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“A-List” Austin Armacost “Hung Like A Sparrow” Says Nardicio

Austin Armacost from A-List New York in Playgirl Magazine Naked Nude

The second episode of Logo’s “The A-List” featured cornfed cutie Austin Armacost posing for a supposed Playgirl spread, all the while crying like Irene Cara at the end of Fame. Perhaps he should be embarrassed, says Daniel Nardicio, who organized the shoot after Austin emailed him in February (Austin bragged to A-List cast mates that it was Playgirl who had approached him to “be on the cover” no less). We tracked down Daniel Nardicio (who’s busy prepping for a show on Fire Island later this month with Sandra Bernhard and Peaches), to find out what really went down:

“Austin’s not going to do the mag,” he told us. “It was a publicity stunt created by him to try to be the star of the show.” According to Nardicio — who famously cajoled Levi Johnston into posing nearly-nude in 2009 — he never really thought Austin was actually interested in more than the drama. “I LOW-BALLED him with a 3k offer to pose, thinking he’d never take it.”

“He was insecure about the small size of his penis, which is why I was so complimentary,” Nardicio told us. “I always have to stroke models egos, but he was understandably embarrassed. Soft it’s tiny … It made me think of the Dolly Parton song “Little Sparrow.”

Austin … and his cast mate Reichen nude after the jump.

That said, Austin does have an amazing ass, and we wouldn’t pass it up at a buffet. (Photo via OMG Blog):

Austin’s not the only “A-List” star desperately trying to shake a less-than-impressive peen for cheap and easy publicity. We’re still scratching our heads over Last week’s episode, which revolved around the blatantly manufactured scandal surrounding Reichen Lehmkuhl’s Cam4 show, which got Internet tongues wagging this past April.

In what appeared to be an attempt to save face, the former Air Force officer claimed that the show was intended to be a “one-on-one”-type sexy chat that was “sold” by some sort of scorned ex or something. We weren’t exactly sure why someone would create a profile and take to the hugely popular webcam site for a private chat, or what exactly was sold to whom so we asked Mr. Lehmkuhl for clarity on Twitter:

Reichen Lehmkuhl's naked gay porn webcam show

Last we heard someone was trying to sell something, but was met with scoffs and eye rolls. Anyone want to place bets on who’s going to whip it out on episode three?

Mike & Jack

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14 Responses to ““A-List” Austin Armacost “Hung Like A Sparrow” Says Nardicio”

  1. Pete says:

    GOD. Austin was such a baby on that shoot, acting like he was raped because he couldn’t get hard (or maybe he was and no one could tell), then acting like Daniel was some sleezy pornographer. Also, Daniel is very cute.

  2. Mike says:

    Yes, Daniel is very cute.

  3. kelly grey says:

    He’s cute. It’s a shame about his penis. I hear Nardicio has a big one though. Maybe he was intimidated.

  4. David says:

    He’s gross. He looks AND sounds like a youngish George W. Bush. His face is bigger than his features and he even has the idiotic Bush smirk.

    A small dick would explain A LOT.

    PS: His ass is not that great. It certainly doesn’t make up for everything else.

  5. Glenn says:

    Daniel does have a BIG penis – trust me, I know.

  6. niles says:

    I’ve never seen this show, but from these reports I never intend to. What a horrible assortment of trash representing themselves as “A-list”!

  7. robirob says:

    “all the while crying like Irene Cara at the end of Fame.”

    Ok, that line’s going to make me giggle the whole day. Austin totally expected to be treated like royalty with some tasty nude picture shoot where his manhood is carefully covered. Also a model who’s suprised about a test shoot and feels he’s put on the spot? The show doesn’t even try to hide how fake it is.

    Nardicio totally got some PR out of this. That’s why he agreed to do it in the first place.

    I love the A-list as guilty pleasure.

  8. Marvin Gardens says:

    Is anyone surprised that Austin has a needle dick? He would make Reichen look hung like a donkey.

  9. […] SPOILER ALERT: According to GayPornBlog, which we totally only read for the articles, The A-List: New York‘s resident shit-stirrer, […]

  10. mickey says:

    but he always want to run around naked but he a problem doing a shoot

  11. Rob in Atlanta says:

    The whole show was so irritating I lasted until episode four of season 1 before deciding all of them should simply jump from a bridge. Bunch of whining, self-absorbed bitches with no redeeming qualities present. Reichen Lehmkhul really should find some sort of income producing career that does not require an audience. His acting range is limited, his ability to sing is entirely missing, and his arse is flat. The rest of the cast, in particular Austin, that bitchy agent guy, and the toady personal assistant or something would be better off never appearing on camera because they are all pathetic.

  12. GregR says:

    How are any of these guys considered the “A List”? Austin is so annoying and self absorbed playing marriage with his English boyfriend Jake. He fights with girls and then cries about it. He gets obnoxiously drunk and then wonders why the other guys don’t want to hang around with him. Then there’s Rodiney, with an “i” thrown in there for some reason. He has a great look, but then he opens his mouth and he sounds like Helen Keller. He can’t speak and he’s on the A List? He goes from dating Reichen to dating a woman. Dude, you are so gay. He’s only fooling himself. What does Reichen want to do with himself? Forget singing. Forget performing. It seems Reichen’s only goal in life is to be Ken/Barbie and to find a guy. He’s the type who always has a boyfriend. He can never be on his own. He’s nobody unless he has a boyfriend in tow. Hey, all you A List guys, plus all the housewives of every city. Forget about having a singing career. Geezus. Boy, talk about delusions of grandeur. They become so full of themselves that they actually think people want to hear them sing. Auto tune should be destroyed.

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