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Alex Minsky Finally Shows His Cock

alex minsky naked

Of course it was just a matter of time until we saw absurdly hot former Marine turned underwear model Alex Minsky naked. Its unclear where these pics came from (although, given how much he seems to like all the attention he’s been getting, some are speculating that he’s leaked them himself).

Either way, he’s got a pretty fucking nice cock, making him 3 for 3 (face, body, dick).

Let’s just hope these pictures are him taking one step towards his gay porn debut.

Check out the mouth-watering pics after the jump …

Alex Minsky Naked

Alex Minsky Naked

Alex Minsky Naked

(Via Hot As Fuck Blog)


Absurdly Hot Former Marine Alex Minsky Becomes An Underwear Model

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20 Responses to “Alex Minsky Finally Shows His Cock”

  1. HansNL says:

    I agree he probably leaked them himself…but I’m not complaining. He’s hot and that’s a damn nice dick!

  2. DurantBastian says:

    I’m surprised his cock was tattooed.

  3. Bubbba Bud says:

    Alex is hot, hot, hot! with or without the ink. Personally I like it. He has served and sacrificed for his country. This afternoon I salute him twice, the Marine salute and the salute just below my waist. Semper Fi young man! Show us more!

  4. Eric from Sweden says:

    He’s so fucking hot!

  5. JdJ says:

    he looks so fucking hot with the facial hair!

  6. JD says:

    natural hottie!

  7. George says:

    Revolting. No need for DON’T LAUGH. Such absurd and meaningless ink is about as erotic for me as an ice cold shower. Imagine how he’ll look at forty. Or sixty!

  8. Michael says:

    He looks like an abandoned building was attacked by a bunch of random taggers. IMHO, those who need tattoos lack a sense of their own identity and feel the need to create one. And for a lot of them it just doesn’t end as they seem to struggle with finding the exact right tattoo that defines them. The whole “this about who I am” is the underlying fallacy of tattoos. Was hot, now he’s not.

    • Aramis says:

      Yes! What you sad is true! It works as if the guy would go buy a personality or a ‘warning board’ of himself. I think the ones that put tats on the hands and/or on the face are the worst cases because these are ‘ noble areas ‘ linked with communication, expression of feelings and, of course, personality.

    • Bubbba Bud says:


      Alex is not some street thug drugged out guy that needs to buy a personality by the use of ink. Tats have a long history in all military branches. He may have taken it to the extreme, but what he gave for you and me, and our families to be free, well we will never understand or relate to his sacrifice. SEMPER FIDELIS, once a Marine, always a Marine. Do you know the meaning of Semper Fidelis? The last 13 years of war has returned soldiers that struggle to fit in any way they can. How would you like to see your buddy or co blown to bits, you have nightmares every night of what you saw. Alex and everyone that enlisted is a HERO and they can express themselves in any way they want!

  9. Mike H says:

    Have you ever seen heavily tattooed men in their 50s when the colors run and the muscles sag?

  10. Tim says:

    He’s incredibly HOT with or without the tattoos. Like anyone is seriously going to forgo sleeping with him if given the opportunity because of the tatoos!!

  11. Mike H says:

    Bottom line is he is a hero and nearly lost his life for you cunts who ridicule him!

  12. ThomT says:

    I’m not a big fan of ink but, guess what, it’s not my ink! I think he’s super hot. And as a veteran myself I greatly appreciate his service and I hope that he has great success as a model or whatever he choses to do. Obviously all of those complaining about his tattoos came here for a reason but why trash someone who risk his life so that you’d have the freedom to post such ugliness?

    • Bubbba Bud says:

      My last post on Alex

      I just found a story about Alex on about Alex. I am not familiar with the publication. You may have to put Alex Minsky in the magazine search field. The title of the article is The Beauty of Heroism.

  13. Lorenzo golson says:

    Alex Minsky I would love to suck you!!I would love to do a porn with the hottest. I always wanted to do poems just don’t know how to get started!!:) I’ll give you a king package Alex!!

  14. Lorenzo golson says:

    Alex Minsky I would love to suck you!!I would love to do a porn with the hottest. I always wanted to do poems just don’t know how to get started!!:) I’ll give you a king package Alex!!

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