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30 More Loads Released onto Damien Crosse’s Face

The 7th installment of oral cumshot-rific miniseries, “30 Loads of Facials” has arrived, and it’s a good thing since Damien’s face covered in cum is like a poem:


Hardcore trailer and a bunch more pics after the jump …


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11 Responses to “30 More Loads Released onto Damien Crosse’s Face”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing beats a guy who loves his job, Damien obviously loves to be covered in cum…good on him

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes! I completely agree …… something about Damien Crosse that is different (and so much hotter) than the other porn stars. So many of them seem like they’re trying their hardest to “look like” they’re having such a good time, but they just look like SHOW PONIES.

    Damien not only gets into it, but he LOOKS like he’s into it — whether he’s getting fucked or sucking a cock (but especially when he’s sucking a cock and licking up someone’s load) …………

  3. Erik says:

    I have seen the video. I love the concept but the title is very misleading. I love a cum covered bukkake face but very few loads cover Damien’s face. He eats cum or it drips from his chin. When you say 30 load on his face, I was hoping for bukkake or at least some good facials. It had neither. But it is ground breaking and exciting.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I guess by now Damien should know, is cum good for the complexion?

  5. Igor says:

    The trailer really made my mouth water, I am definitely paying to see the full length of the video showing these two guys sucking dick and eating cum like there is no tormorrow!

  6. aguy says:

    I love a good cum shot compilation, even better when you can stretch it out over an hour or more.

  7. Boomer says:

    Does the guy need an understudy?

  8. debeers says:

    Yep, Damien Crosse is fucking amazing. (And amazing at fucking, har har.) He’s horny all the time and rarely makes a public appearance without sticking a cock in his mouth at some point. :-)

    I got his autograph at the Vegas porno convention a coupla years ago. He pulled down his pants. YEEEEEOOOOW!

  9. Walter V says:

    I feel thirsty after watching that.

  10. KC Steel says:

    That piss-lover can do no fucking wrong.


  11. EdTroll says:

    The guy is really hot and just glancing at him makes me have a boner… but I can’t help it think about how unhealthy all that cum must be… sorry!

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