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Riddick Stone Is Making All My Daddy Fantasies Come True

Texas-born, former collegiate football player and self-described “Southern Gentleman” Riddick Stone embodies everything I ever wanted in a daddy: He’s, um, a ridick-ulously hot, butch man with a hairy ass. He could do whatever he wanted to me. Just sayin’ If you have any doubts … just listen to his voice do some dirty-talking  (in […]


It’s like a bear amusement park, near as I can figure. And this ride looks fun. When I last saw Trent Locke, he was sucking down some delicious Jesse Santana. When I last saw Tim Kelly, he was slamming Tom Chase. Prosciutto, meet melon. Fur Mountain (via ColtStudioGroup) Related: Samuel O’Toole and 10 Other Hot […]


I’ve been obsessed with Titan Men’s David Anthony for a while — he’s got a huge dick, a tight body and that “I’ll take care of you by fucking you senseless” appeal that a true DILF has. But his scene this week — for Titan’s In Deep, with Christopher Daniels and Tibor Wolfe — is beyond even […]



Until Tony Capucci lets the fur fly, this is my dream chest. Guess which blond bombshell’s becoming a daddy?

Baby? Daddy? The 2010 Porn Star-Baby Name Connection Exposed!

Are parents taking their baby name cues from porn stars? Or is it the other way around? The Top 10 Baby Names of 2010 were released today, and the roster for boy names reads like a weekend at Randy Blue’s house. This is a sick world, and I’m praying that I never log on to […]

Gay Before and After: Jeremy Walker Has Us Asking “Who’s That Daddy?

Maybe it’s my gay obsession with Randy Blue’s Malachi Marx that distracted me, or maybe was it sunburn but for a good part of his gay flip-flop fuck this weekend with Malachi, I thought Jeremy Walker was a new model. “It’s about time that Randy Blue added in a guy with a little fur,” I […]

Introducing Gay Porn’s Newest Daddy, Bruno Bond

Last month at Chris Ward’s Christmas Party, Steve Cruz was parading around boyf-slash-discovery Bruno Bond. I was smitten: besides being a daddy on the same magnitude of hotness of a Colton Ford, he also is a painter with a smokey voice who stares at you intensely when he talks to you. Although I thought his […]

Studio Spotlight: Daddy Oohhh!

Daddy Oohhh! Productions is a new studio that has a little bit different approach and philosophy to making gay porn videos. Read about it from Daddy Oohhh founder Richard Wagner, PhD. NakedSword did an interview with Richard Wagner on 5/10/03’s Weekly Report. You can also read a review of Willie Gets A Brand New Thing […]

gay porn star Ricky Decker in Falcon's Alpine Wood

Alpine Wood: More Falcon Fucking in the Snow

Since their very first full-length release (FVP001: The Other Side of Aspen) to their latest (FVP-241: Alpine Wood, pt. 1 ), Falcon has been obsessed with getting guys to fuck in snowy locales. In some way, you could say it defines the brand. Directed by daddy porn star turned porn daddy Bruno Bond, and starring Falcon’s […]

gay porn star Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion

More Fucking Boyfriends Fucking: Boyfriends 2, Eps. 2

Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek may not appear to be be your conventional gay porn star couple, but there’s nothing the least bit unconventional about their love. Well, except maybe that both are pups in a three-way relationship with a man referred to only as “Daddy”. In “Puppy Love”, the second episode of NakedSword’s “Boyfriends 2″, […]

Gay Porn Poll: Bryce Evans On Top Or Bottom?

The gorgeous, glorious slab of meat known as Bryce Evans returns to Dominic Ford (the site he started out at), but this time around they’re touting him as a “power top” with him slamming big-dicked Sean Duran. Bryce bottomed in his first couple of scenes, and then he started topping. Since then, he’s been pretty […]

Gay Porn Star Chris Wide Appears On The Super Bowl!

In August, I spotted super-massive gay porn star Chris Wide playing a lunk-head bodybuilder in a national TV commercial for Comcast. Today, the former gay porn star really hit the big time, appearing in a GoDaddy commercial that aired during Super Bowl XLVII (viewed by an estimated 108.4 million people!) Although Chris was a successful, versatile performer, he stopped doing […]

Gay Porn Poll: Shawn Wolfe on Top or Bottom?

Sexy, hairy, muscle-y, megawatt smile and versatile: like a true gay porn star Shawn Wolfe can perform outstandingly well as both a top and a bottom. Named by Raging Stallion as 2013’s Man of the Year, he’s certainly in the running to be one of my favorite new stars of this year (I was especially […]

Gay Porn Before & After: Bobby Clark

When he started doing gay porn ca. 2008, Bobby Clark had blond hair and nary a body hair in sight. He might not have been a true “twink” but he was definitely working a super-clean, bisexual boy next-door look for the first few years of his career. Case in point: Buckshot’s “Boy Country” from 2009: […]

Randy Blue and Austin Wolf Welcome You To Silverlake

Whether you call it Silver Lake or Silverlake, the eastside Los Angeles hipster enclave usually gets ignored by pornographers for tonier neighborhoods like West Hollywood … but Randy Blue leaves no stone unturned of the spawning megalopolis for the fourth episode of their Welcome To LA series. This episode finds deliciously thick Austin Wolf at […]

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