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Working Stiffs: Gay Porn’s Ten Twelve Biggest Dicks

Gay Porn Star Tom Chase for Buckshot

There’s some big business in the gay porn industry and it’s counted in inches, not dollars. After all the caterwauling about Mr. Hunt, we thought we’d put together our list of the industry’s biggest dicks. To be fair, we limited it to those still making movies. In no particular order (and subject to the ruler test and bitching by the peanut gallery) …

1. Chad Hunt
You’ve said your peace about this man’s piece, but you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger star working today. I don’t even think they make that many inches anymore.
‘Top’ Movies: Velvet Mafia, Other Side of Aspen 5

2.Ben Andrews
His summer pissing contest with Chad Hunt may have resulted in a draw (and the old “but mine’s thicker” face-saver), but he’s young enough to have been found by Lucas through his MySpace profile. That ought to count for something.
Video Clips:Auditions 10, Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita

3. Ralph Woods
It looks like a donkey penis, frankly. I was totally scarred by his scene in the Big Dick Club. Still, I wouldn’t turn down a sandwich with him and ex-love Pierre Fitch.
Video Clips: Big Dick Club, Spokes III

4. Diesel Washington
Titan’s newest star has a jaw-breaking 11 inches that rivals his rivals. The fact that he made it through Folsom Filth alive is an even greater strength to his, um, potential.
Video Clips: Folsom Filth, Red Light, Hooker Stories: Rough Trade (below)

5. Michael Brandon
His recent movie load has been light (though he still does webcam shows) now that he’s directing his Monster Bang line for Raging Stallion, but he’s can still give his dildo a run for the money. My jaw dropped when I first got a glimpse of “Monster,” his aptly named sidekick (or is that kick-stand) and it hasn’t closed since.
Video Clips: Way Below the Belt, Terms of Endowment

6. Barrett Long
Sometimes a name says it all. His co-stars should start some sort of “we can’t walk” club for the anally maimed.
Video Clips:Longshot, Big Dick Club

Gay Porn Star Tom Chase for Buckshot
7. Tom Chase
When hirsute former COLT and Falcon superstar Tom Chase came out of retirement this past year to film with COLT, porn bottoms everywhere began trembling.
Video Clips: Backwoods, California Kings

8. Jason Crew
Oh, he’s crazy like a fox (or maybe he just a fox. Or just crazy.). Crew’s he’s got gorgeous eyes, more energy than than a rabbit on speed and a cock that works like a jackhammer. His early days as an amateur named “Speedy” are behind him and he’s got at least 10 inches in front of him.
Top Movies: Big Rig, Diamond Auto.

9. Trevor Knight
It’s so big that he has a hard time keeping it in his pants. On the set of Studio 2000’s Wildlands, the stud left it out for “inspiration” for the other actors. More like “intimidation.”
Top Movies: Above, Trevor Knight in Point and Shoot. Also, Roughin’ It

10. Michael Lucas
He’s been called the biggest dick in porn by more people than I can count — and he’s got a huge cock, too. All kidding aside, the Lucas charm flows like water in a fountain and even pretenders to the throne concede that his conceit is well earned.
Top movies: Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita, Dangerous Liaisons


Der! So drunk on big cock … so rushed to get this up … please forgive us, cocklords, for these two glaring omissions!

11. Brad Patton:
How, exactly, does this Buckshot Man and former Falcon exclusive skate the ice so gracefully when he’s got this beercan swinging between his legs? A rare big-dick treat: he gives and receives, ever since his bottoming debut in Heaven To Hell.

12. Ricky Martinez
Though he’s not from Nantucket, this alleged straight man can’t resist sucking it: that’s how meaty his uncut slab is. Or maybe he’s just a big fag under all that tough-trade talk. Either way, Ricky Martinez’s “anaconda” is one of our faves! Don’t miss his award-winning “solo” jerk-off/self-suck with Arpad Miklos in Buckleroos to see him at his finest!


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71 Responses to “Working Stiffs: Gay Porn’s Ten Twelve Biggest Dicks”

  1. nycblondtop says:

    What about Ricky Martinez (the so-called 12×9 Anaconda)? Supreme aka Castro (huge!), Tiger Tyson, Alejandro, or Viper? All of these guys should be in the running for your list – they are at least as big as Michael Lucas (nothing against him – I’m a big fan!). Let’s not forget all the incredibly well hung Latinos out there!

    • Tom says:

      Thank you for your list.

      There are lots of guys that are not a part of the in crowd.

      Antonio Biaggi for one. A beautiful dick and man in general.

      Lots, lots, and lots of others.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In a pinch, I guess I’d go with Tom Chase but none of the “Top Ten” really float my boat.

    Oh well. . .

  3. Timbo says:

    WHOA… What happened to Beer-Can Brad Patton? Girth is WAY more important than length boys…

  4. Simon says:

    What about Ken Ryker? – He wasn’t always as ‘stiff’ as he should be, but when his huge cock was raging (Mass Appeal 2 or Ryker’s Revenge) it was awesome – best looking gay-for-pay pornstar too, no contest.

  5. Scott says:

    I will take a ride down the wild side with Tom Chase any day. I like hairy muscle men with nice cocks who know how to use it to make us both happy.

  6. jeremy says:

    I would love to have every piece of meat on that list gangbang my ass.

  7. teej says:

    I think this list is pretty accurate, but one glaring omission is CLIFF RHODES! He’s got to have one of the biggest ones, for sure, and it’s so thick and juicy, too!

  8. Chuck says:

    Whoa, when did Pierre and Ralph get divorced? And on a side note, I’ll take Michael Lucas since I love Italians… I just wouldn’t want to talk to him the morning after…

  9. Porn Fairy says:

    He has not done porn with the “majors” yet, but Jeremy Roddick has a real big cock too. Something like 9inches and large too. He did porn for Videoboys and now he has his own site where he fucks the hell out of cute guys.

  10. porno nut says:

    God I would sit on Tom’s rod any day (or at least try)

  11. naprem says:

    “I’ll take Michael Lucas since I love Italians” – is that a joke? Because Lucas couldn’t possibly mention any more frequently than he does that he’s Russian.

  12. cody says:

    love the list for sure….although somebody should tell Chuck that Michael Lucas is not italian….he’s a Russian (and jewish to boot!). Plus, if you were to do another list…”Biggest Assholes,” Michael would surely come in first. I’d add Erik Rhoades to your list…his fucking cock is huge.

  13. valerian says:

    Rafael Carreras, and DJ Chandler. Actually having had first hand experience with Rafael Carreras, Michael Brandon and Tom Chase, I’d say Rafael is at least the equal of, if not slightly bigger than either of the other two. All impressive though.

  14. J-Man says:

    Marc Williams? Bam (I don’t know if he’s still making gay porn)? Sexcyone?

  15. Marc says:

    If Jason Sizemore and Dylan Hunter were still working in the industry his name would be there but I think Rafael Carreras, Rafael Alencar, DC Chandler and Jarett Fox would be in there if the list had been like Top 20.

  16. Ben Andrews says:


  17. Jimmy says:

    I agree with Ben, the list is talking about the biggest cock, not the longest. Which means Brad Patton with THE thickest dick in porn should have been number one on the list! They dont call him the “Rhino” for nothing…

  18. EJ Wells says:

    Ben, not to be mean but your arrogance is very unattractive. I think it’s time you showed some humility.

  19. Roman Brady says:

    Ben, someone really needs to inflate that ego of yours. Having a big dick doesn’t mean you should act like one.

  20. Robert says:

    I can’t believe you are missing Jake Havoc! He has one of the fattest dicks in the industry!

    From the men in the list, Chad Hunt and Barrett Long have my vote for the biggest dicks.

  21. Mike says:

    I’m not sure what part of “IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER” people don’t understand.

  22. Hey guys just wanted to let those of you know who thought I had some kind of attitude that I didn’t post the earlier comment. I see that it says no specific order and it wouldn’t be a big deal even if it was in an order. I get emails from guys pretending to be Chad that threaten me all the time lol some people have too much time on their hands! Ben Andrews XXX

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Daniel says:

    Has anyone noticed that the person who created this list has ommitted all the black performers? Racism among gays raises its ugly head yet again…

  25. daniel is stupid says:


    Diesel is black. Fool.

    Stupidity raises (sic) its ugly head yet again …

  26. EJ Wells says:

    Ben, since that wasn’t you, I owe you an apology. But I still find you quite arrogant and rude after reading your interview and blog comments about Chad Hunt.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Jacob Slader is much bigger than Lucas, Patton and Knight.

  28. mastertool says:

    All that grade A meat. I would’nt kick any of them out of my bed,no sir.

  29. Mad Max says:

    Please you queens are in denial if you say U aren’t racist… those gangbang movies NEVER allow black men to touch each other. They are allowed to only touch the white boy star…Totally racist.get over yourselves U queens are racist…and there is only ONE so called black man on the list…and he is not in touch with his blackness. Diesel is the token snow queen of the minute…he’ll be tossed aside after he’s used up like the rest of those before him…rob collins, jeremy tucker etc come to mind….

  30. art_smass says:

    Why aren’t Jack and Mike on the list. It’s always the quiet, unassuming guys who have the biggest weiners.

  31. wow says:

    Despite his aversion to proper English, I agree with Mad Max. From what I could decipher from his screed, he’s right about African American porn stars having been ostracized to the fringes of porn and even there treated like things (beyond the usual objectification of porn) and not people e.g. the sites that tout “Blacks on Boys” as though “Blacks” are not men but creatures with large penises and isn’t it novel to see these walking dicks pounding a White boy (who always looks like he’s high or there under duress). Because that sort of thing could easily fall under the category of fetish, the underlying racism is either dismissed or never pondered in the first place and those who call it into question are deemed as killjoys or overly analytical. This internal bigotry is something that the gay community has yet to rectify and that’s truly unfortunate.

  32. Carlos says:

    Now we know this blog is racist. How can an entry about the biggest penises omit black stars? Sick racists on here.

  33. arpy says:

    Don’t forget Bjorn stars, especially Joao Pauzao!

  34. anti-christ says:

    Carlos, no one here is racist. Now shut the hell up.

  35. wow says:


    I don’t think there has been any overt racism on this blog but certain omissions and attitudes are due to a thoughtlessness (and occasional social annihilation) borne of the insidiously heirarchic culture, in which race is often an undeniable consideration, that is contemporary Gay America.

    To simply deny the racism within the Gay community is to deny the history of America and done so, in many cases, so the naysayer can settle back into his warm tub of Will and Grace, Sex in the City pap and disengage. On the other hand, yelling “racist!” with no explanation of the accusation just makes the accuser appear insane or in the case of anti-christ’s ineffectual rebuttal – incredibly stupid.

  36. Desslock says:

    Well **obviously** this is not a complete list. That’s okay. I mean, how many of us suddenly find ourselves half way lodged onto a tree trunk sized cock really late on a Saturday night? I certainly know that I do…. at least once every six to eight weeks. And so do many of my friends. (I know because I’ve asked them)

    Kudos to GayPornBlog for making this provocative list! -Steve

  37. Mike says:

    Oh, the fun of making lists. Not only are they highly subjective, they inspire more venom and accusations than a divorce proceeding.

    Basically, you should attribute any omissions to laziness over anything else. Living in San Francisco, we see a lot of these guys out and at work and so, when drafting a list our minds go quickly to the major studios in the city.

    That said, men like Supreme and Tiger Tyson have enormous penises that rival (or might even top) some of the guys on the list. In fact, Pitbull Productions has more collective inches of cock than any other studio.

    Are we missing people? Probably. Is the list authoritative? Not on your life. That’s what all you are for…

  38. Angel Benton says:

    I agree with Robert. Studio 2000 Exclusive Jake Havoc should definitely be on this list.

  39. eeuropean2000 says:

    Kevin Dean, Scott O’Hara and Rick Donovan all spring to mind and are not on the list.

  40. Marcus says:


    I love Porn, but I live in West Africa. None of these guys compares with what we got out here. Girth and length wise, These guys are comparable to the average 16 yr old here.

  41. xent says:

    how about that… wanted straight or bi… just email me…

  42. Dave says:

    Any chance of a “12 hottest bodies in porn”

    I’d have to put these guys on the list:

    Luke Garrett
    Gage Weston
    Jason Tyler
    Robert Van Damme
    Shane Collins
    Adam Dexter
    Pete Kuzak

    …not exactly 12; but I’m sure other guys will add more

  43. boitoi says:

    id love to be gang banged by all of them at one time.

  44. eduardo says:


  45. ethan says:

    man theses guys r sexy! i want more pics plz! mayb meet one of them???? i love this sight

  46. John Goodfriend says:

    Don’t you guys remember Mike Branson. You’ll have to make an addendum to the list. He surely belongs there.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Mike Branson has a huge one. Damn, he’s got it all!

  48. nononsense says:

    Speaking of left out big dicks, what about Marc Williams? Oh sorry he’s black, and this blog is only for racists! NEVER MIND.

  49. Bisham says:

    What about some of the greats from the past? Tim Kramer, Scott Randsome, both these guys had it in spades!! Oh, sorry, is ‘spades’ racist?? One must be so careful these days not to offend the PC Queens!

  50. sirena says:

    yes its so bigg i wana suck it an have it in my ass hard i just love dat dick

  51. BRUCE says:


    I’m hot in Hawaii!!

  52. Evan says:

    You can’t fucking have a list of the biggest cocks in gay porn without mentioning Gunner and his boys at Yea he’s not with a “major” studio but Gunner is at least worth mentioning.

  53. sexy says:

    with respect to the composer of this list, you have to consider the newcomer to porn. One person that should have made that is is Francois Sagar. He has a superb cock

  54. Derick says:

    What about Max Delong and his beer can thick 14″

  55. Marc says:

    I agree with Mike in that Brad Patton and Ricky Martinez are glaring omissions from your list.
    They have 2 of the greatest cocks in porn and I would gladly bend over for either one of them anytime they asked.

  56. Mr. Tony Cole says:

    Even though he rarely tops, I would list hairy, horny hung Scott Spears in your list. His cock is as big as some of the biggest including Spike. He tops in “LINK V: The Evolution” and consider that a real treat! More than a mouthful to me

  57. zkar says:

    haahjahajhaja… you fags are so funny
    fighting against each other n calling yourselves racist just for fat grose big dicks :S… i don’t even understand why you lose your time in stuff like this…

  58. TWAN says:


  59. Anonymous says:


  60. sHaLiMarrr says:


  61. Cockfan says:

    What about Matt Hughes?

  62. Todd says:

    Biggest Dick Max Delong!!! is missing from this list, this list is flawed only promoting certain studios

  63. Horse Games says:

    I would like to start my own blog one day. This was a really nice blog that you made here.Howd u do it?

  64. Matthew says:

    Obviously in the porn industry you can’t box biggest dicks with just 12 spots. Just one missing for my book. Chad Douglas

  65. Jimbers says:

    For what it’s worth, the properly named Girth Brooks should be on somebody’s list. Maybe because he’s “straight” and/or “gay for pay” excludes him. I’ve never seen him suck a cock but there’s a great video of him kissing his partner — a first for me. I’ve only discovered this site, but I’ll be b-a-a-ck.

  66. Jimbers says:

    Antonio Biaggio belongs on any list of big-cocked top men. I have just screened three of his videos and he is simply amazing — he does it all, including rimming juicy assholes and sucking big, stiff pricks. I don’t know if he’s straight, bi- or gay, but he is the absolute master at fucking.

  67. Jimbers says:

    Is Ted Colunga still working? What a piece of monster meat that handsome stud has. Not only is his snake long and fat, it’s also uncut, a big plus for this foreskin lover. A face forever, a body for the ages and an ass for fucking and rimming. Is he still honoring us with his stellar work? At Titan Men? I’d pay dearly for an hour or two with him.

  68. Marcus says:

    Ummm, Matt Hughes (aka Danny Dong) I have a strong feeling there was not voting when this list was made.

  69. Joshua says:

    Where is Antonio Biaggi?.. he’s bigger than these ones, and he’s currently working… Also where is Igor? he might be russian but he’s got the biggest cock I would like to be fucked by !!!

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