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JD Phoenix’s Cock (And A Dildo) Fuck Brandon Moore Out Of Retirement

Gay porn star Brandon Moore did just enough scenes in the last few months of 2013 for me to fall madly in love with him. Although the utterly adorable, spectacularly talented self-fisting bottom (and his museum-quality ass) quietly retired from porn shortly after* he sat down with me for his GayPornBlog Interview, I had a […]

OP ED: “To Be OR Not to Be An Exclusive” By David Forest

David Forest, one of gay porn’s longest running (and most notorious) manager and “agent to the stars” started in the industry when he became friends with and started managing the career of Leo Ford in 1981. Since then, he’s negotiated contracts and managed the careers from some of the most iconic names in the industry. […]

gay porn star boomer banks

Boomer Banks Splits Open Seven Dixon in Eps. 2 of The Pack

In “Backdoor Fitting”, eps. 2 of “The Pack”, Cam Cristou’s flirtation with Leo Forte continues (but goes unrealized again!). He stumbled on horse-hung Boomer Bank’s sex crew as they suit up for the legendary Black Party. In the back of a fetish shop, Cam sees Boomer exercise his power over his crew by punishing a […]

gay porn star skye woods


In the earlier part of his career, gay porn star Skye Woods did scenes with some of the greats: Working mostly for COLT, the insanely muscular bottom amassed a rather enviable list of co-stars, including Zeb Atlas, Nate Karlton, Tom Chase, Carlo Masi, and so on. Here’s Skye, in his prime, in “Legendary Bodies #02″ […]

nakedsword leo forte

Who Tops Whom: Leo & Blue Bailey Kick Off NakedSword’s The Pack

It seems like it’s been forever since the last NakedSword’s latest original, but it’s only been a little over a month. The Pack was shot all on location in NYC, and even filmed in New York’s legendary (and legendarily filthy) Black Party. With lots of New York grime, initiations, and rough sex, “The Pack” could […]


Bel Ami Threeway Ends with Another Explosive Kris Evans Cumshot

Kris Evans‘ cumshaws never disappoint. His latest scene — a two-parter three-way with Kris, Vadim Farrell and Kevin Warhol, is not exception. In fact, every since Bel Ami head honcho George Duroy let people know the scene exits on their membership site, fans have been “on tenterhooks in anticipation” of seeing the three superstars together […]

Steven Scarborough Retires

Legendary Director Steven Scarborough Retires as Falcon Acquires Hot House

Falcon/Raging Stallion announced today that Hot House Entertainment is being added to the growing portfolio of AEBN-owned gay porn brands that also includes NakedSword, Jocks, Mustang, Fetish Force, Fisting Central, Monster Bang, and so on. The acquisition isn’t a big surprise as we’ve been seeing consolidations of DVD studios over the last 5-10 years in […]

Gay porn star Jessie Colter

Gay Porn Star Jessie Colter Kicked Out of Water Park

Will the indignities porn stars suffer ever end? Ass-tastic Gay porn star Jessie Colter was threatened with arrest and almost kicked out of the “Kentucky Kingdom” water park over this past July 4th weekend for doing little more than wearing a pair of red Speedos. According to Frontiers and Jessie’s Twitter, a Louisville police officer […]

Paddy O'Brian Bottoms

Porn Miracle: Paddy O’Brian Bottoms for Alex Brando

It may not exactly be breaking news, but I still get a thrill when I see these three words strung together: Paddy O’Brian Bottoms. I appreciate Paddy as a tough-talking top, but his ass just looks SO DAMN GOOD with a cock in it. My only quibble with this scene — and it’s a minor […]


Escape Club’s Jesse Blum Gay Porn Clips

I did a double take this past weekend while I was watching E!’s new reality show “Escape Club” when one of the contestants — Jesse Blum — casually mentioned that he did “naked web shows” for extra cash. I immediately recognized him as the guy who likes to show off his asshole on gay porn […]

NakedSword's Roommate Wanted

Now Available To Stream And On DVD: NakedSword’s Roommate Wanted

The way we consume porn has certainly changed in the last ten years. Ten years ago — even five years ago — DVD studios had reservations about putting their content online. Despite porn’s reputation for being technological pioneers, there were some holdouts who didn’t put their stuff online until months after they released it on […]

bodybuilder robin sanchez stag homme

GayPornTube: 3 Free Clips of Bodybuilder Robin Sanchez

I think I have a new favorite Spanish bodybuilding muscle-bottom (to be completely honest, I don’t remember who my last one was). Watching him get fucked by Damien Crosse while standing on a balcony for all of Madrid to see in “Cruising From The Balcony” from Stag Homme Studios will make you a fan, too, […]

Arne Coen and Emilio Vargas Fucking Condom free

Bel Ami Condom-Free Scene of the Day: ARNE COEN & EMILIO VARGAS

“Arne Coen” isn’t the kind of name you’d associate with Bel Ami (or really any porn studio for that matter), but he gets a pass for being new and utterly adorable. During his pre-sex interview, he talks about his turn-ons, which — as luck would have it — are exactly the same as his scene […]

gay porn newcomer Cam Christou

Ep 2 of “Roommate Wanted” Features the Debut of Cam Christou, lots of Tattoos

Always avoid alliteration: Does this rule apply to porn star names? If so, gay porn newcomer Cam Christou is fucked. Which is good since this scruffy, bald tattooed dude seems really good at getting fucked. In “Shared Utilities”, the second scene from NakedSword Original’s real-estate themed Roommate Wanted, Cam plays a lad looking to rent […]

Christian Wilde opposes ca ab 1576

Christian Wilde Explains Why CA AB 1576 Will Be Disastrous for the Porn Industry

Wearing but a harness, the darling of gay porn Christian Wilde explains why — in no uncertain terms — he’s strongly opposed to CA AB 1576, the “condom bill” which would establish criminal penalties for any porn shoot where a performer choses not to wear a condom. It would also require every performer to disclose […]

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