it is you do together. And while you’re listening ladies, stay out of our restrooms and locker rooms, too. Vamoose!

  36. Anonymous says:

    I wish I was in one

  37. Luke Gale says:

    HOT HOT HOT Loved it.

  38. SoHorny says:

    I’d love to be in a circle jerk as long as i’m the one they cum on ;)

  39. cockslave says:

    mmm yum add me and if we can get enough guys then maybe we can arrange a circle jerk of our own?

  40. joe newjersey says:

    im 24 and striaght but when i was in highschool me and a friend were in his basement watching porn and we talked back in forth about jerking off,size,and if we shaved or not. but that soon turned into us measureing eachother and playing truth or dare until one of us was jerking the other.

  41. circle jerk fanatic says:

    For voyeur exhibitionist gays there is nothing sexier than a circle jerk with some good bodies. New York Jacks were the best place for that and maybe still are.

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