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Is Deviant Otter Guilty of Reverse Discrimination?

Upon the release of his latest scene for Deviant Otter, kinky pup Devin Totter issued the following statement: No one loves banging out a hot straight guy more than me haha. This dude may look familiar to you some of you, he goes by Roman Rivers. I met him while helping out with a shoot […]

Mick Lovell gets fucked bareback

ANOTHER ONE FROM THE VAULT: Mick Lovell Gets Fucked Bareback

Although Mick Lovell remains firmly retired, Bel Ami has dug up this scene with him getting fucked sans condom by Johnny Bloom as part of their “Dirty Blondes” month. To wit, this is the second time they’ve done this to us (who can forget Mick getting the cum fucked out of him by Florian Nemic […]

naked rugby player tim oakes

(UPDATED) Rugby Player Tim Oakes Shows The Full Monty

Update: A reader pointed out this was from a photo set from FamousMales.UK.Net, and there’s a whole mess of them (after the jump) Various blogs are reporting today that a nude photo was “leaked” of Welsh rugby player Tim Oakes.  The thing is, there’s leaked photos (say, the casual iPhone mirror pic that was clearly […]

gay porn star connor kline


To be completely honest, I never noticed how incredible Connor Kline’s ass was until just now. Sorry, but I was always distracted by the giant (and unfortunate) “Born This Way” tattoo spanning across the top of his back. He should have it covered up with the words “Look at my fucking ass!” and an arrow […]

uncut zack randall self sucks

Zack Randall Joins the Self-Suck Club

I don’t know why all of a sudden everyone is releasing scenes where guys are sucking their own dicks, but it’s happening AND I’M SO NOT COMPLAINING. Did they release an auto-fellatio pill or something? Every time I see someone else capable of doing it I get more and more jealous. I mean, good for […]

randy blue gay porn stars made a beyonce tribute video

WARNING: RandyBlue’s new Beyonce video may be addictive

Yaaaaas, the Randy Blue gay porn stars made a Beyonce tribute video for “Blow and Yaaaaaaaas  it is completely genius. Rather than just watching it over and over (as I’ve been doing for the last couple of days), I’ve decided to deconstruct it and and find the exact frames of the clip that make it so […]

rupaul drives gay porn director chi chi larue

RuPaul Takes Chi Chi LaRue for A Drive … and Where They Go Might Surprise You

The latest episode of RuPaul’s web series RuPaul Drives (where the veteran drag queen drives around Los Angeles with various celebrities in her super-cute red vintage Volvo), RuPaul picks up none other than Chi Chi LaRue and dishes with the legendary director about everything from his newest exclusive to Chi Chi’s favorite movie he directed […]

randy blue self sucking gay porn

Randy Blue’s Dominic Santos Makes Me Realize I Have a Self-Sucking Fetish

I am, like, officially obsessed. I was always intrigued by a guy could self-suck. I even tried to do it a few times when I was younger and more lithe. Now I find myself wondering … “If I took more yoga and started Pilates would I be able to suck my own cock?” Making his […]

tommy defendi Duncan Black Darius Ferdynand Cockyboys Threeway

Threeway of the Week: Tommy Defendi, Duncan Black, and Darius Ferdynand

Tommy Defendi is back on Cockyboys after a far-too-long hiatus to pound mega-cuties Duncan Black and Cockyboys newbie Darius Ferdynand. Duncan is particularly excited to sit on Tommy’s cock (“It feels AMAZING when it’s inside!”), but he doesn’t seem to mind when Darius gives him a deep docking as well. All in all, it’s an […]

gay porn star trenton ducati addict

Ep. 1 of NakedSword’s “ADDICT” Will Have You Jonesing For More

Oscar Wilde once said, “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” Fittingly, addiction to power is the first addiction examined in the newest NakedSword Original Production, Addict. Uber-babe Trenton Ducati plays a power top trying to “let go”, only to realize that being in control is the one thing […]

active duty gay porn


There’s something about two straight Marines jerking off to straight porn and then fucking each other that gets me *every* time. As formulaic as it can be, the fumbling awkwardness of two random dudes hooking up that almost never fails to turn me on.  Case in point: this new scene (or pretty much any scene) […]

self suck autofellatio video

The Self-Sucking Video to End All Self-Sucking Videos

Although he’s not from Nantucket, his cock *is* so long he can suck it. I guess it also helps that he’s lanky and flexible. Whatever the reason, 26-year Missouri native Derick Manx can really suck his own dick: It’s not just him flapping the tip of his tongue against the head of his dick either. […]

bel ami gay porn star jack harrer

Why “Phillipe & Jack” Is One Of The Best Scenes Of The Year

Bel Ami has released a scene that arguably approaches gay porn perfection: a pairing of Phillipe Gaudin and Jack Harrer. It has all individual hallmarks that make a scene great (but rarely do we see them all together): Jack and Phillipe both have extremely nice cocks, they fuck each other, and both stay hard pretty […]

gabriel shams gaypornblog interview

Gabriel Shams: The GayPornBlog Interview

When Gabriel Shams first appeared on Randy Blue a few years ago, I was immediately enamored, expecting him to be America’s next big porn star. He did a handful of scenes for them and then … nothing. It turns out he was living abroad, getting a master’s degree, and working the hell out of his […]

rafael alencar fucks johnny rapid

Rafael Alencar Brutalizes Johnny Rapid’s Ass (AGAIN) For’s 1000th Scene

Johnny Rapid’s first scene with Rafael Alencar back in 2012 was one of the first times we got to see just how hungry the young power-bottom’s hole was. Rafael double-pennitrated him with his dick (which is big enough by itself) and a night stick. To celebrate their 1000th scene, have reunited them for another […]

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